The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 834 Hidden Benefits of "Second World"

"I tested it ten times, each with a hundred people, so far no one has had problems."

Liu Jiani took a look at the report in her hand. Among the thousand people, not only did they have no physical problems after experiencing "Second World", their physical fitness was better than before.

But so far, there are only more than 20 people who have undergone such changes, so they have to continue to study this aspect.

"Prepare a game pod for me, I want to experience it myself."

Fang Xiaoru said that on the one hand, he wanted to experience "Second World" by himself and see if he could find any bugs, and on the other hand, he wanted to satisfy his curiosity.

Although he invested in the research and development of "Second World", he did not participate in the entire development process, so he still maintains a strong interest in "Second World".

"Xiaoru, don't you think about it anymore?"

Although there were no problems in the test, I felt a little worried when I heard Fang Xiaoru said that she would try Liu Jiani herself.

As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of 10,000, you are afraid of anything. If something goes wrong with Fang Xiaoru, it will definitely cause irreparable consequences.

But compared to Liu Jiani’s worries, Fang Xiaoru himself has to be much calmer, "Don't worry, I trust you."

With his arms around Liu Jiani’s slender waist and looking at the “Second World” R&D team behind Liu Jiani, Fang Xiaoru said with emotion: “It used to be just a fantasy thing in the novel, but now you have done it. , Our Fang Xiaoru believes you a million points."

"If "Second World" is successful this time, I will prepare a great gift for each of you at that time!"

All the R&D personnel were extremely excited when Fang Xiaoru said the word "big gift".

Although their current salary is not low, it is really insignificant compared to Fang Xiaoru's gift.

"President Fang, don't worry, "Second World" will definitely sell out!"

"Yes! If no one is playing "Second World", then I will take off my head and play it for you!"

"Come on, you can only say that if you can be sure that this game is definitely profitable, otherwise you can try it?"


The atmosphere of a group of people became a lot more active because of these quarrels, and Fang Xiaoru laughed.

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's laughter, the group was stunned, and then laughed.

After the real contact, they discovered that Fang Xiaoru was not as serious as they thought, and even friendly beyond their imagination.So those who were taught by Fang Xiaoru must have their own problems!

A group of people went to the testing room of "Second World" before and after. Ten game pods were placed in the huge room, and there was a container for nutrient solution beside each game pod.

One filling of the nutrient solution is enough for seven days and seven nights.

"Xiaoru, do you really stop thinking about it?"

Liu Jiani looked at Fang Xiaoru, who was already lying in one of the game cabins, frowning, for fear that this man might have a little problem.

"Don't worry, it's okay."

"BOSS, I'll be with you."

Just when Fang Xiaoru was about to close the game cabin, Qiqi also stepped into another game cabin, and then under the operation of the staff, the two game cabins were linked together.

"So you can directly contact each other after the game is online."

The staff member explained, then silently stepped aside.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Qiqi who was lying next to him, twitched the corner of her mouth, and then decisively pressed the button to close the game compartment.

From the moment the game cabin closed, they began to enter the game world.

Fang Xiaoru and Qiqi entered the game cabin this time and stayed there for seven days and seven nights, until the nutrient solution was exhausted and the door of the game cabin opened.

During this period, Liu Jiani and Su Su stayed by the two of them, constantly observing their heartbeat and brain waves on the screen.

After the game hatch was completely opened, Fang Xiaoru also opened his eyes, a pair of black eyes flashed, there seemed to be something in the bottom of these eyes.

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru and Qiqi were sober, Liu Jiani and Su Su hurriedly stepped forward to check their bodies. They were completely relieved after they were sure that there was nothing wrong with them.

But when Liu Jiani inspected Fang Xiaoru's body, she found that Fang Xiaoru's body was actually like those of the two dozen people, with various values ​​also increasing.

"Xiaoru, do you feel any difference in your body?"

Liu Jiani looked at Fang Xiaoru eagerly. If Fang Xiaoru could feel it, they could use this as another big selling point of "Second World".

"The body feels a lot lighter than before, and it's also a lot more flexible."

Fang Xiaoru moved his body at will and felt it, and he was extremely pleased.

Obviously, he also realized this point that can make "Second World" sell.

"How many people have the same situation as me?"

"About two percent, the male to female ratio is one to one."

"Yes, it's okay to tell the truth when "Second World" is released. Everyone has a fluke and wants to be the 2%, so they will gamble even if the chance is small.

"Then when will we release "Second World"?"

"Just the day after tomorrow."

Thinking of the enthusiasm that the world might cause after seeing "Second World", Fang Xiaoru was inexplicably excited.

As long as there are no problems, "Second World" will be successful, and then "Second World" will become his weapon to bring down the Bartley family!