The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 805 The Black Widow Gives a Kiss

This blonde girl who suddenly ran up to the stage and kissed Fang Xiaoru was not someone else, but Scarlett who had bet with Taylor Swift in the audience before.

Scarlett, known for her role as the Black Widow in the Maron movie, is a very sexy and beautiful Western actress.

She appeared in the top 10 sexiest actresses in the world last year.

Although she is not a model, she has a better figure than the Victoria's Secret supermodel.

The demon-like figure, coupled with her exquisite face, has allowed her to gain countless fans all over the world.

After kissing Fang Xiaoru like a sneak attack, tens of thousands of viewers suddenly roared.

"Oh! Scarlett actually kissed Fang Xiaoru."

"Fang is really Yanfu and not shallow, no matter where he walks around, there is always a woman."

"Played, my goddess, my black widow, actually fell in love with Fang Xiaoru."

"Shit! The goddess actually kissed this hot summer man in the public."

After Scarlett kissed Fang Xiaoru, she was not shy, but pointed to Taylor Swift in the audience and said:

"Fang, my friend Swift, she likes you, and she wants to chuang with you."

What she said suddenly fell into the calm lake like a bomb.

The audience who was already in an uproar suddenly exploded.

In terms of popularity and the number of fans worldwide, Taylor Swift is definitely the world's top star.

Even Scarlett is far behind her.

"Oh Maiga! Not even Swift has fallen."

"Fang Xiaoru is simply a mobile aphrodisiac, he will fascinate all women."

"God, I can't accept such a result."

"Two goddesses have fallen, right? I really envy Fang Xiaoru."

In a voice of envy, jealousy and hatred, Fang Xiaoru wiped the hickey left by Scarlett on his face, and said lightly:

"Sorry, please respect yourself."

With an indifferent expression on his face, he moved a few steps to the side, opening the distance between him and Scarlett.

MK people are too open and enthusiastic, but Catherine, Gu Nianwei, Zhou Ziyuan, Liu Mengya and other women can all watch the live broadcast at home.

At this time, he shouldn’t be too intimate with strange women. After all, he managed to get these women to live together in harmony, not far from the days when they were sleeping together, but they should not be destroyed .

Scarlett was shocked by Fang Xiaoru's indifference.

With her figure and appearance, she only needs to hook her fingers, and countless men will kneel under her pomegranate skirt.

But now he actively offered a kiss, but was treated so indifferently, the other party even repelled himself a bit!

As one of the sexiest actresses in the world, when did she receive such treatment?

She had only come up because of a bet with Swift, but Xiaoru suddenly became interested.

Because she found that this man seemed to be different from other men.

Smiling, she said decently and gracefully: "I'm sorry, my words and actions have offended you. Can I ask if I will be free later? I want to buy you a cup of coffee."

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and refused, "It's a pity that I'm not free today."

Although Scarlett had already thought that she would be rejected, she still felt a little uncomfortable in her heart and forced a smile:

"Then I have a chance to make an appointment next time."

After all, he wriggled his sexy Corgi's hip and walked off the stage.

"God, what did I see, Fang Xiaoru rejected Scarlett!"

"God, there are people in this world who would reject Scarlett!"

"A woman who can even be tempted by priests, is Fang Xiaoru so indifferent?"

"I admire it, worthy of Fang Xiaoru. Just this determination is not something we can compare."

The audience, Xiaoru, admired the five-body cast. They changed their positions and thought that if they were themselves, they would never be able to reject Scarlett.

In the audience, Scarlett sat back next to Dow Swift, looked at Fang Xiaoru with interest, and said:

"Swift, this man is very interesting, I found that I was a little moved with him."

Swift glanced at her and mocked: "What if your heart is touched? There are so many women in this world who have been moved by her. You were rejected when you took the initiative to send it to the door. People just look down on you."

Scarlett heard that, although she wanted to deny it, that was the fact.

She bit her red lips and thought for a while, then her eyes lit up and said:

"Swift, aren't you also interested in him. Since we can't conquer him alone, let's be together.

Later, we will go to inquire about the hotel he lives in, and then come together. What do you think?"

Swift just thought of rejecting it, but realized that if he didn't do this, he would have no chance at all.

So he gritted his teeth and nodded: "OK! That's it! If one is not moved, I don't believe that he is not moved by two people!"

The seductive power of solo and double flight to a man is naturally different.