The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 868: The Air Car Comes Out

Due to the high distance of Xiangxing, people standing on the ground can only see a black spot moving in the air.

This black spot appeared too abrupt, and the speed of movement was not comparable to those of remote-controlled aircraft, so it was directly regarded as a UFO by many people.


Fang Xiaoru didn't expect that just driving an air car to the capital would cause such a big sensation, let alone attract the attention of the Ministry of National Defense.

You must know that although no real aliens have been found in any country yet, people are guessing every day that there must be a day when they will be found.

There are even many scientists who hold a fanatical attitude towards aliens.

The emergence of such a UFO that cannot be explained will naturally attract attention from all quarters.

So Fang Xiaoru was spotted under such unknown circumstances.

"BOSS, something is approaching behind!"

Qiqi and Su Su saw the black spot in the distance through the rear window and exclaimed. Fang Xiaoru was also puzzled by the flying object that appeared suddenly.

This is the only air car that came out, so it will definitely not be another air car.

what is it?

Fang Xiaoru's eyes became colder and colder as the flying object approached.

Even if Qiqi and Su Su still couldn't see clearly, Fang Xiaoru, who had God's Eye, saw the shape of the flying object very clearly.

Is that an airplane, or a fighter!

As the fighters approached, the smile on Fang Xiaoru's face gradually disappeared. After seeing Fang Xiaoru's expression, Qiqi and Su Su understood the seriousness of the matter.

The air plane has no combat capability. Although the shell is hard, there is still no way to deal with this kind of fighter.

However, after seeing the appearance of the fighter thoroughly, Fang Xiaoru could only dial the number of Premier Liu Shimao, dumbfounded.

At first he thought it would be a drone from another country, who knew that this fighter was actually Yanxia's own fighter!

"Hello? Premier Liu?"

"Xiaoru? What's wrong?"

"Why do you send a fighter jet to hit me? It is a fighter designed by our Universe Group..."

This fighter is a fighter specially designed by Universe Group for Yanxia, ​​the most obvious is that the logo of Universe Group and Yanxia flag are printed on the combat power.

"That UFO in the sky is you?"

Fang Xiaoru knows how shocked Liu Shimao is through Liu Shimao’s speaking voice, because the news that Air Car has been successfully developed has not been announced to the public by Universe Group, even Liu Shimao does not know.

Fang Xiaoru came here to tell Liu Shimao this time in the hot summer. By the way, let's see if the aerial road map has been designed.

"I'm here to give you a surprise, but you came to surprise me!"

"I will let them evacuate!"

In fact, this fighter was only here to check out the enemy's situation, and four or five fighters followed this fighter.

Originally, the Ministry of National Defense thought it was really a mess of things breaking in, but it turned out to be an air plane of the World Group!

This Oolong is really a big deal...

"You didn't tell me why the air plane was developed, and you ran over without a word."

"Isn't this trying to surprise you?"

Liu Shimao smiled helplessly when he heard Fang Xiaoru's somewhat unkind remark, and just wanted to say a few more words with Fang Xiaoru, he hung up the phone because of other things.

However, the fighter jets that had been following the air vehicle also evacuated immediately, apparently receiving orders from Liu Shimao.

The air plane landed under Fang Xiaoru's control and landed in a fairly empty area, but the population of the capital was so large that it was impossible to find a place with no one at all, so the scene of Fang Xiaoru getting off the air plane was still seen by some people.

"Then... Is that Fang Xiaoru?"

"What did he get off from? Is that a car?"

"My God! Wouldn't that be the Skycar that the Universe Group has been studying for this time?"

"Hurry up! Take a photo! Niu X! I can be regarded as someone who has seen Fang Xiaoru with his own eyes, and I saw Fang Xiaoru step down from this high technology as soon as I met!"

"It's so good for you to call yourself Laozi? Are you embarrassed not to have the level of Fang Xiaoru?"

It can be said that every appearance of Fang Xiaoru will cause a sensation, after all, he is now a legend in everyone's eyes.

Only this time driving the air car caused a greater sensation.

Oneworld Group’s Skycar was actually developed!

These people who came across Fang Xiaoru immediately took pictures of Fang Xiaoru getting off the sky car and uploaded it to the Internet. The amount of forwarding immediately increased by tens of millions, and even spread abroad in a short time.

The top management of each country looks at the Skycar developed by the Universe Group, with five flavors in their hearts.

The Yanxia Kingdom is now becoming more and more prosperous, but they are still standing still, countries like MK are even going backwards, which is really mocking...

Many of them even invaded Yanxia Nation more than a hundred years ago. After that, although Yanxia Nation rose up, it was not so terrible. Now they need to look up to Yanxia Nation.

And all this is because of Fang Xiaoru...

All kinds of high-tech have been sent to Yanxia Country continuously from Huanyu Group, but they can only stare.

Don't mention how uncomfortable the depressed feeling in my heart is!

Not long after Fang Xiaoru and others waited, an all-black car appeared not far from this open space, and then Liu Shimao got out of the car and walked over with three or four bodyguards.

He had already reported the matter to the chairman just now, but the chairman is busy, so he can only come over now.

"Is this the sky car?"

Just looking at the shape of the Skycar, Liu Shimao can hardly imagine it so powerful, because the appearance of this Skycar looks like a limited edition Porsche.

"Want to come up and experience it?"

Seeing Liu Shimao's disbelief, Fang Xiaoru passed the controller in his hand to Liu Shimao's hand. This exquisite and compact controller refreshed Liu Shimao's understanding of Skycar.

"Just such a small thing, can you control this sky car?"

"Do not believe?"

Seeing the smirk on Fang Xiaoru's face, Liu Shimao's heart fluttered, and he intuitively felt that Fang Xiaoru would not give up if he really didn't believe it.

Because that is questioning the ability of their World Group.

"Believe, I naturally believe in what you designed by Universe Group."

Most of Yanxia Kingdom’s current weapons are new products developed by Yanxia Group. It took Huanyu Group to develop "Second World" in three months.

Now that the Universe Group is spending a short time in the research and development department of Skycar, why does he not believe it...