The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 825: The Emperor Living in a Dream

"Your Majesty, what should we do now..."

The little dog is stupid and a wolf looks at the emperor in a pretended manner, but he is flustered and wonders what to do.

Now this situation can no longer be solved by them seeking peace or resistance.

"Fang Xiaoru...Fang Xiaoru..."

At this time, the emperor had already recovered, gritted his teeth and muttered Fang Xiaoru's name, wishing that he would kill Fang Xiaoru now.

But he can only think about it.

Iga Tianren was already planted in Fang Xiaoru's hands. What was his ability to take Fang Xiaoru's life?

The island country that once dominated one side, a powerful country that has been circulating for hundreds of years, is now threatened by a Fang Xiaoru, and will be eliminated by another Fang Xiaoru, he is really unwilling!

The most important thing is that the fifty-three countries actually watched a good show at this time, aren't they afraid of what will happen to the island countries in the future!

If Fang Xiaoru knew this idea of ​​the island nation's emperor, he would definitely be ridiculed.

First of all, the island nation was only part of the Yanxia nation a long time ago. To put it awkwardly, it was because the group of people in the past rebelled out somehow and set their own way.

Second, Fang Xiaoru didn't have the idea of ​​unifying the world and managing the world himself.Now we are dealing with island countries like this because they can’t understand what the island country is doing, and this time it’s the island country’s provocation.

What's more, the island country has been arrogant for so many years, and it did such an excessive thing to the summer, now it is time to pay a price.

"Aren't those countries willing to watch a good show at this time! Okay, good! They are willing to watch a good show and let them pay a price! Capture all their citizens! Capture!"

The emperor, who was already desperate for the survival of the island nation, yelled at the little dog Stupid Wolf. Although the little dog Stupid Wolf felt that the emperor’s approach was inappropriate, he could only take orders.

All of a sudden, foreigners from all over the island nation were searched and then arrested.

But there is no Yanxia people here, because all the Yanxia people have been taken away by Fang Xiaoru, and they will board the Yanxia warship and leave tonight.

Fang Xiaoru couldn't help laughing when he heard the news that the island emperor sent people to arrest foreigners everywhere.

The fool's emperor's brain was really kicked by a donkey, and he did such a thing at this time.If countries like MK originally had the heart to help the island country, then the island country is now pushing itself into the abyss.

It seems that I am really anxious, and I can do things that are really brain-dead.

"BOSS, what should we do now?"

Sisters Qiqi and Su Su stood upright beside Fang Xiaoru, with unconcealable excitement in their eyes.

As for that Mieko, she had already been sent to clean up at this time.

Once the second princess of Dangdojima, brushing the toilet in the toilet at this moment, if this matter is told, it will really laugh off people's teeth.

"If the news is released, it is said that foreigners have been detained by the island countries, and see how those countries will react. In addition, we will send news to the hot summer and be ready to pick up people at night."


The sisters smiled mischievously at Fang Xiaoru and walked out of the room, excited at the thought of the funny things that would happen next.

After following Fang Xiaoru, their lives became much more interesting!

At the mouth of the island country, looking around, except for the turbulent blue water, there are small black spots floating on the sea.

These little black spots are the warships sent by the 53 countries.

The scene was quite spectacular, and the people of the island nation were also quite excited, but the next broadcast made all the people of the island nation fall into the ice cave.

Before the emperor and the chief prime minister, the dog Stupid Yilang, had released the news, the warships of the Fifty-Three Kingdoms heard the news that Fang Xiaoru ordered.

"Listen to all the warships that come to pick up people. The island nation has detained citizens of your countries and warned you to leave the borders of the island country! Repeat! The island country has detained citizens of your countries and warned you to leave the borders of the island country!"

Except for the hot summer that had already received the news, the other officers of the fifty-two nations who heard the broadcast were all taken aback.

Although the news was sent by Fang Xiaoru, no military officer doubted the authenticity of the news.

Because Fang Xiaoru has this strength!

"What's the situation? What's the situation? Shit! What does the island nation want to do?"

The officer of the MK country questioned his subordinates, his subordinates shivered with anger, but he still supported his body.

"This... we don't know. I just checked it out and the island nation did detain our people..."

"Shit! shit! This Fang Xiaoru, he must have done something good!"

Originally, they wanted to help the island nation to plead with Fang Xiaoru after taking the person away, but the idiot emperor...

The island country really lives to its end!

Not only the MK country, but the Soviet country and other small countries were also very angry after learning this news, but the small country did not dare to directly issue security reports to the island country like the MK country and the Soviet country. Scolded.

When hearing the repeated broadcast over and over, the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf could hardly describe their feelings.

This Fang Xiaoru is really pervasive!

Fang Xiaoru actually told them the news that they hadn't told them.

However, the admonitions of the MK country and the Soviet country are no longer relevant to the emperor.

Anyway, the island country has no hope!

"Find a way to contact Mieko and let her find a chance to kill Fang Xiaoru! At all costs!"

The emperor was trembling with anger, and he acted a little desperately.

"Your Majesty, what Iga Tianren didn't do, the second princess..."

The little dog stupid wolf looked at the emperor cautiously and reminded him, only to receive an eye knife from the emperor.

"Huh, as my daughter, as the princess of this country, she should reflect her value at this time! If she really can't find a chance, then give me every way to climb the bed above Xiaoru, and then When Fang Xiaoru was lost...hahaha..."

The emperor's eyes were fierce, the corners of his mouth curled up, and a wicked smile hung on his face.Such an emperor makes people feel unconsciously chilling.

Also, if you are not ruthless, how can you become the emperor?Because the current emperor is not the eldest son.

Seeing the emperor's cruel appearance, the little dog stupid a wolf sympathized with Mieko a little bit, and then sent someone down and began to find a way to contact Mieko.

Even if he knew in his heart that this plan would not work, the little dog stupid a wolf did not dare to remind the emperor.

At this time, the emperor couldn't hear anyone's words, and only thought about how to put Fang Xiaoru to death and how to make Fang Xiaoru pay the price.

If it were not for Fang Xiaoru, how could he have fallen to the present state?