The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 809: Unprecedented commotion

The airport was originally crowded with people, but now a group of people gathered in front and took a look at Fang Xiaoru's demeanor, which immediately paralyzed airport traffic.

The security at the airport also came after hearing the news and wanted to maintain order.

But the visitors on the scene were really enthusiastic, and their mood after seeing Fang Xiaoru was really too excited.

As a result, they simply ignored the security guards who rushed over to maintain order. Some people even rushed forward and rushed the security brigade to the ground.

"Go away! Don't stop me from seeing Fang Xiaoru."

"Damn security, I'm just taking a picture, why are you driving me away."

"There are so many people around here, why are you targeting me alone."

"Fang Xiaoru, I love you!"

"Fang Xiaoru, I want to give you a monkey!"

The scene was not only in Ying Mandarin, but also in Nanxian, Yinge, Chinese and other languages.

This also proves that Fang Xiaoru's fans are all over the world.

Among these onlookers, the most enthusiastic were the young and beautiful girls.

When they saw Fang Xiaoru, they were completely crazy.

A few little girls even fainted on the spot excitedly!

It can be said that Fang Xiaoru's appearance at the capital airport of the island nation caused a sensation more than any celebrity in the world.

Even if Mike Jackson was alive, the sensation caused was less than one-tenth of what it was at this time.

Over time, not only the tourists at the airport, but also some people living nearby, drove over immediately after hearing the news, just to see Fang Xiaoru in person.

Slowly, traffic at the airport was completely paralyzed, and the plane parked outside did not take off.

Because the stewardess and passengers on the plane ran over to see Fang Xiaoru.

Some reporters who are usually stationed at the airport, who specialize in shooting stars, are shaking with excitement at this moment.

Shooting a hundred or a thousand celebrities on weekdays is not as good as the grand tour of Xiaoru today!

Reporters held their cameras high and shot Fang Xiaoru crazy.

All kinds of flashing lights sounded one after another, and the eyes of many tourists dazzled.

At the gate of the airport, reporters from TBV, the capital of the island nation, reported the congestion incident on the camera.

"Hello everyone, my friends, I am Kumiko Akimoto, a frontline reporter from the island country TBV.

Just now, an over-congestion incident occurred at the Capital Airport, which caused hundreds of aircraft to stop flying at the airport, and the airport traffic was completely paralyzed.

The reason for this is because Mr. Fang Xiaoru, the founder of Universe Group and the richest man in the world, arrived at the Capital Airport."

Having said that, the photographer carrying the camera immediately pointed the lens at the airport so that the audience could see the crazy scene inside.

Kumiko Akimoto continued: "As you can see, this is the current status of the Capital Airport.

More and more tourists flocked to the exit just to see Mr. Fang Xiaoru's demeanor.

The security guards maintaining order at the airport were also repelled by crazy tourists, and the order on the scene was completely disordered.

Moreover, flight attendants continue to abandon flights and arrive here.This situation is unprecedented.

Traffic at the airport is now completely paralyzed, and no one can say when it will recover.If you want to know what happens next, please continue to follow our report."

The people of the island country were suddenly upset when they saw this information.

In an office in the capital of an island country, a male employee yelled, saying:

"I can't figure out why this damn Yanxia man is so popular!"

As soon as his voice fell, someone immediately responded: "That's right, isn't it just a little money? I heard that his private life is very corrupt, I really can't figure out why those women are so obsessed with him."

The female staff in the office, seeing the male staff belittle Fang Xiaoru, immediately stood up and shouted:

"Fang Xiaoru is good everywhere! Handsome and rich, you guys are jealous of him."

"It's disgusting, I don't have the ability, so I can only complain and envy people here."

"Fang Xiaoru is stronger than you on any leg hair!"

"What about the erosion of his private life, it shows that he is attractive and able to attract girls."

The male staff were all at once dumbfounded. They did not expect that they were just jealous and complained about Fang Xiaoru, and they were condemned by the entire office.

All of a sudden, thousands of horses and horses rushed past in their hearts.

"Islanders said to be unfriendly to Yanxia people, what's the situation?"

As we all know, the relationship between islanders and Yanxia people is not very harmonious.

Both sides look down on and belittle each other.

But all these barriers were placed on Fang Xiaoru, completely immovable.

The islanders, of course, are limited to women, and the eyes that look at Fang Xiaoru are all obsessive and fiery.

Such a successful and handsome man is simply the perfect dream lover in their hearts.

This is why so many female tourists at the airport, and even all the flight attendants, rushed to Fang Xiaoru.

Because Fang Xiaoru's attraction to actresses has transcended national boundaries!