The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 831: The island nation is destroyed

"BOSS, what should we do now?"

Qiqi and Su Su stood in front of Fang Xiaoru at the same time, looking calm.

Soon the island nation will disappear into this world, and it's exciting to think about it.

"Island women left for me and shipped them all to the scorching summer. There are more than 30 million bachelors in the scorching summer. These island women just make up for it. As for the men, kill them all!"

"BOSS, what about the fool king and the little dog fool?"

"As long as the people in the island nation's administrative organs and those related to the emperor are dealt with.

Fang Xiaoru's eyes flashed a fierce, cold-blooded touch.

For others, Fang Xiaoru may have a trace of sympathy, but for the management of the island country and the emperor, Fang Xiaoru will definitely kill!

Especially the emperor, wouldn’t the islanders be willing to say everything for the emperor?Then let the management and the royal family die for the emperor!

"By the way, bring that emperor and little dog stupid wolf to me."

Fang Xiaoru confessed again before Qiqi and Su Su were leaving, this matter naturally needs them both to do.

"Don't worry, BOSS, someone will bring it to you."

Susu blinked at Fang Xiaoru mischievously, and Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but smile with that weird look.

Fang Xiaoru began to work on the island country, and the first thing Fang Xiaoru did was to bomb out all the military equipment of the island country.

The news broke out all over the world in an instant, and people all over the world began to discuss this matter.

"Have you seen that video? It's terrible!"

"I see, it is indeed a weapon designed by the Universe Group, which destroyed all the military weapons in the island country's ports in an instant!"

"Oh Maga, I'm suddenly glad that our country didn't provoke Fang Xiaoru!"

"Tsk tusk, hope our President will calm down and never provoke this terrible guy."

"That's it, it's good to live in peace."

The military attack on the island nation was conducted on a global live video broadcast under Fang Xiaoru's arrangement. People all over the world saw the war for the first time.

It is not so much a war, it is more of a crushing by one side.

The island nation’s military did not cause any harm to the Huanyu Group’s weapons at all, and was bombarded with dregs by the weapons on the space carrier and aircraft carrier.

The bombing in the sky and the bombing in the sea were able to strike every missile accurately and quickly. Everyone in the world had to sigh again about the aimability of the Huanyu Group's short-range missiles.

It is terrible!

This live broadcast was not only seen by citizens of the world, but also by the presidents and chairpersons of every country, and then completely dispelled the last trace of the other's filial piety in their hearts.

With this kind of military power, it is better for them to be honest and obedient...

This mini-war did not last for a long time, only a short ten minutes, but it was these ten minutes that had left the island nation with no ability to resist.

All weapons have been wiped out, except for those in the hands of islanders.

But what is the use of these weapons?In the face of absolutely powerful strength, no one wants to die.

The things Fang Xiaoru asked Qiqi and Su Su to do before have had results. All women under thirty-five years old were transported to the summer.

The men are almost dead.In less than half a day, the entire island nation was left with only management personnel, royal family personnel, rebel personnel, as well as the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf.

Fang Xiaoru would not show mercy to these people, so these people were dealt with without any surprise.

In the entire island nation, there is only one emperor and one chief prime minister.

At the residence of the emperor, the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf sat lifelessly on chairs, and watched the live broadcast on TV.

This was a live broadcast of Fang Xiaoru's attack on their island country, but the two of them didn't feel much after watching it.

Having been tortured by Fang Xiaoru for such a long time, the emperor and the little dog Stupid Wolf have long been numb.Even if they are alive now, their hearts are already dead.

At the end of the live broadcast, the emperor looked at the little dog Stupid Wolf sitting next to him, feeling mixed.

Now there are only two of them left in the entire island nation, but Fang Xiaoru just left them two. What kind of intention is this?

"Your Majesty, the little dog is one step ahead."

The little dog stupid a wolf said resolutely and stood up resolutely, took out his hand weapon, pointed at his temple without hesitation.

"Let's go, let's all go..."

Faced with the choice of a stupid dog and a wolf, the emperor sighed and stopped at this time.

Anyway, it's already in this situation. It doesn't matter whether he is the chief prime minister or not.And if you continue to stay here, Fang Xiaoru's people will definitely find them. When they are caught, they still don't know what kind of things they will face. It's better to die like this now.

But how could Qiqi and Susu fail to complete the task assigned by Fang Xiaoru and let the emperor and the little dog stupid wolf die so easily?

These two people can't die even if they want to die!

Just when the little dog Stupid Wolf pulled the trigger to commit suicide, a stone suddenly hit his hand. The little dog Stupid Wolf suffered from pain, and the hand weapon in his hand fell directly to the ground.

"Oh, you want to die that way?"

The delicate voice sounded sweet, but it sounded like a demon's call in the ears of the little dog, the wolf and the emperor.

"Sister, you said, what should we do with these two guys? Should I break their hands and feet, or just cut them off?"

The voice said such cruel things so lightly, causing the emperor and the little dog to shake their bodies, and the two of them almost didn't come up to death in one breath.

"It doesn't need to be cut off. When the time comes, the BOSS will have to blame us if he loses too much blood. Just cut off his hands and feet."

Another cold voice answered the pretty girl's question without a tone.

Listening to the two women talking straight about their lives and deaths, the emperor and the little dog were stupid and wolf only hated themselves for hesitating for a few minutes, otherwise they would not have to endure the pain now.