The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 821: The Emperor's Surrender

"Kill! Dispatch the elite troops of the Central Capital City to wipe out all the children of the Iga Tianren family!"

The emperor roared angrily, his eyes filled with raging anger.

Iga Tianren, the island nation's first ninja who sent out to assassinate Fang Xiaoru, turned around and captured his second princess.

While this made the emperor shocked and angry, there was also a deep fear!

If Iga Tianren didn't come to capture the second princess, but assassinated him, wouldn't he be dead?

Iga Tennin is already the emperor's last card to deal with Fang Xiaoru, and he has placed all his last hopes on Iga Tennin.

But he never expected that Iga Tianren would betray him and take refuge in Fang Xiaoru.In turn, he captured the second princess Mieko.

The emperor, the chief prime minister, the little dog, looked at each other stupidly.There was a deep sense of fear in the eyes of both of them.

Their bodies are trembling constantly, on the one hand because of anger, on the other hand because of fear.

The last hole card in his hand was taken away by others.

They can no longer imagine the anger that Fang Xiaoru will face next. Is this anger something they can bear?

"His Majesty, what should we do now?" The Chief Prime Minister Dou Yi Lang asked very confused.

"To surrender, there is only surrender. At this time, we have no other choice but to surrender to Fang Xiaoru, just like surrendering to the hot summer in history.

Then look for opportunities in secret, waiting for him to doze, and give him a fatal blow!

Fang Xiaoru forced the MK country to cede Alaska and carried out a large-scale military resistance in the Siberian plains, but the Soviet country did not dare to say anything.

When we were forced and helpless, we surrendered to him and surrendered to him is not a shameful thing."

The chief prime minister, the dog, stupid Yilang said, "But what about Wanfang Xiaoru's rejection of our surrender?"

The emperor shook his head and said: "It is impossible. The country puts interests first, and businessmen also put interests first.

Our entire island nation is willing to surrender to him. He is absolutely impossible to refuse. No one can resist this temptation."

As the emperor turned around, he said to one of his secretaries: "I will contact Fang Xiaoru immediately and say that I am willing to give him the eldest princess, so that their sisters will serve him together.

Moreover, we are willing to surrender to him and express surrender, hoping that he can stop destroying the island nation’s warships."


The secretary took the order and bowed down.

In the hotel, Fang Xiaoru was lying on the sofa, listening to Kiki's report, while enjoying the massage of the second island princess Mieko.

Qiqi said: "Boss, as of just now, we have destroyed 16 island warships.

Now that their second princess is here, do we continue to destroy them?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled at the corner of her mouth, and in Mieko's hopeful eyes, said: "I want them to take the initiative to send Mieko to the door. But obviously, they didn't.

Therefore, the military strikes against the island nation’s warships continued."

"Yes, BOSS."

Qiqi turned her head and went out and issued Fang Xiaoru's order to the aircraft carrier at sea.

Seeing this, Mieko's face instantly paled.She never thought that the world's third-ranked economic power would actually face such an end.

Blocked at the door, let the mermaid fish!

For a while, she couldn't help being frustrated, feeling that the world was gloomy and there was no hope.

After a while, Kiki ran over again and said: "BOSS, there is a message from the island emperor, saying that she is willing to send the island princess to the island country and let her two sisters Meieko serve you together.

To ask for your forgiveness, and hope that you can accept the surrender of the island nation.He said that the island nation is willing to bow to you."

This news made Mieko look astonished, and her eyes were filled with incredible feelings.

A country surrenders to individuals, this is simply unimaginable.

"What did you do early, it's too late now"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, contempt in his eyes.

Qiqi asked: "Then BOSS, do you agree or not?"

"Of course I don't agree, the island country is ambition. If you are strong, he is like a slave. If you are weak, he will gnaw your bones, eat your meat, and your blood.

It's not like I have a white-eyed wolf by my side, and I have to hold him at all times.

Later, you want to make a statement around the world, saying that I was in an island country and was bombarded by missiles from the island’s Defense Ministry and assassinated by ninjas sent by the emperor.

Therefore, I decided to retaliate against the island country and let people from all over the world leave the island country quickly, so as not to be injured by me.

Only three days are left for them, and those who are still in the island country after three days will not blame me if they die."

Hearing this, Mieko only felt black in front of her eyes and almost didn't faint.

She quickly took Fang Xiaoru's hand and pleaded, "I beg you, please let the island country go."

Standing on the side, Qiqi pulled her away and said coldly: "Just put your identity, you are just the BOSS's foot-washing girl. What the BOSS is going to do, where will it be your turn to interrupt!"

After scolding, she immediately walked out of the room.Ask the people in the public relations department to publish what Fang Xiaoru said just now to the world.