The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 867: Experience the Sky Car

A few days later, when Fang Xiaoru was about to leave, Catherine originally wanted to go to Huanyu Island with Fang Xiaoru for a few days. Unexpectedly, there were some unexpected situations. In the end, Catherine could not be reconciled to stay in Inge.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru leave, the people of Inge State were in chaos again.

They originally thought Fang Xiaoru was here to marry their Lady Queen this time, but it was just a misunderstanding in the end!

"So disappointed, I thought I was getting married..."

"Sure enough, being rich and powerful is self-willed. Even if you are in the lead, you can leave so smartly."

"I heard that it seems to be a misunderstanding. It seems that the Queen must have Fang Xiaoru take the lead.

"In this case, everything is reasonable."

Catherine was very helpless for these comments made by netizens in Inge country, and in the end she could only clarify that the two had no plans to get married.

After hearing the Queen's personal confession, the people of Inge can only give up their fantasy.

It's just that they still hope that the queen of their country can marry Fang Xiaoru as soon as possible, so that they might be able to enjoy the same treatment as the summer.

Fang Xiaoru's return to Huanyu also means that the air plane and two high-speed rails have been studied and are ready to start testing.

Fang Xiaoru was also amazed by the research speed of the researchers of the Universe Group.

Following the research of "Second World" in three months, another group of researchers spent two and a half months to research these three types of high technology.

So Fang Xiaoru expressed that he would treat them well.

Together with the researchers from the previous "Second World", hundreds of people from both groups were invited to the celebration banquet after a period of time.


There was a crisp knock on the door, Fang Xiaoru shouted to come in, the office door opened, and it was Qiqi and Susu who hadn't seen him for a while.

Some time ago, Fang Xiaoru also gave Qiqi and Susu a fake. Sophia said that Qiqi and Susu were going back to find their parents.

"how was your vacation?"

"Of course it's very good!"

Don't mention how happy I am to see my parents Kiki and Susu.

How could the two of them have holidays before they were next to Fang Xiaoru?Not to mention going back to see your parents.Being able to go back home is also a privilege only after I have followed Fang Xiaoru.

"What about you, BOSS? How was your vacation?"

"Me? Not bad too."

Thinking of the time spent with his mother Gao Huijun, Gu Nianwei, and Catherine, Fang Xiaoru was naturally quite satisfied.

But now is not the time to discuss this topic.

"Do you want to experience that sky car with me?"

"Skycar? Has it been researched out?"

The Skycar had not been successfully developed before Kiki and Susu left, and they didn't expect to hear such good news as soon as they came back.

"Congratulations BOSS!"

"It hasn't been tested yet, it must be tested before it can be put into use."

If it is a product that will cause quality problems, Huanyu Group will never release it.

"If the BOSS wants to experience it, we will naturally be with the BOSS!"

What's more, they have been looking forward to such a high-tech thing.

"Let's go."

The two sisters Qiqi Susu excitedly followed Fang Xiaoru. Under the leadership of a staff member, the three came to the test site of Skycar.

The test site is above an ocean.

When Fang Xiaoru and the others came here, there were already several aerial vehicles in the sky trying to drive, but they were all unmanned.

Fang Xiaoru and others were strange to this point, but the staff on the side quickly explained.

"In view of our several attempts, we found that if people drive the air car, it will increase the chance of accidents, so we simply designed the air car into an unmanned driving mode."

"What's the benefit?" Fang Xiaoru knew that these people had their purpose in this design, but he still needed to know more.

"In the case of unmanned driving mode, the driver only needs to enter the destination after getting in the car and the air car will find the most suitable route."

"Then each car will maintain a safe distance, which is automatically controlled by each car, so this is also very demanding on our Skycar's operating system."

"Then what if an accidental collision still occurs?"

Although the researchers said that the probability is very small, Fang Xiaoru still needs to understand what methods they use to deal with this situation.

We must know that if these aerial vehicles fall from the air, the damage they cause cannot be underestimated.

"If a serious collision is really accidental, a parachute will be pulled out of the car seat to help the driver escape. In order to avoid damage to the ground, the car will destroy itself during the fall after the driver leaves, and will not drop a slag. One thing."

"But this situation can be ignored, unless there is a driver who deliberately smashed the air car system. But I think it is impossible for him to smash it."

The air car can be said to be an invention that these researchers are very proud of. For the advent of the air car, they have been working for months of sleep and sleep, and they have the present results.

The hardest shell greatly guarantees the safety of the driver.

"Very good, give us a try."

"President, please wait a moment."

The researcher spoke and pressed an instrument in his hand, and then a black streamlined aerial vehicle drove out of a garage.

The car has no wheels and is completely floating in the air. As for the principle, only these researchers know.

"President, you only need to tell the destination to this controller after getting in the car."

The controller was handed over to Fang Xiaoru. Fang Xiaoru glanced at the sky cars that were still running in the sky. Because the map has not been planned yet, these cars can only try to run here.

"Can you go to the capital?"

"Yes, this line has already been set up."

"Okay. Let's go, get in the car."

As soon as the two sisters Fang Xiaoru and Qiqi Susu approached the sky car, the door opened automatically, and the door was closed again after the three of them got into the car and fastened their seat belts.

This mode directly and better protects the safety of drivers.

"The capital."

When the three of them were ready, Fang Xiaoru spoke to the controller, and then the voice of artificial intelligence sounded in the car.

"Successfully accepted the order, and the destination is Beijing."

This is an elegant female voice, even the voice of artificial intelligence can be changed, dozens of voices are male and female, and the driver can change it according to his own preferences.

"It feels so advanced..."

Kiki and Su Su leaned into the window to look at the scenery outside. Now the car was suspended in mid-air, and they didn't feel at all.

Driving this aerial car does not even have the discomfort of flying in an airplane, and the speed of driving is also acceptable to everyone, which is also to ensure the safety of the driver.


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