The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 869 The Prime Minister’s Air Car Experience

"Come on, come up and experience it and you can feel the authenticity!"

Fang Xiaoru was still a little dissatisfied with Liu Shimao's suspicion, just wanted to rectify Liu Shimao.

It is really an insult to Fang Xiaoru to dare to doubt the ability of their Universe Group...

Liu Shimao could naturally see that Fang Xiaoru was deliberately rectifying him, so he repeatedly refused: "No, I believe in the capabilities of your Universe Group, not to mention that you have not demonstrated it to us before..."

"I think it's better for you to experience it yourself."

While speaking, Fang Xiaoru dragged Liu Shimao into the sky car without waiting for Liu Shimao's refusal again, and after he fastened Liu Shimao's seat belt, he gave orders to the controller.

"Walk around the capital and land here."

"The order was accepted successfully."

Liu Shimao listened to the voice of artificial intelligence passing through the sky car with a look of horror, and then before he could react, he saw him getting farther and farther from the ground through the car window.

"It won't happen!"

Now that it is impossible for Liu Shimao to get out of the car, he can only slap the window and shout at Fang Xiaoru.

He has a slight fear of heights, and I hope this trip to the sky car will not scare him of a heart attack.

But after such a time, Liu Shimao also remembered one thing deeply, that is, he must not provoke Fang Xiaoru.

Otherwise, he cares about who you are, and if you are in a bad mood, I am going to punish you!

Seeing Liu Shimao flying higher and higher, all the bodyguards were frightened and their hearts throbbed, for fear that something happened to Liu Shimao, they would not be able to bear the responsibility.

On the other hand, Fang Xiaoru didn't know where Kiki and Susu pulled out the Snow White Champagne. At this time, they sat on the stone bench beside them and enjoyed the wine leisurely.

Since drinking this white snow champagne, Fang Xiaoru has no feelings for Lafite.

Moreover, Lafite is still the property of the Batlai family. If he continues to drink Lafite, wouldn't he give them money from the Batlai family?

Although the taste of Bessell Champagne is not so strong, he drank the Bessells Black Diamond Champagne, which is specially researched for men, and the taste is more layered than red and purple.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen, even if something really happens, the air car also has a self-rescue system. If you are not at ease, I will let you fly for a while."

Fang Xiaoru's worries on the stiff faces of these bodyguards really couldn't stand it.

Everyone is so suspicious of their Huanyu Group's products, which simply doesn't take their Huanyu Group's technology seriously.

After Fang Xiaoru finished a cup of black diamonds, the Skycar also carried Liu Shimao back into the field of vision of several people, and finally landed smoothly on the original position.

Under Fang Xiaoru's control, the door of Skycar opened, and several bodyguards rushed up immediately, surrounded by Liu Shimao. Liu Shimao finally got out of the car with the support of the bodyguards.

This feeling of being alone in the sky, he really doesn't want to experience it a second time...

"Premier Liu, how do you feel?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Liu Shimao's fright and walked up to Liu Shimao with a smile. He couldn't help but laugh at Liu Shimao.

The prime minister of a country would be frightened like this by an aerial car. It is really a shame to the majesty of Yanxia to be seen by others.

"very good……"

This time Liu Shimao didn't dare to comment casually, for fear that Fang Xiaoru would throw him on the sky car again to experience the horror.

But these comments are also from Liu Shimao's sincere heart.

The aerial cars are really smooth in the air, even smoother than those on the land.If he hadn't glanced out the window out of curiosity, he wouldn't have been scared like this.

"It's just that this aerial car is not suitable for people who are afraid of heights like me..."

"Huh? Premier Liu, are you afraid of heights?"

Fang Xiaoru was surprised when he heard Liu Shimao say that, and then he pressed a button on the controller and said: "Say early, the glass of the Skycar has been specially modified for people like you who are afraid of heights. Yes, you can go in and take a look now."

Although he was a little bit suspicious of what Fang Xiaoru said, Liu Shimao couldn't let go of his own prime minister. He hesitated for a while and got into the Skycar again.

But this time Fang Xiaoru really didn't lie to him.

The glass of the sky car has holographic projection technology, which directly changes the scenery outside the car window, making the people in the car feel like they are on land.

The design of Universe Group is really surprising.

"Really almighty!"

Even the well-informed Liu Shimao couldn't help but praise at this time, affirming the pioneering work of Skycar.

"Has the air road map been planned?"

The Skycar will be ready for use in a few days, so now it is as if Yanxia State is not ready.

"I have been simulating driving these days to see if there will be road conflicts, but it seems that there is no problem at present."


"By then this technology will definitely shock the world."

"Now it has shocked the world."

Fang Xiaoru raised the wine glass in his hand at Liu Shimao, "Recently, the people in Daiwan are a little uneasy. We might be able to take this opportunity to take back Daiwan in the summer.

"Are you referring to the riots of the residents of the Bay before?"

"Yes, this time I will intervene in it to help, but it is better for you to come forward to take back the Duiwan thing."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's words, Liu Shimao nodded again and again.

Although Fang Xiaoru can come forward to pressure Dayan to return to Dayan, the people of Dayan will also belong to the hot summer in the future. This kind of force is really not good.

"I will trouble you then."

The problem of Duiwan has always been a headache in the summer. Now that Liu Shimao finally has a chance to solve it, Xiaoru is naturally grateful.

If it weren't for Fang Xiaoru, Yan Xia would like to take back Duiwan still don't know how long.

"What's the trouble with this kind of thing, just go with it."

"Haha, then I'm not too polite. I have to report this matter to the chairman, so I left."

"Well, I will contact you again in a few days after the Air Car test is completed."

"Okay, please."

After experiencing a series of things, Liu Shimao also deeply admires the other Xiaoru.

A teenager who is only twenty years old can reach this level with his own strength, which can already explain Fang Xiaoru's strength.

The return of Duiwan is just around the corner!