The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 812 Destroy the Island Defense Department

In the Ministry of Defense, the soldier who had just fired the missile but was surprised to find that the target had not been destroyed said:

"General, I officially launched the missile. I don't know because of the circumstances, it didn't destroy the target.

However, through monitoring, I have discovered the specific situation of the target, which is three people wearing weird armor."

What the soldier said, Ono Nagata shivered all over, almost unable to hold the phone in his hand.

"Biggay road! Dead dead! Who gives you the courage, who grants you the power, makes you bold and dare to act on Fang Xiaoru!"

Ono Nagata is really scared. He has never been so scared since he grew up.

A heart hung in his throat, trembling nervously.

A lesson from the past, anyone who provoked Fang Xiaoru would hardly end well.

I didn't see that the MK country reluctantly ceded Alaska under the threat of Fang Xiaoru.

Did not see Fang Xiaoru airdropping more than 3,000 people in the fierce exchange of fire on the Siberian plain, but Su Guo pretended not to see it.

Now people are just flying on your volley. Although you are in the center of the capital, you don't need to be so arrogant, just use missiles to hit it.

The soldier was taken aback by Ono Nagata. He didn't even know what was going on. Why Ono Nagata's attitude was so sloppy and inconsistent.

Blame him so, blame him on the backward information, never pay attention to information, and still don’t know what Mark’s armor is.

He looked aggrieved and said, "Didn't you let me launch it, General Ono?"

Ono Nagata was anxious and roared: "Baga! When did I let you attack Fang Xiaoru?"

The soldier was even more aggrieved, and said, "I reported to you earlier that I found three unknown objects in the sky above Zhongdu, and I begged for your instructions.

You scolded me at the time. You don't need to report such things to you, just destroy them directly.That's why I launched the missile."

"Ba Ga! Ba Ga!" Ono Nagata was really angry. After the soldier reminded him, he also remembered that there was indeed such a thing, but the key was what the soldier said when he reported to him. It is an unknown object, and it is not said that it is Mark armor!

"You die! You die! The Yamato Empire is going to be hurt by you, and I will be hurt by you too! He will not let me go if he attacks Fang Xiaoru!"


After Ono Nagata finished cursing, he did not hear the soldier's reply, but heard a loud explosion.

The explosion sound did not end after a single sound, but wave after wave, one after another.

Through the explosion sound from the phone, Ono Nagata seemed to have foreseen what was going on.

But he still said with a hint of luck, "Miyazaki-kun, immediately report to me what happened!"

On the phone, a faint voice from the soldier came: "General, the Ministry of Defense has been attacked, and our defense system has been completely paralyzed, ah!!!"

Before the soldier spoke, he let out a scream.

Immediately afterwards, Ono Nagata never heard his voice again, and only the dull explosion sounded in his ears.

His face was pale, he sat on the ground, his eyes filled with despair, and he muttered: "It's over, the defense is over, and I'm sure I can't escape the end of suicide."


Before an unexpected attack, the headquarters of the Defense Ministry of the island nation was completely destroyed and turned into rubble.

The defense ministry of the island nation is equivalent to the defense ministry of the hot summer.

Bear the great responsibility of defending the country.

Since the island country was defeated in the second war, the military power of the defense province of Israel is not allowed to be too large.

But even so, its defense force is still very strong.

But in less than ten minutes, the huge headquarters of the Ministry of Defense became a ruin.

All the air defense forces, in front of Mark's armor, are like paper, and they are of no use at all.

The chief prime minister of the island country immediately summoned the cabinet ministers and the commander-in-chief of the Ministry of Defense Nagata Ono for an emergency meeting.

At the meeting, the chief prime minister, Stupid Dog, said with a heavy face:

"Everyone, the Ministry of Defense was destroyed. It was destroyed in just ten minutes.

The military forces that destroyed the Ministry of Defense were the three Iron Men headed by Fang Xiaoru.

Relying on the strength of Mark's armor, they easily tore our air defense force and destroyed our defense province.

Ono Nagata, as the head of the Ministry of Defense, it is necessary to explain to us what is going on!"

A group of cabinet ministers headed by the chief prime minister stared at Ono Nagata with red eyes, glaring at him.

At this point, there is no way to conceal it. Ono Nagata told the people present what happened.


The chief prime minister slapped the table violently, and reprimanded: "So, all of this is your negligence! Before you know what the goal is, you ordered the destruction!"

Ono Nagata's approach is actually not wrong. All unidentified objects that appear over the city must be destroyed.

It's just that he was out of luck and ran into Fang Xiaoru.

The chief prime minister knew these things in his heart, but he needed to find someone to vent his anger.

Throwing a samurai sword in front of Ono Nagata, the chief prime minister said in a cold tone: "Because of your negligence, the empire has suffered such a heavy loss, and it has also gotten into Fang Xiaoru. You can kill yourself!"

The surrounding cabinet ministers also looked at Ono Nagata with cold eyes. No one was willing to stand up for him at this time.

Ono Nagata picked up the katana, and his hands trembled violently.

At this moment, there is only endless regret in his heart.

I regretted why I hadn't figured out what the UFO was. If he knew that the UFO over Zhongdu City was Fang Xiaoru's three mark armor, he would never agree to destroy it.

But it was too late. Because Xiaoru took the initiative to launch missiles, the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense was completely destroyed, and he, the highest management, had no reason to survive.

The samurai sword came out of its sheath, and he stabbed his abdomen with both hands, and then violently pulled it left and right. In an instant, blood was splashed, and Ono Nagata fell to the ground covered in blood.

After taking a look at his body, the chief prime minister looked at the cabinet ministers around him and said: "Now we have to find a way to comfort Fang Xiaoru, and we must not let him use the topic to continue to wreak havoc in Zhongdu City!"