The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 826 Mieko's Determination

Mieko brushed the toilet in the toilet for a while, looking at the phone that hadn't moved, she was struggling for a while and chose to answer a call to her father.

This phone was seen on the counter in the hotel lobby by Mieko before. Fortunately, the phone has no lock screen password and there is a phone card in the phone, so Mieko could contact the emperor before.

I looked around cautiously, and when she was sure that there was no one around, Mieko took out her mobile phone and called when she was about to make a call.

The phone showed an unfamiliar number. This number was unknown to others, but Mieko was familiar with it.

This is her father's cell phone number.

After quietly answering the phone, Mieko gave a cautious "Hello", and only after turning the phone's call volume to the lowest level did Mieko talk with the other party in peace.

Since this person has contacted her, there must be news from your father.

Mieko's expression changed after only a few words with this subordinate.

"You...what you said is true? Father, does he really say that?"

Mieko asked with a trembling voice with a pale face, and what the subordinate said echoed in her mind.

Thinking of her father who had always loved her and spoiled her in everything, Mieko couldn't think that her father would let her climb on Xiaoru's bed above him, and then look for a chance to kill Fang Xiaoru.

What is impossible for Iga Tennin, but my father asked her to do it?

The most important thing is that your father asked her to sell her body to do this kind of thing?

"Are you sure, this is what your father meant?"

Mieko confirmed it again and again, still a little unwilling.

"Yes, the second princess, this is what the emperor said personally."

The subordinate's voice sounded a little indifferent, as if this was just a normal thing.

"I know."

Hanging up the phone, with a "pop", the phone was dropped by Mieko to the ground.

She really didn't know how to describe her feelings at this time.Very disappointed, desperate, even a bit hated.

She didn't expect her father to abandon her so easily, even squeezing her final value.

Being Fang Xiaoru's foot-washing maid here, it is already a great shame for her to come here to clean the toilet for Fang Xiaoru. At this time, let her take the initiative to climb the upper Xiaoru's bed, which is more uncomfortable than killing her.

But Mieko still decided to do this.

Not for her selfish father who only knew that he sacrificed everything for his own revenge, she was for the thousands of people in the island nation.

The country she loves so much cannot disappear into this world so easily.

But Mieko also knew that she only had this chance.If it succeeded, she killed Fang Xiaoru, and the island country returned to its original state.When she failed, she died in Fang Xiaoru's hands, and the island nation disappeared completely.

But can she really do it?

Mieko stared at the phone on the floor, and finally picked it up decisively and took out the calling card in the phone and threw it into the toilet.

As the phone card of the water sound of "Hua Lala" was swept in by the water, Mieko walked out of the toilet unswervingly, looking at the phone card disappearing in the toilet.

This time, she will block everything about herself, and from this moment on, she will no longer contact the father who she has always admired.

In the hot springs in the backyard of the hotel, clouds and mists are lingering and beautiful.

Fang Xiaoru was lying leisurely in the hot spring, a cup of shochu in his hand, a warm feeling swept through his body.

In this cool weather, it is indeed a pleasure to experience this kind of thing. Fang Xiaoru finally understands why island people like running hot springs and soju.

Sure enough, you will be blessed!

On the shore of the hot spring, sisters Qiqi and Susu stood aside. Not long after they arrived, they were preparing to report to Fang Xiaoru about the current situation.

The expressions on the faces of the two sisters are quite different.

Kiki has a calm face, but Susu has a face of schadenfreude, obviously holding back her smile.

"BOSS, that Mieko... As expected, he contacted that foolish emperor again."

"Well, what did you hear?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Su Su with some wonder, always feeling that the things that made her so excited must have something to do with him.

"That...BOSS...the fool...the fool said...puff..."

Speaking of this, Susu couldn't help laughing out loud, and Fang Xiaoru laughed a little upset.

"What is it?"


Perhaps she heard the unpleasantness in Fang Xiaoru’s tone, Mieko coughed slightly to make her attitude more serious, and squeezed a smile from the bottom of her heart and said: "The fool, let Mieko climb onto your bed, and then kill you when you are high in chao. you."

After all, Su Su was also an unmanned girl, and she was a little shy when she said these words, but she was more gloating.


Fang Xiaoru sneered when Su Su said so, he was really impressed by the emperor's confidence.

If he is right, Mieko should still be a virgin, right?Let a virgin seduce him, and when the time comes, everything will only be under his control.

Fang Xiaoru is still very confident in this regard, because so far no woman can make him stumble in this aspect.

As for Mieko, a woman with no actual combat experience, there is no hope!

"How's your situation there?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Qiqi. Qiqi’s expression was much calmer than crisp, and reported to Fang Xiaoru blankly: “Those countries are very angry when they know that their people have been detained by the island country. MK and Su have already A message came, saying that I hope you can help them with BOSS."

"Huh? Help them? Help them what?"

Xiao Li fiddled with the wine glass in his hand, and he became interested when he heard Mieko say this.

Country MK and Country Su really feel that they are big-faced.

"Their captain said that he hoped that the BOSS could help them rescue people, and then let the aircraft carrier leave the port temporarily, giving them a chance to pick up people. They said that they would end soon and would not delay your time with the BOSS. "

"Oh? What are they going to give?"

"They didn't say that."

Qiqi looked at Fang Xiaoru with a sneer, and felt that the captains of the two countries were really naive, and it should be said that they were thinking too much.

It's not the country of hot summer, how can a boss do something without interest?

"contact them."

Upon hearing Fang Xiaoru's words, Kiki immediately took out the computer she carried, and within a minute she connected the warships of the MK country and the Soviet country.

All of a sudden, Fang Xiaoru's face appeared on every screen on the MK and Soviet warships.