The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 841: Two Princess Baidi

Since Fang Xiaoru stated these conditions, Xidra has been in deep thought and has been thinking about the pros and cons of this matter.

As for Fang Xiaoru, he was not in a hurry, but waited for Xidra to make a decision with a calm expression.

For Shedra, DUB will definitely not suffer in this matter. It is enough to transform the entire old city, and the export fee has been doubled. This condition can be said to be very generous. Up.

But Shedra also had to consider whether what she did would make her unable to gain a foothold in this central interstellar.

You must know that DUB is now mainly in charge of exports, but other countries are responsible for oil extraction.

If Fang Xiaoru's conditions for other countries are not good enough, those countries will inevitably feel unfair. When the oil is not exported from DUB, DUB will lose a lot.

Moreover, DUB exports a huge amount of oil every year. I wonder if Fang Xiaoru can get that amount of money by then?

"I don't know what conditions Fang Zong will give to other countries in the central interstellar? Besides, can Fang Zong really bear the huge export fee?"

"The first point is not jailed for Chief Fehedra. You are worried. I will definitely put forward the conditions to make their hearts move. As for the second point, I wonder if Chief Shidra knows about the holographic online game "No. "Two World"?"

"This... of course I know."

A joke, "Second World", now the whole world is on fire, who would not know this?The princes and princesses of DUB are also addicted to it, but unfortunately they can't get a few game pods.

"Understood, I won't question this anymore."

Shedra nodded, without any doubt about the ability of "Second World" to accumulate money.

Because people in their country have recently spent a lot of "Second World".

As for the other countries in the Central Interstellar, Shedra felt that Fang Xiaoru would definitely give them a higher price to purchase the oil, but I don't know if Fang Xiaoru would put forward other conditions.

"If Fang always has confidence in other countries in the Central Interstellar, I am willing to sign this contract."

Shedra thought carefully and decided to agree to Fang Xiaoru.

As long as it is beneficial to DUB, he has no reason not to agree. After all, what he has to do is to be responsible to DUB.

Besides, Fang Xiaoru’s conditions are now generous enough. If he does not agree to this level, Fang Xiaoru will inevitably not find a reason to destroy his DUB directly.

At that time, he couldn't even cry.

Now that the matter has been negotiated, Fang Xiaoru directly signaled Qiqi to take out the contract that had been drawn up a long time ago, and the two successfully signed the contract after Xidra saw it.

Taking control of DUB, the place that controls the export of interstellar oil in the central region, Fang Xiaoru will talk more easily in other places.

"If President Fang is not in a hurry, how about staying in my DUB for a while?"


Fang Xiaoru did not refuse Shidra's invitation, because he had to spend some time in the central interstellar, and it was convenient to live in the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

"I will hold a banquet for President Fang tonight, and President Fang must patronize!"

Now that the two have reached a cooperative relationship, Shedra has also begun to please Fang Xiaoru, only hoping to get more benefits in the future cooperation.

By the way, his daughters, Sarah has reached the age to choose a son-in-law. Although Sarama is a little young, she will be able to marry in a few years.

If Fang Xiaoru can be admired by Fang Xiaoru, will he still walk sideways in this world?

Fang Xiaoru didn't know Xidra's thoughts, but Fang Xiaoru wouldn't be angry even if he knew Xidra's thoughts.

DUB's pair of princesses, world-famous beauty, can be regarded as the best among all royal princesses. Compared with Catherine, they can't accept more.

But compared with Catherine, the two of them are completely two styles.

"Does Fang always go back to the Burj Al Arab Hotel? Why not stay in my palace today, I will let Sarah and Sarama accompany you."

Hearing that Xidra directly let the two princesses come out to accompany Fang Xiaoru to play, Kiki and Su Su could see the thoughts of this Xidra.

But I just want to get rich, and give myself more protection in the future.

"BOSS, we..."

If Fang Xiaoru really wanted two princesses to accompany him, it would be inappropriate for the two of them to stay here now.

"You two go back to the Burj Al Arab Hotel."

When Fang Xiaoru said this, he agreed to Xidela's suggestion. She was delighted after hearing that, and thought that she must talk to Sara and Sarama so that they must serve Fang Xiaoru well.

"BOSS, you have to be careful."

Before leaving, Qiqi and Su Su gave a word of worry.

Although most people in this world surrender to Fang Xiaoru, there are inevitably people who have other thoughts.

Fang Xiaoru’s safety problem must not be ignored!

"President Fang, don't worry, it's absolutely safe in my palace!"

For this, Xidra patted his chest to ensure that, after all, his own personal safety is also very important, so this palace is also strictly guarded.

"I naturally believe in Chief Shidra."

Fang Xiaoru smiled indifferently and waved at Qiqi and Su Su, and the two sisters left unwillingly.

If it weren't for worrying about disturbing the interest of their big boss, the two of them would not leave.

After Kiki Susu left, Fang Xiaoru talked with Shedra for a while, and after waiting for about half an hour, the two princesses were late, and they seemed to be well dressed.

Compared with Fang Xiaoru's other women, these two princesses are really different.

The skin is wheatish, Sara's hair color is dark brown, and Sarama's hair color is rare reddish brown.

He has thick eyebrows and big eyes, thick and long eyelashes, and small nose wings and bright lips. They are indeed two black pearls exuding different charm.

Fang Xiaoru finally understood why many people describe this pair of princesses as soft as a full moon.

It can only be said that real people are much better than photos on the Internet.

Sara has grown older and has a bumpy figure.As for Sarama, she is relatively young, but her appearance should not be underestimated.

A few years later, it must be a beauty.

"President Fang..."

"President Fang..."

The two princesses came to Fang Xiaoru and nodded politely. The two pairs of dark eyes kept turning around Fang Xiaoru's body, their expressions radiant.

The two of them had heard of Fang Xiaoru's name a long time ago. After seeing this man on the Internet, they fell in love at first sight. They have been eager to meet Fang Xiaoru. They didn't expect to have this opportunity now.

"This is Sara, and this is Sarama."

Shedra introduced Fang Xiaoru to Fang Xiaoru, then looked at Sara and Sarama kindly and said, "You two must take good care of Fang Zong during our DUB, do you know?"


It is unnecessary for Shedra to say that the two princesses had this meaning.

This is the man they love and will naturally treat it well.