The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 854: The Choice of Scarlett and Swift

"Who said I would forget you two?"

Fang Xiaoru's voice suddenly appeared in the room, shocking Scarlett and Swift who had been looking out the window, and tears filled their eyes again in the next second.

The person they missed for so long finally appeared...


"Xiaoru! Miss you so much!"

Scarlett and Swift ran to Fang Xiaoru's side at the same time. One of them hugged Fang Xiaoru's arms tightly. The two were like two koalas, and Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but smile.

"If you two hold on like this, I will be pulled off by you."

"Xiaoru, you are so powerful, you can't!" Scarlett and Swift leaned against Fang Xiaoru intimately. Although they said so, they still loosened Fang Xiaoru's arm.

"I heard that you two quit the showbiz?"

Fang Xiaoru's bracelet was on the slender waist of the two of them. Because the two of them had already taken a bath and their clothes were thin, they felt very slippery and exuded a faint fragrance.

"Because I miss you so much, I want to come to this world island to accompany you."

Scarlett said embarrassedly, and her dark brown hair fell down her shoulders, creating a tempting | crime scene.

"We feel that it is the happiest to be with Xiaoru by your side!"

As Swift said, his long, white legs were gently wrapped around Fang Xiaoru's lower body.

Facing the two deliberate hints, Fang Xiaoru's eyes were reddish, and he no longer restrained his body's instincts.

"If you two really think of me that way, why don't we go to bed and talk?"

That big bed is enough for the three of them to turn clouds and rain on it...

After a while of fierceness, Fang Xiaoru lay in the center of the bed with his eyes half-squinted, a lovely person on one side, and a tender waist in the other.

"Since you are here, follow me to see my mother tomorrow."

"Xiaoru, your mother!?"

Scarlett and Swift had no idea that Fang Xiaoru would value them so much. They were moved for a while and eagerly printed their red lips on Fang Xiaoru's cheeks.

"Xiaoru, we are so happy..."

"Yes, thank God, it was you who met!"

The two women enthusiastically showed their inner excitement, and at this moment they had been waiting for so long.

Especially Scarlett, she has not found a boyfriend for many years, in order to dedicate everything that is perfect to her beloved.

Even if the information on the TV and the posters show off the heat, Scarlett's heart is still quite conservative, which is rare among Western women.

"We will go early tomorrow morning."

Fang Xiaoru received his arms around the two of them, and his body reacted again while speaking, and his body was arrogant and energetic. He was ready to charge again.

"Now, let's continue what we just did..."


Looking at the blushing faces of Scarlett and Swift, Fang Xiaoru dragged the two women onto him again with a long arm, and continued to shock them.

The night is long, and there is time for them to fight...

"Mom, I brought Scarlett and Swift to see you."

Before stepping into the house, Fang Xiaoru's voice sounded outside the door. Oona and the others rushed to the door to greet them, but they didn't sit there because of the two new sisters.

In fact, this means all the credit of Gao Huijun.

Under her enlightenment, several people felt much better in their hearts, and they also welcomed Scarlett and Swift sincerely.

I have to say that Gao Huijun helped Fang Xiaoru solve too many problems in this regard.


The door was pushed open, and a few women with beautiful scenery and autumn colors stood at the door, smiling and looking at the door while holding Scarlett and Swift's Fang Xiaoru, and greeted them kindly.

"You are finally back!"

Compared with other people, Oona was more active, and she trot shyly to Fang Xiaoru and looked at Scarlett and Swift carefully.

Faced with this group of sudden women, Scarlett and Swift were really taken aback, because they had only seen Liu Mengya before.

Although they knew how many girlfriends Fang Xiaoru had, they never thought that there would be so many people.But the surprise was only a short while, and the two quickly accepted the fact.

Compared with the noble Catherine and the arrogant Diana, the two of them have a much broader mind, as long as they can accompany Fang Xiaoru.

"Are you Scarlett and Sister Swift? Real people are much more beautiful than on TV!"

Oona praised the two sincerely, and then stretched out both hands to shake hands with them and introduced herself: "My name is Oona."

"Liu Mengya..."


"Gu Nianwei."

"Zhou Ziyuan..."

The women briefly introduced themselves. Except for the aloof Zhou Ziyuan and the killer-born Sophia, the others seem to get along well with Scarlett and Swift.

"Everyone will be friends in the future, don't have to be so formal."

Gu Nianwei smiled amiably, then took Scarlett and Swift's hands and asked, "Where do you want to live in the future?"

"This... hasn't been decided yet."

"Then stay with Aunt Gao here."

"Aunt Gao?"

Because Scarlett and Swift had never met Gao Huijun, they didn't know that Gao Huijun was Fang Xiaoru's mother.

"It's my mother," Fang Xiaoru explained to the two of them: "Go in and say."

Fang Xiaoru took the lead in bringing Scarlett and Swift into the house after finishing talking, and the women followed suit. For a moment, Fang Xiaoru was like an ancient emperor.


Gao Huijun looked at Scarlett and Swift beside Fang Xiaoru with satisfaction. It was clear that they met Gao Huijun's requirements.

To have a good appearance, the two greeted Gao Huijun as soon as they saw Gao Huijun and their attitude was respectful. Gao Huijun could see that these were two good girls.

But as long as it is Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend, Gao Huijun is always at ease because she believes in her son's vision.

"Since the two of you have rushed over so far, please stay with me, Xiaoru, are you okay?"

Gao Huijun asked Fang Xiaoru jokingly. Fang Xiaoru smiled awkwardly and nodded quickly, "How could I have an opinion? Scarlett, Swift, are you two willing?"


Hearing Fang Xiaoru's question, the two women nodded again and again.

Now they have to accompany Fang Xiaoru’s mother, who is the person they need most to please. How could they be unwilling?

"Xiaoru, don't worry, we will get along well with others and take good care of Aunt Gao!"

Seeing the profile of the beloved man, the women felt a deep satisfaction.

Sure enough, as long as they can be with Fang Xiaoru, they will be very happy!