The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 871 The Return of Staying Bay!

"Caiyinghua roll out of the dull bay!"

"Return my identity as a hot summer person!"

"Daiwan will return to the hot summer immediately!"

"Cai Yinghua takes the initiative to seek peace in the summer!"


If a person is in Daiwan now, these protests are heard the most every day, and then there is also the suppression of Daiwan Anguan.

The entire Diwan was plunged into chaos in the people's riots, and even the economy of Diwan was paralyzed for many days.

Except for the management agency personnel, almost all the people in Diwan joined the ranks of resisting the management agency of Caiyinghua, shouting that Caiyinghua should roll down and return the management of Diwan to Yanxia.

At this time, many people in Duiwan seem to have forgotten how arrogant and despising Yanxia before, thinking that they can also enjoy the treatment of Yanxia people.

The Duiwan people who have been frogs at the bottom of the well finally woke up under the stimulation of Fang Xiaoru!

It was at this appropriate time that the Yanxia management agency issued a notice willing to accept all the people in Daiwan and make all people in Daiwan become Yanxia people, which detonated the entire Daiwan.

Even if they can't enjoy other rights except one country, two systems, the people of Daiwan now want to immediately fall into the embrace of the motherland.

Because of this situation, Cai Yinghua, who has been scratching her head all day, couldn't help asking for help from MK country, but MK country didn't seem to have received Cai Yinghua's request for help, still watching the drama from the perspective of a bystander.

MK country has suffered too many times in Fang Xiaoru's hands, and the new president is not so stupid, so naturally he will not interfere in such things again.

It is the biggest wish of the new president of MK to be able to keep MK now.

As for other countries, they didn't mix the hot summer and Duiwan issues, and now they naturally don't care about this hot potato.

After being abandoned by all parties, Cai Yinghua put her thoughts on the Bartlai family again, because she knew that the Bartlai family was antagonizing the World Group recently.

But after receiving Cai Yinghua’s request for help, the Batlai family gave only one sentence, "Let us use the Batlai family as a shield!"

In fact, during this period of time, the Bart Lai family had acquired too many mineral resources and could not sell them. Their own funds were in a state of deficit and they had collapsed.

Since Fang Xiaoru attended that banquet, Diana had completely let go of the Batlai family affairs, and now only Aldeka and others were in charge.

They thought that this time through the monopoly of mineral resources, the Universe Group could make a big somersault. Who knew that the Universe Group used some new materials in this study of Skycar!

The Batlai family bought so many mineral resources this time and they couldn't use them up for a while, and finally they could only pile up these resources in the warehouse.

The most important thing is that they have also signed long-term contracts with those countries, which means that they have to eat all the resources produced by these countries in recent years, otherwise they will have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages.

At this moment, Aldeka and others really regret it.

The point is that they let Diana take care of things. Diana refused without even thinking about it!

In Diana's words, she is Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend, so naturally she can't do things that are sorry for her boyfriend.

At that moment, those old guys in Aldeka really felt that they had been abandoned by the world.

It can only be said that fortunately, Bart came to the family's big business and could not lose all the assets in a short while.

After being rejected by all the forces that could ask for help, Cai Yinghua also felt that she had been abandoned by the whole world, and she suddenly regretted why she wanted to be the top management of this Drift Bay.

If she was not so arrogant at the time, she wouldn't have to face this situation at this time.

In the absence of any response from the management agency of Daiwan, the people of Daiwan finally could not suppress their fanatical "patriotism" and directly launched a mandatory referendum.

Regardless of whether your management agency agrees, we just want to return to the hot summer!

After three days, Cai Yinghua was thrown off the stage by all the Diwan people under the circumstances that she could not do anything, and then the entire Diwan management agency was also revoked under the referendum of all the Diwan people.

Suddenly, their official position disappeared. Many officials were embarrassed, but they soon adapted to this situation.

Because they were jealous when the Yanxia Kingdom was treated so well, but as an official before, they couldn't directly express their thoughts.

As a result, Dayan, who had fought against the hot summer for so many years, returned to the embrace of the motherland so easily, and all of them were voluntary.

After learning the news, the chairman and Liu Shimao directly laughed from ear to ear, and all Yan Xia people also laughed and welcomed them.

I think you used to be so arrogant in Duiwan, but now you still can't stand the temptation to return obediently to this motherland you once looked down upon?

It's a slap in the face!

After Yanxia Kingdom released the news of the return of Duiwan, Fang Xiaoru finally spoke.

Daywan people can also enjoy all the discounts provided by the Universe Group in the summer just like the people of Yanxia, ​​but if you Daywan people buy the Skycar of the Universe Group, you don’t want more, at least 500,000!

After the announcement by the Universe Group, all the people in Douwan were dumbfounded.

They didn't expect that after their return to the Hot Summer, the Universe Group would come to such a backhand, and they were really caught off guard.

But now they are too late even if they regret it, because the management agency of their Daiwan has already been given to them by themselves, and Fang Xiaoru directly said: "If any Diwan person is dissatisfied, get out of the summer!"

In addition to the increase in the price of Air Cars, the other discounts in the Yanxia Country, the people of Daiwan have also experienced the sweetness of it, so even if Fang Xiaoru's words are so ugly, there are no people who have left the summer.

Who makes Yanxia now the country with the best treatment and the most comfortable living in the world?

At the celebration banquet of the Universe Group, although the chairman did not show up, Premier Liu Shimao suddenly appeared.

Faced with Liu Shimao's sudden visit to Fang Xiaoru, he didn't expect it, but since Liu Shimao came, Fang Xiaoru couldn't drive him away.

Fang Xiaoru, a prime minister of Yanxia Kingdom, still wants to give him some face.

"Thanks to Xiaoru this time, you really helped Yan Xia Guo solve a major problem left over from history!"

Liu Shimao's undisguised praise of Fang Xiaoru also accepted it for granted, because he did play a pivotal role in the return of Duiwan.

It can be said that without him, Fang Xiaoru, without the world group he created, it would be impossible for Duiwan to return!