The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 836 Monopoly of the Resources of the Soviet Union

With a feeling of feeling at home, Puton opened the first contract and quickly scanned it, and found that what Fang Xiaoru had previously asked for in this contract.

After reading this contract carefully, Puton's heart was mostly settled, because in this contract, Xiaoru did not make any excessive demands.

"President Puton has any objections to this contract?"

Seeing Puton's breath of relief clearly, Fang Xiaoru continued to stare at the old fox blankly, and asked casually.

In fact, Fang Xiaoru himself knew that even if Puton really had any dissatisfaction, he would not have the courage to say it.

"No objections, we can sign this contract now." After signing the contract, you can leave as soon as possible!

Puton didn't have the guts to say the next half sentence, so he could only complain in his heart.But looking at Fang Xiaoru's leisurely appearance, Puton always felt that things were not that simple.

There is a second contract...

"It's not anxious to sign the contract. President Puton might as well take a look at the second contract."

Fang Xiaoru said that he had taken his contract from Kiki, and swayed in front of Puton and said: "After reading this second contract, President Puton will look at which one you want to sign.

Faced with this second contract, Puton felt reluctant, but he opened it according to Fang Xiaoru's intention. After reading it, Puton had no idea how to express his feelings.

Fang Xiaoru's requirements in this contract are beyond his tolerance!

The meaning of the contract is very clear, that is, Fang Xiaoru purchases all the oil and natural gas produced by the Soviet Union each year at a price higher than the market price. These two resources of the Soviet Union cannot be exported to other countries in the future.

If Puton agrees to sign this contract, then 40% of Fang Xiaoru's request will be purchased at the same price instead of letting Su Guo give it away for free.

The content of the second contract is the monopoly on Soviet oil and natural gas, which will undoubtedly increase the price of oil and natural gas worldwide, but this contract is not harmful to the Soviet country.

But even so, Puton did not dare to agree to Fang Xiaoru casually.

On this point, he needs to seek the opinions of the whole country.If the people of the country agree, he can immediately sign this contract with Fang Xiaoru.

"President Fang... Regarding this acquisition contract, I need to seek the opinions of Chinese people. After all, this is not my country alone."

Puton tried his best to be tactful in what he said so as not to misunderstand Fang Xiaoru, but Xiaoru was also reasonable at this point.

"Yes, just hurry up, there must be a result before I leave."

"Okay, I must be as soon as possible!"

After Puton finished speaking, he immediately walked out of the room to explain the matter and asked his subordinates to initiate a referendum across the country. When he left, he told the secretary that he must treat Fang Xiaoru well.

"Boss, will the Su people agree?"

"Why not? First of all, where my strength lies, they know they can't beat me. Secondly, they didn't suffer at all in this matter, so why didn't they agree? Those who suffer are only those countries that don't have much oil in their own country. , Such as MK country."

"BOSS, what you think is really thoughtful!" After Fang Xiaoru analyzed Qiqi and Su Su, they instantly understood the truth.

The three of them were still tasting wine and enjoying the scenery leisurely in Puton's office, but Su Guo's network exploded again.

Because Puton briefly described the words in Fang Xiaoru's contract and told all the people of Su through TV and webcast. Faced with Fang Xiaoru's arrogant proposal, Su was divided into two distinct factions.

One group believed that Fang Xiaoru would cause confusion in the prices of these two resources in the world, and refused to sign this contract.The other faction believed that the incident was not harmful to Su Guobai, and Fang Xiaoru could not provoke him and agreed to sign this contract.

The opposing faction only accounts for 20% of the population of the Soviet Union.

"I really don't understand why those fools oppose it. This is a good thing for us Su Guo!"

"I don't care about the others, don't worry, Fang Xiaoru, let us be like the island country."

"Yes, I agree."



What one of the netizens said can be said to poke the hearts of most people in the Soviet Union.

For them, as long as they don't anger Fang Xiaoru and let Fang Xiaoru destroy the State of Su, they won't care about other things as long as they do not particularly damage the interests of the State of Su.

In just half a day, this matter has had a result, and the result is exactly the same as Fang Xiaoru expected.

The Soviet Union agreed to sign this contract.

When Puton once again appeared in front of Fang Xiaoru with this contract, he was much calmer than before. After all, there are so many Chinese people behind him that gave him confidence.

"President Fang, we agree to sign this contract."

Compared to giving away 40% of the oil and natural gas, Puton would rather sell these resources together with other resources to Fang Xiaoru.

What if it causes turmoil in the world?

Anyway, their country will not be involved.

In the past few years, the Soviet Union's oil and natural gas exports were suppressed by the MK country and some Yuru state countries, which kept him suffocating in his heart, and now it is considered to be a sigh.

After the two signed the contract with each other, Fang Xiaoru left the Soviet state under the escort of the Soviet armed department.

Su Guo has been dealt with here, and the next step is the Central Interstellar side.

But there is no rush, anyway, he is now richer than DXB, and monopolizing the oil there is a matter of minutes.

Compared with this matter, the official release of "Second World" tomorrow is much more important.

October 7, the day when "Second World" was officially released.

On this day, game fans from all over the country stared at the live broadcast closely, wishing to enshrine Fang Xiaoru as a god.

When "Second World" was released, Fang Xiaoru did not hold an information conference, but only conducted a live broadcast and asked a few people to experience it live.


"It's so cool!"

"Let me be in it for the rest of my life!"

After these people have experienced it, they can't say anything else, and can only praise this game as much as they can.

After experiencing "Second World", they now have completely lost interest in other games.

Compared with "Second World", it's all scum!

But these people are really lucky, because after the experience, each of Fang Xiaoru gave them a game helmet, which directly made the people in front of the screen look red.

Many people have logged on to the official website of Universe Group to see if they can buy it, but found that the official website does not have a channel for purchasing the "Second World" game helmet and game cabin.

"Let us watch such a cool game without letting it play, what is this!"

"When can I buy a helmet!"

"President Fang, please buy a helmet!"


A piece of information maxed out every gap on the live screen.

Seeing this information from all over the world, Fang Xiaoru laughed softly.

The show has just begun...