The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 846: Oil belongs to the world!

"Salama... can now marry Xiaoru brother!"

The agile eyes looked aside with a little uneasiness, and she felt embarrassed to say these words, and Fang Xiaoru's shy appearance made Fang Xiaoru chuckle.

Two sisters, Sarah and Sarama, Fang Xiaoru still prefers Sarama.

"But Sarama is too young now."

"Salama is not young!"

After hearing Fang Xiaoru say this, Sarama retorted with excitement, and then maybe she felt too excited, for fear that Fang Xiaoru would get angry and pull her skirt uncomfortably.

"Salama wants to be with Brother Xiaoru, Shalama likes brother Xiaoru, Sarama...Salama is very serious!"

If Sarama was only respected by the other's filial piety in the past, then after this time of getting along with each other, she can be sure that she really likes the filial piety.

So when she heard from her father that Fang Xiaoru was leaving today, she did not hesitate to appear here.

"Salama feels at ease with Brother Xiaoru... and seeing Xiaoru's brother Sarama will be very happy and happy, and it will dance very fast here..."

Sarama pointed to her left chest and looked serious. Sarama, who has been used as a greenhouse flower, has not experienced too much love, so she is a little naive when expressing her thoughts.

But these naive words made Fang Xiaoru very useful.

"Well, when Sarama is twenty years old, Brother Xiaoru will come to pick you up and let you be my bride."



After hearing Fang Xiaoru say this, although Sarama still wanted to stay by Fang Xiaoru's side, she felt better in her heart. At least she had a waiting goal.

"After those two years, Brother Xiaoru must come to pick up Sarama!"

"Well, it's a deal."

Sarama now looks like a childish little girl, and she looks more like a younger sister to Fang Xiaoru.It's just that Fang Xiaoru didn't expect that this little girl would change so much when he came to pick up Sarama by appointment two years later.

Watching Fang Xiaoru leave DUB accompanied by Kiki and Su Su, and seeing the perfect appearance of Kiki and Su Su, Sarama also secretly made up his mind.

She will definitely get better in these two years!

Fang Xiaoru held a press conference as soon as he returned to Huanyu Island.

Not long after the last press conference that announced the development of "Second World", Fang Xiaoru held another press conference, which undoubtedly made the whole world excited.

I don’t know if Fang Xiaoru has something important to announce this time!

At the press conference, reporters from all over the world were present. The wide venue was crowded with people, and every gap was filled.

Everyone is waiting for Fang Xiaoru to appear, waiting for Fang Xiaoru to say something that they can expect again.

An hour is not long, not short. For these reporters who have been waiting anxiously for Fang Xiaoru to appear, this hour is as long as a century.

"It's coming out!"

I don't know who shouted, everyone's eyes were focused on the door, Fang Xiaoru, a suit and leather jacket, appeared at the press conference under the escort of a group of people.





A series of voices sounded, and the flashlight kept flickering in this darkness. Every reporter hoped that he could take the most perfect side of Xiao Ru below, and then make his own information the headlines of tomorrow.

But Fang Xiaoru is really perfect, so no matter how they take the photos, Fang Xiaoru is perfect.

"Please be quiet!"

Standing next to Fang Xiaoru, Liu Jiani waved at the reporters. The buzzing stopped. All the reporters consciously put down their cameras. All of the press conference was suddenly lit on the stage.

"Next, we always have one thing to announce. I hope you can listen carefully."

This conference was broadcast live worldwide, so people all over the world can hear what Fang Xiaoru will announce next.

"What is so mysterious?"

"It must be something big!"

"The information in these two days will be taken up by Fang Xiaoru again."

"It's like this every day, it doesn't make a difference, okay?"

A group of reporters whispered in the audience, all discussing what Fang Xiaoru was going to announce.Because every time Fang Xiaoru develops a conference, it will cause a sensation and change in the entire world.

"Everyone, I'm very glad that everyone can participate in this conference today."

Compared with all the excited reporters at the press conference, Fang Xiaoru's mood was as quiet as water, as if what he was going to say next was just a trivial thing that couldn't be more ordinary.

"In the recent period, I have visited many countries and have reached certain agreements with these countries."

The top management of each country is also watching this conference.

Hearing Fang Xiaoru say this, the top management of the Soviet Union Puton, DUB's Shedra, and the top management of other countries in the Central Interstellar immediately understood the purpose of Fang Xiaoru's holding this conference.

This is indeed a press conference enough to cause a worldwide sensation...

"There may be many people who are curious about which country I am going to, and some people will guess the purpose of my trip. These countries are Su, DUB, and the Kingdom of Salad..."

Fang Xiaoru directly said the names of a series of countries. After hearing the names of these countries, many reporters even forgot to take pictures.

Because these countries are all oil powers that control a lot of oil!

"Yes, I went to the Soviet Union and the Central Interstellar. These countries are rich in oil. I went to these countries to negotiate some contracts with them. This is a contract."

As soon as Fang Xiaoru's voice fell aside, Liu Jiani took out a thick stack of contracts, which proved that Fang Xiaoru was telling the truth.

Seeing this at the press conference, the hearts of the top management of many countries such as MK have sunk into the bottom.

Anyone with a bit of head can now guess what Fang Xiaoru is going to do in these countries.Of course, there are some stupid people who need Fang Xiaoru's words to understand.

"The content of these contracts is very simple. In the final analysis, it means that all the oil in these countries, extracted and unexploited, will be owned by our World Group."

A very calm sentence, but the content contained makes everyone in the world stare.

Known as the lifeline of the world economy, the vast majority of oil is now owned by Huanyu Group!