The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 872: The Bartley Family's Situation

At the beginning, Liu Shimao's appearance made many people at the banquet somewhat depressed.

After all, they are the Prime Minister, and they are just some of the small employees of the Universe Group. Naturally, they are not as courageous as the filial piety, and they can remain unchanged before the Prime Minister.

But after Liu Shimao greeted them cordially, these researchers also relaxed.

In the words of Liu Shimao, their contribution to the summer is also great. Without their hard research, there would be no summer today. Therefore, Liu Shimao also solemnly expressed his gratitude to the researchers present.

Naturally, these people did not dare to use the Prime Minister’s gratitude, but under Fang Xiaoru's gesture, they also accepted Liu Shimao's expression.

After all, the big boss is the biggest, and what the boss says is the truth, not to mention that their boss is still such a majestic figure.

In order not to disturb the interest of these people, Fang Xiaoru and Liu Shimao came to a corner of the lobby.

Although I said that I don't need to care, but if the two of them were there, those people would still be unable to let go.

The feeling of attending a celebration banquet cautiously will make one feel that it is better not to attend the celebration banquet.

"Premier Liu taste this champagne."

Fang Xiaoru politely poured a glass of champagne for Liu Shimao, which made Liu Shimao a little flattered.

"You are welcome……"

"How can I be polite with you?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and looked at Liu Shimao. After this time of tempering, he also felt a sense of stability and maturity between his gestures.

"But Premier Liu came to my celebration banquet this time, I am afraid it is not just to thank my employees?"

"Haha, you are smart, so I won't go around in circles. In fact, this time I also wanted to ask, how is the test situation of the two high-speed rails? When can they be built?"

Liu Shimao let out a big laugh, but his eyes were fixed on Fang Xiaoru, his smile couldn't reach his eyes.

Now Skycar is already operating in Yanxia Country, and the eyes of the whole world are on Yanxia Country, and Yanxia naturally wants to give other countries a chance.

If these two high-speed rails can also start construction at this time, it will be beneficial and harmless for the hot summer.

"High-speed rail is no better than a car. It is about the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We, the Huanyu Group, naturally take it seriously."

"It's hard for you the world to bother so much."

"Premier Liu doesn't have to say this. It should be done for the hot summer."

In the aspect of being responsible to the country, Fang Xiaoru did not give up more than Liu Shimao.

It is also Fang Xiaoru's wish to see Yan Xia invincible in this world.

"The two high-speed rails will be tested in two months at the latest, and then the prime minister can arrange manpower for construction."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru said that the two high-speed rails will be tested for two months, although Liu Shimao was anxious, he also knew that this was already quite fast.

If it's the summer that comes to study it by himself, it may be the year and month.

There was a moment of silence between the two. Liu Shimao looked at Fang Xiaoru in a deep voice and asked, "How is the situation between you and the Bartlai family?"

The reason for asking this is because Liu Shimao is worried that the World Group will collapse because of the Bartley family.

Fang Xiaoru is now dependent on many things in the summer. If the world collapses, Fang Xiaoru will naturally fall from that peak.

At that time, Yanxia will definitely suffer.

Liu Shimao's worries Fang Xiaoru naturally understands, and Fang Xiaoru can only say that Liu Shimao is too worried.

"The situation of the Bartlai family is not good right now. You don't have to worry about the matter between the oneworld group and the Bartlai family, Prime Minister. Sometimes some worry is unnecessary."

"Since you said that, I won't just ask."

Fang Xiaoru's meaning couldn't be more obvious, that is, you, the prime minister, are in charge of a little bit, and it is better to care about yourself if you have that idle thought.

Naturally, Liu Shimao was unwilling to make himself boring, so the two of them put aside the question during the conversation.

"BOSS, when will the prizes be distributed?"

Although knowing that Fang Xiaoru was discussing something terrible with Liu Shimao, Qiqi stepped up to remind her.

The purpose of this banquet was originally like this. At this time, many people in the banquet had already raised questions, but they didn't run to Fang Xiaoru to ask directly.

"Start now. Prime Minister Liu, don't you mind if I leave for a while?"

Fang Xiaoru said with a smile and Yan Yan looked at Liu Shimao, and Liu Shimao quickly said: "Don't mind, you are busy first, I have not finished some things, so I will leave."

"Then I won't give it away."

"It's ok."

The two looked at each other politely and smiled, Fang Xiaoru walked into the crowd alone, Liu Shimao also left the venue when no one was paying attention.

The banquet went smoothly, and the researchers who made great contributions to the Universe Group were also satisfied.

After all, Fang Xiaoru has always been generous in rewarding his own employees.

At the end of the banquet, all employees were once again engaged in the intense working atmosphere. After all, there are still two high-speed trains that have not been tested.

And compared to the vacuum high-speed rail, the submarine high-speed rail test must be more rigorous.

Otherwise, if something goes wrong at that time, then this car is completely finished.

However, the submarine high-speed rail runs on submarine tracks, and the submarine high-speed rail itself is tightly waterproof, and there are many rescue measures in the car.

After so many tests, there has not been a problem.

During this period of time Fang Xiaoru was monitoring the test situation of the submarine high-speed rail. The Bartlai family naturally couldn't rest at this time, and began to find ways to destroy the world.

Such things as spreading rumors and encouraging the emotions of the people of other countries are endless. They don't feel annoying, and Fang Xiaoru feels annoying for them.

As long as the things made by the Universe Group were mostly seized by them, they spread rumors. Although a small number of fools believed, most of them still maintained their trust in the Universe Group.

After all, what Huanyu Group is most pursuing is quality. Up to now, no user has invested in saying that the products made by Huanyu are bad.

Even for mass-produced things, there have been no problems.

And this kind of thing has appeared too many times, even those who can’t understand it at this time can see that this is someone deliberately slandering the credibility of the world group, and now there is still this ability to slander the world group, except for the Batlai family seems No one else.

So because of the stupid behavior of Aldeka's group of people, the Bartley family is notorious in the world.

In Fang Xiaoru's opinion, a group of old guys in their eighties or nineties are already in their eighties and nineties, and it is enough to take care of the old age at ease.The result also provokes Diana, which is not worth the gain.

However, the Bartlai family is in this situation and it is also advantageous to Xiaoru, making it much easier for him to acquire the Bartlai family than before.