The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 866 The plan of the Bartley family

After the great battle, Catherine slumped directly on Fang Xiaoru's body and had no strength to turn over, and Fang Xiaoru put his arms around Catherine with a smirk.

"How? Do you want to do it again?"

To be honest, it was only once for Xiaoru, but it was not very enjoyable for Xiaoru, but seeing Catherine like this, she should have no strength for a while.

Catherine shook her head quickly, she was too weak.Said:

"What I want to tell you, you can actually find out by yourself, about the Bartley family."

"The Bartley family?"

Fang Xiaoru raised his eyebrows when he heard these words. He could indeed find out about the Bartlai family, but if everything was found out, the game with the Bartlai family would lose a lot of fun.

"I haven't taken care of them lately."

"So confident?"

Catherine's face was pressed against Fang Xiaoru's chest, feeling the powerful heartbeat and couldn't help feeling a little happy.

This man is unique to her at this moment.

"What do they want?"

"Well...have started to learn that you are monopolizing some of the oil resources and mineral resources in the Uro State market. It seems that you intend to monopolize some of the resources in the Americas, but the main focus is on mineral resources."

"Really? That's really a waste of money, MK country should be very happy?"

"Perhaps, I just got a bit of news, because the Butler family didn't contact us."

At the beginning, the Universe Group refused to enter the MK country market, so now if it can catch up with the Butler family, it should be a pretty good thing for MK country.

What's more, what Fang Xiaoru originally bought was only part of the resources of the central interstellar region and the Soviet Union, as well as the steel of the Inge country. For the time being, there was no way to swallow the resources of the entire world.

However, as long as the country that signed the contract with Fang Xiaoru, the Batlai family cleverly avoided it. What's more, William of the Batlai family was still frustrated in the Inge country, and the Batlai family here is even more unlikely to come.

During this period of time, the Soviet Union and the countries in the central interstellar region have made a lot of money after cooperating with the Universe Group, which has made many countries in the world start to be excited.

It's just that Fang Xiaoru didn't take the initiative to look for them.

"Aren't you going to take care of it?"

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru was still calm and curious, Catherine asked, after all, there is only the Bartlai family that can compete with the world in terms of funds.

"Is it necessary to manage? They are doing this now. They don't receive as much money as me, and they pay more than me. What should I worry about?"

"But if they monopolize these resources, there is a certain threat to the new research of the Universe Group, right?"

This action of the Batlai family began after the World Group announced that it would study the Skycar and two high-speed rails, and it was obviously aimed at the World Group.

"What's the matter? The Universe Group has the steel provided by your country, and the country of Su also has a lot of mineral resources. Will it be lacking?"

The difference with oil resources is that the distribution of mineral resources is relatively even, unlike oil that is basically concentrated in the central interstellar region and the Soviet Union, so Fang Xiaoru does not need to worry at all.

What's more, the development of Skycar and the two high-speed rails will use many new materials, so the demand for steel is not particularly large.

"That's right, I'm worried too."

Catherine had been thinking about this for a long time before, because there was no way to leave Inge country for the time being, but Fang Xiaoru could only be invited to Inge country. Now it seems that she thinks too much.

For Fang Xiaoru, this may not be considered a major event at all.


It was midday when Catherine woke up the next day, and Fang Xiaoru was watching the development process of air planes and two high-speed rails from Kiki and Su Su.

Seeing Catherine finally waking up, Fang Xiaoru glanced at her with a smile, making Catherine, who had never bowed her head easily bowed her head in embarrassment.

The two of them fought until dawn last night, and Catherine didn't know how she fell asleep in the end.

"what is this?"

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru had been staring at the computer Catherine in front of him intently, he also leaned over to take a look. Although this was a secret of the world, Fang Xiaoru did not stop Catherine's actions.

"The research process of the air plane and the two high-speed rails will be successfully studied in a few days, and then I will enter the test, and then I will go back."


Although it was a bit sad for Fang Xiaoru to leave Catherine so soon, he still showed greatness.

Because she knows that what Fang Xiaoru needs is not a woman who can only care about everything and jealous, what he needs is a woman who can silently support him behind his back.

Fang Xiaoru also heard the dullness of Catherine's tone, and moved on Catherine's lips until Catherine was panting, and said, "Wait until the research and development is successful and I will send you a car."

"it is good."

When the Universe Group recently announced the process, it said that the technologies of these inventions will not be spread out, and will not be built abroad in the short term, so naturally Catherine will not ask Fang Xiaoru to give Inge a set.

Now Fang Xiaoru said that he would give her a Skycar as a special consideration for her.