The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 860: Forced Marriage Again

Seeing Diana appearing in front of Fang Xiaoru, everyone at the banquet focused on Fang Xiaoru's body. For a while, the entire banquet hall was noisy and they were all discussing the relationship between Fang Xiaoru and Diana.

More than half of the single men in the entire Uro State financial circle have fantasies or even pursue Diana. The remaining half do not say that they do not have that idea, but they know that they are not worthy of Diana, so they simply don’t go. Self-challenge.

But even if they face the pursuit of golden bachelors in the eyes of these people every day, they haven't seen Diana smile sincerely, all they see are Diana wearing a mask.

It was not until they met Fang Xiaoru that they knew that Diana would smile so beautifully...

"Isn't it bad for you to stay by my side like this?"

The banquet has been held for a while, and some people have come in one after another during the period, but Diana didn't seem to have seen it, and she has been around Fang Xiaoru's side. This scene stunned everyone present.

"This banquet was originally prepared for you, and I have nothing to do with you."

Diana inadvertently glanced at Qiqi and Su Su who had also been following Fang Xiaoru. Although she didn't say anything, Fang Xiaoru still saw an unpleasant look in her eyes.

Diana, this woman, is too possessive.

"Preparing such a grand feast specially for me, I am really flattered."

"Hongmen Banquet, what does that mean?"

Diana still didn't know enough about some of the words of Yanxia Kingdom, so she was at a loss when Fang Xiaoru said this.

"Hongmen Banquet refers to a banquet with hidden murderous intent."

Although he knew this was a tiger's den, Fang Xiaoru was still at ease in this tiger's den.

"I won't, I won't use such despicable means to deal with you."

"If you can't, it doesn't mean that others won't, but even if you can, it doesn't matter. It's the same before my eyes."

Fang Xiaoru's words sounded arrogant, but Diana didn't have any doubts about it. In her heart, Xiaoru had such inexplicable confidence.And facing Fang Xiaoru's trust in herself, Diana was also moved.

It's just that the old guys today didn't guess what Diana was doing with Fang Xiaoru, but Diana knew that what they thought would not be a good thing.

She has experienced too many methods of those old guys for so many years.

Just when Diana opened up Qiqi and Su Su to accompany Fang Xiaoru to the balcony to watch the night scene, several old people appeared in the banquet hall one after another.If anyone knows the Batlai family, they will know the status of these people in the Batlai family.

What these people said sometimes even the patriarch of the Batlai family had to listen.Once William's father had to give in when facing these people.

It can be said that without these few people, there would be no Barthelai family.

Just when all the people attending the banquet were discussing why these people suddenly appeared, these old men suddenly walked in the direction of Fang Xiaoru and Diana.

Seeing this scene, those people don't mention how jealous they are.

Sure enough, in this world, if you have wealth and power, you will get the attention of others. In the eyes of these people, you are just like an ant.

"President Fang, hello."

The old man walking in the front was the one who proposed to host the banquet at the meeting that day.

"Introduce myself. My name is Aldeka. They are Tirp and Moratti..."

Aldeka introduced the elders who followed him one by one, and then looked at Diana who was standing beside Fang Xiaoru and said: "We want to talk to Fang Zong alone. Diana, you should go take care of other guests. "


Diana was a little annoyed to hear Aldeka say this, because she understood that this group of people deliberately distracted her, and if she left this group of people, she would make trouble for Fang Xiaoru, but Diana was not ready to refuse, she was given a hand by Fang Xiaoru stop.

"Diana, you go first."

Fang Xiaoru gave Diana a reassuring look. After seeing Fang Xiaoru's serious look, Diana hesitated for a while, and then turned her head one step at a time.

Until Diana could not hear their conversation, Aldeka asked again: "I wonder if Fang always gets married?"

"not at all."

"It seems that Fang always has a few rumored girlfriends?"

"Do I have to answer this kind of question?"

Fang Xiaoru raised an eyebrow with disgust in the face of Aldeka's general inquiries about household registration. Aldeka seemed to realize that she had asked too much, and changed the subject with a light cough, "Is there always a plan to get married?"

Faced with Aldeka who was still going around in a circle, Fang Xiaoru had no patience.

"If you have anything to say, don't go around here."

"Since Mr. Fang said so, let's just say it. Diana is now at the age to get married, and Mr. Fang, you are not married. I wonder if Mr. Fang has the idea of ​​marrying our Batlai family?"

"And as far as we know, Diana has always been very affectionate for you, and we can be regarded as fulfilling that girl's careful wish."

Aldeka’s remarks were extremely clever, he not only expressed what he meant, but also found a good step for himself, and attributed everything to Diana’s filial piety and love, and they were just a group of elderly people who loved Diana. That's it.

If these words are to be heard by others, then that person must eagerly agree.But if it is to Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru can only say that they think too well.

And when Diana went to him for the first time for the marriage, Fang Xiaoru didn't expect that these old guys didn't even know that he had rejected Diana once.

He would never do things like marriage!

He has the ability to make the world group the richest group in the world, and why does he borrow this method of marriage?

And in this matter, think about it from beginning to end, only the Bartlai family can benefit, he Huanyu Group can't get the slightest benefit!

If there is any good to say, it may be that Diana has become his woman.

But Fang Xiaoru knew that even without this method, Diana would one day become his woman.

"Several people think too much, I won't do this kind of thing, let alone the marriage this thing I have already rejected you once, why don't you have a long memory?"

Fang Xiaoru didn't mean anything, and said something straightforward, but what he said was not very pleasant, which directly changed the faces of several people.

"You mean, disdain to marry our Bartley family?"

Aldeka's face is now ugly to the extreme, the Bartley family is looked down upon, this is the first time in hundreds of years!

"It's not just your Bart Lai family, every family in this world, I don't bother to use this method to strengthen the relationship with them. My Fang Xiaoru has that strength, so why bother with you?

"you you!……"

Aldeka's entire face was suffocated in purple, and the fingers pointing at Fang Xiaoru kept trembling, as if he would faint with anger at any time.

A kid who has grown up for a few years now dares to speak out in front of him!