The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 830 Despair is today's island country

Three days passed in an instant.

In the past three days, all the people of the island nation were sitting on pins and needles. How many people wanted to escape, but when they saw the two motherships, they gave up the idea of ​​escape.

It is estimated that they will be bombed before they even run a few steps, right?

As for the emperor and the little dog, the stupid wolf, they both naturally had the idea of ​​abandoning the country and fleeing by themselves, but they had no chance.

Fang Xiaoru's defense was too tight, almost to the point where it is impossible for a bird to fly out.

Therefore, the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf can only dispel their thoughts.

But they don't want to let them just sit and wait.Who would want his country to disappear at the fingertips of others?

Therefore, the emperor and the little dog stupid a wolf ordered that everyone in the country take up arms and guard their country closely, just like the second war, they will never surrender easily, and they can take people from other countries as hostages when necessary!

In fact, everyone knew in their hearts that this order was just a dying struggle, because in front of Fang Xiaoru's military, any resistance would be scum!

As for the hostages, it might be useful to take Yanxia people as hostages.Taking people from other countries as hostages, will Fang Xiaoru care?

But at this time, the Bushido brainwashing spirit of the island country is reflected.Both men and women, young and old, everyone went to the management agency to receive weapons, and then chanted "Long live the emperor! Long live the Amaterasu" parade in the street.

Even the people who used to scold the emperor and the little dog for being stupid on the Internet joined the team under the influence of this atmosphere.

The top management of the Fifty-Two Kingdoms was annoyingly scratching his head after hearing that his people were likely to be taken as hostages. He did not curse Fang Xiaoru less in his heart, but he only dared to curse a few words in his heart.

Fang Xiaoru let them go west, they absolutely dare not go east.

"Boss, the national guard of the island country, seems to want to resist."

Qiqi reported the situation blankly, without a sense of panic. Fang Xiaoru was also calm after hearing it, "Well, let them fight for a while."

"In addition, the captains of the MK country and the Soviet country asked the BOSS when will you help them rescue people, and when can they pick them up?"

"Go now, and people from the other fifty countries will be rescued."

For these irrelevant people, Fang Xiaoru still left a trace of kindness.It's just that MK and Su were too anxious before, and Fang Xiaoru felt sorry for their thoughts without blackmailing them.

"But this is going on quietly, don't let the fool king and the little dog fool a wolf find out, I want to give them a big surprise."


Seeing the faint smile on Fang Xiaoru's face, Qiqi knew what bad idea her boss was making again, but it must be a very interesting thing.

On the night of the second day, the hostages of MK, Su and other fifty countries had been silently rescued by Fang Xiaoru’s people. At this time, the emperor and the little dog Stupid Wolf were still staying in the emperor’s residence. I didn't notice that their last hole cards were gone.

On the third day, Fang Xiaoru handed all the hostages of the MK and Soviet states to Carol and Torsky as agreed, and then handed the hostages of other countries to the ships of various countries in front of these two men. Long hands.

Seeing this scene, Carol and Tolsky knew they had been pitted.

Knowing that Fang Xiaoru would be so kind, why should they take the initiative to find Fang Xiaoru?They also made their country lose a lot of money, which is really heartbreaking.

If this kind of thing is known by their president, what they have to face should not be as simple as dismissal.

The situation is more serious, should you be strangled to death by the President?

Thinking of the worst result, Carol and Torsky looked at each other. Although they didn't speak, they already knew what was in each other's mind.

Whenever possible, they must not let the President know this!

And this Fang Xiaoru is really too cruel!

Now that the hostages have been received, these warships have no meaning to continue to stay. All the warships left the port of the island nation at the same time. This news was also transmitted back to the emperor and the little dog Stupid Wolf. .

"Your Majesty, Chief Prime Minister, all warships have left."


Hearing what his subordinates said, the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf were taken aback at the same time, and then a bad premonition rose in their hearts at the same time.

"Hurry up and see if those hostages are still there!"

The little dog stupid wolf shouted in a panic, the subordinate listened to the action, and then rushed to the place where the hostages were held as quickly as possible.

"Why... not really... not true... how can Fang Xiaoru have that ability!"

The place where the hostages are held is the most tightly controlled place in the entire island nation. If even Fang Xiaoru's people in that place can enter, then they will just wait for death.

What are you fighting?Go up to give the head?

After waiting for about half an hour, the phone of the little dog Stupid Wolf rang, and the trembling voice of his subordinates sounded, causing the little dog Stupid Wolf’s heart to fall to the bottom.

"The first... the chief prime minister, the hostages... all the hostages have been rescued."

With a "puff", the little dog stupid wolf fell to the ground, his neck slowly turned his head and looked at the same desperate emperor, but he couldn't say a word.

"Amaterasu God destroyed my island country..."

This sentence came out of the emperor's mouth again, but this time he said there was no vitality, as if he was already dead.

From a mistake, to the assassination of Iga Tennin, to the assassination of Mieko, the island nation has failed every time, and now it can be said that there is no hope.

The warships of fifty-three countries have all left, which means that no country is willing to help them.

But think about it, the island countries have already touched their bottom line by taking their people hostage.Coupled with the fact that Xiaoru is so powerful at the top, it is only strange that these countries can help them.

"They are destined to be the next island country!"

The emperor stared at the ceiling desperately, and the luxurious architecture stung his eyes.

Just a few days ago, he was enjoying this luxurious life without sorrow, but now he wants to say goodbye to this life completely.

Life is really full of drama, really ridiculous...

In three days, Fang Xiaoru had enjoyed enough life in this island country, but Xiaoru was not ready to destroy this land.