The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 817: Ninja Assassination

Iga Tennin left, leaving with all the hopes of the emperor and chief prime minister.

As soon as he got home, he called his two sons over.

The father and son discussed plans to assassinate Fang Xiaoru at home.

This assassination is about the honor, disgrace and dignity of the entire island nation.

If the assassination fails, the dignity of the royal family will be trampled on by Fang Xiaoru, and the people of the island nation will have no face to walk internationally.

It can be said that this is an assassination that allows only success but not failure for both them and the emperor!

Because once the assassination fails, you will face Fang Xiaoru's crazy and terrible revenge!

One hour has passed since Fang Xiaoru issued the warning wave.

The emperor and the chief prime minister sat in the upper palace nervously.

"Your Majesty, Your Excellency Chief Prime Minister, something is not good!"

When exactly an hour passed, a non-commissioned officer trot in.

"Our strategic ship parked in the Gulf was destroyed by a world fighter jet.

Moreover, the air carrier of the Universe Group has appeared on the volley of our island country, and the aircraft carrier is also blocked in our seaport!

Whether it is air dominance or sea dominance, they are no longer in the hands of our armed forces!"

The report of the non-commissioned officer made the emperor and the chief prime minister feel black, and they almost did not fall to the ground.

The emperor asked with a panicked look: "Aerospace carrier and aircraft carrier, what is going on?"

The non-commissioned officer took out the computer he carried with him, turned on a surveillance video, and placed it in front of the emperor and the chief prime minister.

I saw in the video, a huge steel castle suspended above the island country at an altitude of 50,000 meters.

The metallic luster gleaming with gloom, and the size that is too large to be seen, all feel suffocating.

This air-sky mothership, like a fortress of war, was like a Tarzan pressing in the hearts of the emperor and the chief prime minister, making them feel a little difficult to breathe.

The picture turned, the seaport of the island country, an equally large aircraft carrier, quietly docked there.

Blocked the way for all island warships to go to sea!

On the aircraft carrier, one world fighter plane after another was neatly parked on the deck, giving people an unimaginable shock.

There is an air carrier in the air and an aircraft carrier in the sea, and the entire island nation is completely blocked.

If the armed department of an island country wants to break through, there is no way out of the sky and no way into the ground!

"Baga! Why is Fang Xiaoru possessing such a terrible military power! Baga!"

The emperor yelled angrily, the other Xiaoru was envious and jealous.

If the island nation could have such a powerful military force, he would have already embarked on a great plan to unify the world.

The chief prime minister took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice: "Your Majesty, Fang Xiaoru said that a warship will be destroyed in an hour. He said he did it, how should we respond?"

The emperor closed his eyes tightly, and after a long time, he slowly opened them, and said helplessly:

"Only let the soldiers on the warship be completely complete, so as not to sacrifice when the warship is destroyed."

The chief prime minister's eyes widened, and you said in disbelief: "Are we just watching Fang Xiaoru destroying our warships one by one, without even a trace of resistance?"

"Resistance?" The emperor said with an extremely sad expression: "What shall we resist? There is an air carrier on the sky, and an aircraft carrier underneath. All our resistance is just a worm shaking the tree."

In the face of absolute strength, the emperor was already desperate.

He didn't see any opportunity to resist Fang Xiaoru, because the gap between the two sides was too big.

The only thing that can be done now is to evacuate the soldiers on the warship and hold them for their lives, although this will make countless people laugh and laugh at the island nation's escape without a fight.

But he has no choice.

He can only count on Iga Tianren to successfully assassinate Fang Xiaoru.

Only in this way can the island nation be able to save its face.


The bright spot in the early morning is when a person sleeps the deepest.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru also fully entered his dream.

From daytime to the present, eight warships of the island nation have been destroyed by him.

Moreover, this number is increasing by one ship per hour.

In the silent night, three figures suddenly appeared in Fang Xiaoru's room.

When they saw Fang Xiaoru lying on the bed, there were expressions of excitement on their faces.

After an eye contact, the trio's finished font suddenly jumped towards Fang Xiaoru.

In their hands, each ate a poisonous dagger.

Even a whale that was pierced by their dagger would die within three seconds.

If it is a human being injured, it will kill him almost instantly.

The attacks of these three people were very tacit and blocked any direction of Fang Xiaoru's evasion.

In other words, even if Fang Xiaoru woke up at the last moment, he couldn't avoid their daggers.




It went well, all the daggers of the three were stuck on Fang Xiaoru's body.

But instead of being excited, they retreated quickly like an enemy, and everyone's eyes were full of panic.

Because their sharp daggers pierced Fang Xiaoru's body, just like they were pierced on titanium, they made a sound of interlacing gold and stones.

At the moment of failure, they swiftly backed away, and they fled without a hit.

"Everyone is here, do you want to leave?"

In the room, a voice that made the three of them feel cold and piercing.

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