The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 816: The Last Struggle of the Island Country

Asking the chief prime minister to send the second princess of the island country over was just a reason for Fang Xiaoru to take the opportunity to attack.

Once the other party refuses, he has reason to carry out a series of plans for the island country.

Even if the other party agrees, he will have various other reasons.

In short, Fang Xiaoru wanted to fight against bullying the island country, and he would create reasons without reason.

What's more, the Island Defense Ministry took the initiative to attack him!

This time, it is very difficult for the island country to escape Fang Xiaoru's palm!

In the imperial palace, the chief prime minister, the dog, the wolf, and the emperor have been sitting there for nearly half an hour.

They thought and thought, but they couldn't think of a good way.

Just as they were at a loss, an assistant to the emperor walked in.

He whispered to the emperor and the chief prime minister: "Your Majesty, the chief prime minister, received a radio wave from Fang Xiaoru.

The radio said that if we did not see the second princess in an hour, one of our warships would be destroyed.

If all our warships are destroyed, we will begin to bombard the port cities indiscriminately."


Hearing this news, the emperor couldn't help it anymore, kicked over the desk in front of him, drew out the samurai sword next to him, and slashed.

A solid wooden table was instantly split in half by him.

"Damn it, damn it! What did Fang Xiaoru think of our Yamato Empire, and dare to trample on our dignity like this!"

Ahhhhh!If I don't kill Fang Xiaoru, my hatred is hard to get rid of!"

The chief prime minister on the side was equally angry, with raging anger burning in his eyes, as if he was going to choose someone to eat.

If you give in, you will be sent to the second princess.At that time, the international reputation of the island country will fall to the bottom in an instant, and it will also cause wild protests from the domestic people.

You know, most people in island countries look down on Yanxia people.

If they knew that the emperor actually dedicated the second princess to Fang Xiaoru, civil strife would surely erupt, causing unimaginable consequences.

But if they didn't give in, they couldn't handle Fang Xiaoru's military attack at all, and there was no room for resistance at all!

Finally, the emperor gritted his teeth and said: "Go, go and invite Iga Tennin over!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The assistant got the order and retired respectfully to complete the task given by the emperor.

The chief prime minister, the little dog, stupid a wolf, was shocked and said with a shocked face:

"Your Majesty, you are asking Iga Tianren to assassinate Fang Xiaoru!

This is absolutely impossible, not to mention Fang Xiaoru's own strength beyond human imagination, even the bodyguard beside him is as strong as a monster.

Although Iga Tennin is the most powerful ninja in the island nation, he has no chance of winning against Fang Xiaoru.

Not only is going to die, it will anger Fang Xiaoru even more!"

The Iga family is the oldest and most powerful ninja family in the island nation.

The strongest person in this family is called Tian Ren.

Tian Ren's strength is very terrifying.Even with ten elite special forces, they might not be able to kill them head-on.

But what Tian Ren is good at is assassination!

If Tianren hides, hides in the dark, waiting for the opportunity, he can easily kill ten elite special forces.

The emperor’s plan is to let Tennin of the Iga family assassinate Fang Xiaoru!

"Then what can I do!" The emperor roared at the little dog, stupid wolf, "What can we do besides assassination?"

"In any case, the front is not Fang Xiaoru's opponent, then we can only proceed in the dark."

"Fang Xiaoru is also a human, and he has to go to bed too. Just find the right time, and while he is sleeping, there is a high chance that he can be assassinated!"

The chief prime minister heard that, although there were 10,000 disagreements in his heart, because once Tian Ren's assassination failed, they would face Fang Xiaoru's monstrous anger, and there would really be no room for relaxation at that time.

But after thinking about the current situation, he has been driven to a dead end.

Apart from sending Iga Tennin to fight to the death, they had no other way to choose.

Soon, without letting the emperor and chief slayer equal for long, Iga Tianren came to the imperial palace.

Iga Tennin is a middle-aged person about fifty years old.

He is short in stature, not surprisingly in appearance, and looks like a very ordinary passerby.

No one would have thought that such a seemingly unthreatening person would turn out to be the strongest ninja in the island nation!

"Meet your majesty the emperor, the chief prime minister."

As soon as Iga Tennin came in, he gave a big gift to the emperor and the little dog Stupid Wolf.

"I wonder if His Majesty called me here, what do you want to tell me?"

The emperor said to him about Fang Xiaoru with a sad expression, and finally asked:

"We have been driven to a dead end, and there is no choice. Either you successfully assassinate Fang Xiaoru, and let our Yamato Empire retain the dignity.

Either you failed the assassination and the Yamato Empire, which couldn't bear Fang Xiaoru's anger, would bow his head completely at him and crawl under the feet of a Yanxia man!

So, do you understand the mission on your body?"

Iga Tianren didn't expect the gaffe to be so serious. He looked solemn and said, "Your Majesty, don't worry, I will take my two sons with me, and I will surely assassinate Fang Xiaoru in his sleep!"