The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 847: The New President of MK

The World Group controls 60% of the world's oil, which means that the economic development of most countries will be in the hands of the World Group.

Among the most difficult to accept is the MK country and many Uro state countries.

MK country has a lot of oil production, and sometimes it even ranks first, but this does not mean that MK country has a lot of oil.

No matter how large the output is, MK country’s oil is in short supply, so MK country will import a large amount of oil from the Kingdom of Salad.

Fang Xiaoru's move now is equivalent to cutting off a path of life in MK country.

Without oil, how can they continue to develop their economy?Without the economy, how can they develop the military?

So many countries were angry for a while.

"If you have oil needs in the future, you can come to my Universe Group to talk."

This was the last sentence Fang Xiaoru said at this press conference. After speaking, Fang Xiaoru left the scene without even answering the questions raised by the reporter.

He already understood what he said, and even if he didn't say those guys, he would want to understand other things.

Originally, Huanyu Group purchased oil from the Soviet Union and the Central Interstellar region at a higher price. Therefore, if other countries wanted to purchase oil from Huanyu Group, they would need to spend more money, which is not cost-effective for them.

Down this chain, Fang Xiaoru is equivalent to indirectly devaluing the currencies of other countries.

But what can they do?

These countries do not include the hot summer, because in the hot summer, Fang Xiaoru will continue to provide oil at the normal price, and then accelerate the development of the hot summer country.

It is precisely because of this that these countries are so angry.

After watching this conference, the top management of each country has completely different performances.

For the Soviet Union and the countries in the central interstellar region, they don't care, because Fang Xiaoru has promised them to leave some oil for their country.

After learning about this matter, Yanxia Country, the chairman directly applauded the case, because Yanxia Fruit Country is not rich in oil resources, and Yanxia is a big oil-consuming country, so it has always suffered a lot in the matter of oil. Buy it from other countries at a big price.

This also indirectly increased the price of oil in the summer, making many ordinary people miserable in the summer, and they have to calculate every day if they want to drive a car.

As for the MK country, the new President Trump dropped a cup directly on the front TV screen after watching the press conference.

This Fang Xiaoru's acquisition of so much oil is simply for his MK country!

"The Secretary of State! Where is the Secretary of State!"

"Your Excellency... The Secretary of State went abroad for a visit and has not yet returned."

The assistant next to Trump rushed over to pick up the broken cup on the ground and looked at Trump's angry and trembling face, for fear that Trump would throw the next cup directly on him.

This new president is more fierce in certain things than the predecessor Lucian, and he is also much more courageous than Lucian, relying on that asset.

When Fang Xiaoru destroyed the island country before, Trump felt that the other Xiaoru was still a little scared, but afterwards, Trump thought about it and felt that he thought too much, because destroying an island country was a matter of minutes for him. thing.

Now Fang Xiaoru wants to control the oil, he is the first to refuse.

If the economic development of a country is in the hands of others, then they are still fooling around?Don’t you have to listen to Fang Xiaoru in the future?

What is the difference between Fang Xiaoru and Fang Xiaoru being the president of this country?

"That Fang Xiaoru, the two motherships that destroyed the island country at that time, do you have any detailed information?"

Trump looked at his assistant, his small eyes gleaming fiercely, causing the temperature of the assistant to drop a few degrees.

"There are... some information... but just fur..."

The assistant kept squatting on the ground and dared not move, because he clearly saw that Trump's face became more ugly after he said these words.

"Fur? It's been so long, have you collected a little fur?"

"But President President... Those two motherships are existences that we cannot contend with..."

Seeing that Trump seemed to have bad thoughts, the assistant quickly reminded him, but in the end another cup was really thrown towards him, and it happened to hit him on the head.

The forehead was bloody, but the assistant did not dare to wipe it.

"My MK country, the reason why I am controlled by Fang Xiaoru now is because of you!"

Trump yelled furiously, and became even more angry when he remembered that he was threatened by Fang Xiaoru in the island country.

It's just that Fang Xiaoru's approval is needed to pick up someone. I really feel aggrieved after thinking about it!

If it weren't for that stupid Lucian, MK country would not have fallen to this point now!

The assistant felt that the president was really mad, and he was a little irrational, and couldn't help thinking whether to contact the members of the House.

If this president makes any irrational decisions, he might really make MK a second island nation...

The assistant took advantage of Trump inadvertently ran out to contact the Secretary of State, and Trump was still thinking about how to resist Fang Xiaoru in the oil matter.

If it is only the MK country, it will certainly not be able to set off any big storms, but if many countries resist together, it should still be useful.

Trump feels that among so many top managers, he is certainly not the only one who has opinions on this matter.

On Huanyu Island, Fang Xiaoru was already with his mother Gao Huijun at this time, and Catherine and others were accompanied by him. The family can be said to be a happy one.

Hearing that Fang Xiaoru had returned from the central interstellar, Catherine came to meet Fang Xiaoru specially.

She also knew what Fang Xiaoru announced today, but she didn't take it to heart.

She is just an English queen, she can't get involved in English politics, and now she naturally doesn't care about such things.

The group of chief prime ministers even wanted her to ask Fang Xiaoru to plead so that Yingjili could also obtain the same privileges as Yanxiaguo. It was idiotic!

Fang Xiaoru also knew that the incident he announced at the press conference would definitely arouse the anger of many countries, but he didn't care.

If those guys want to resist, he will fight until they succumb.

When the MK country wanted to obtain the oil of the two countries, didn't it also use various excuses to cause war to bring the two countries into submission?It's just that he failed, because the people of Iah are strong enough.

Now, Fang Xiaoru is letting those countries that are willing to resist also taste this.

Among these countries, Fang Xiaoru felt that MK must not be able to bear it, because the newly appointed president of MK is really arrogant!