The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 842: Ha Dan's jealousy

For Sara and Sarama, they used to think that their brothers were the most perfect men in the world, but at this time they saw Fang Xiaoru’s true face and realized that their knowledge was too short.

Although Fang Xiaoru is a native of Asizhou, the depth of his facial features is no less than that of their brother.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru at this time, the two sisters' desire to marry him became firmer.

Especially Sarama, because she really doesn't want to marry Hadan...

"I don't know how long will Fang always stay here this time?"

Sarah was a little bolder than Sarama, so she didn't have the slightest timidity when talking with Fang Xiaoru.

As for Sarama, a pair of innocent big eyes have been carefully aiming at Fang Xiaoru, but they have attracted Fang Xiaoru's attention even more.

"To stay in the central interstellar for a while."

"Then we can accompany you more."

Sarah's eyes lit up when she heard that Fang Xiaoru was about to stay at DUB for a while, and Sarama's eyes were a little bit more expectant.

"The places I go are all messy, it's not suitable for you two to follow."

Fang Xiaoru rubbed Sarama's soft hair. The reddish-brown hair wrapped around her fingertips has a special beauty.

"It doesn't matter, we can wait for you back at DUB."

In front of Fang Xiaoru, Sarah and Sarah Mana were absolutely obedient, and Xidra nodded repeatedly while watching.

It seemed that his two daughters were quite reasonable. Knowing what to do would please Fang Xiaoru, so he didn't need to worry.

"Then let the two of them accompany Mr. Fang to stroll around, and I will handle official business first."

Shedra asked Fang Xiaoru's opinion very politely and left the garden when she saw Fang Xiaoru nodding.

In a blink of an eye, only two sisters Fang Xiaoru and Sara Shalama were left in the garden, and the three of them were much more comfortable.

"President Fang, can we call you Xiaoru?"

Sara looked at Xidra expectantly, her delicate little face leaning in front of Fang Xiaoru, and her long eyelashes swept Fang Xiaoru's face.

Sarama on the side shrank|shrinked her small body when she saw her sister's bold move. It was obvious that she was still not as comfortable as Sarah in this regard.

"Of course, I'll just call you Sarah, Sarah."

Fang Xiaoru turned his head to look at Sarama, the gentle smile on her face made Sarama look dumbfounded, and she unconsciously leaned against Fang Xiaoru.

For some reason, Fang Xiaoru can give her a warm feeling.

As princesses, their lives can be said to be very comfortable, but this kind of comfort also has to pay a certain price, that is, their marriage cannot let them decide on their own, but should be considered for the royal family.

When they watched their eldest sister marry a man they didn't like, Sarah and Sarama secretly determined that they would never make the same mistakes as the eldest sister.

Now that they meet Fang Xiaoru, a man with a noble identity they like, they naturally have to fight for it.

Sara and Sarama were by Fang Xiaoru's side for a whole day, and the two sisters were indeed able to win Fang Xiaoru's favor, especially Sarama, whose cute and innocent and lively appearance was more in line with Fang Xiaoru's preferences.

If Sarama was not too young, Fang Xiaoru would definitely ask for the princess from Xidra.

But it's okay now, as long as it is the woman that Fang Xiaoru is looking at, it must be Fang Xiaoru's person in the future. Others don't want to get involved!

As long as Fang Xiaoru stays in DUB for a few days, Sarah and Sarama will accompany Fang Xiaoru.It's just that Fang Xiaoru didn't expect that this incident actually caused a person to be jealous.

This person is the crown prince Hadan of DUB.

Originally Sarama was Hadan's fiancée, and because DUB has always had a tradition of intimacy with close relatives, it is not surprising that Sarama will marry Hadan.

But after learning that Fang Xiaoru was coming to DUB, the marriage was cancelled.

Because compared to marrying Hadan, it is obviously more cost-effective for DUB if Sarama marries Fang Xiaoru in the future.

In the past few days, Hardan has been staying with his pets in his petting zoo. When he thinks that the woman who once belonged to him is by Fang Xiaoru's side at this moment, Hardan feels angry.

How could Fang Xiaoru be so arrogant!

After he becomes the chief, doesn't this DUB still have the final say?At that time, he will vigorously develop DUB's military, and one day he will catch up with Xiaoru from the top!

The more he thought about it, the more angry, Ha Dan slapped the tiger next to him, and the tiger stood up directly after suffering from pain.


A roar recalled Ha Dan's sanity, but Ha Dan had obviously dealt with this situation many times, and he was extremely calm even when he was angry with a tiger.


Following Hardan's roar, the tiger known as Liman whimpered. Although he was very unwilling, he still lay on the ground obediently.

Having been domesticated for so many years, it has long lost its wildness as the king of the forest.

"Fang Xiaoru..."

His hands touched the soft fur on the tiger's body, and the expression in Ha Dan's eyes became dark.

Although he also had the fear of Xiaoru from the other party in his heart, this fear had been suppressed under the jealousy of him, and now he was only thinking about how to snatch Sarama from Fang Xiaoru's side.

Sarama, that is the fiancee he looked at growing up, and she definitely can't be snatched away by Fang Xiaoru so easily!

At this time, Fang Xiaoru was still strolling around the "Gold Bar" street accompanied by Sara, Sarama, Kiki and Su Su.

It's not really accurate to say it's just walking around, because Kiki and Su Su have already scanned the map of the old city with instruments in their hands, and then sent them back to Huanyu Island.

Now that it was agreed to help DUB transform the old city into a new city, Fang Xiaoru would not break his promise.It's just that he is only responsible for paying the money. As for how to transform it, it depends on how the group of designers from the Universe Group designs.

It is impossible for Fang Xiaoru not to take any benefit during the transformation, after all, he also contributed money and effort.

He had already discussed with Shedra before that, after the renovation, half of the properties in the old town belonged to him, and half of the properties belonged to DUB.

Although half of the property is a bit too much for DUB, Shedra is not a brainless person, and knows how to judge the situation.

Now in this world, the forces that can compete with Fang Xiaoru no longer exist, and every country is trying to flatter him.

With such a great opportunity in front of his eyes, how could he not flatter filial piety?

Moreover, with Fang Xiaoru's attitude towards Sarah and Sarama, Xidra felt that she would soon become Fang Xiaoru's in-laws, that is, the old man in Yanxia language.