The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 877 The End of Aldeka

"Why are you here!"

Seeing Fang Xiaoru, the alarm bell in Aldeka's heart rang, instinctively that something bad would happen.

This is the shareholders meeting of the Batlai family. If Fang Xiaoru appears here, does it mean...

Aldeka's gaze shifted to the group of shareholders who had not questioned, and the expression on his face became more and more ugly.

From the joke in their eyes, he already knew what was going on.

In the end, he was planted in the hands of this group of people, so he was betrayed!

"Why?" Aldeka shot Puri with a blade-like gaze.

Puri can be said to be the person he trusts the most. He didn't expect that even Puri betrayed him now...

It's bleak.

But after seeing Aldekali's sad eyes, Puri smiled instead, half leaning on the back of the chair, and then staring at Aldeka with a torch, and said coldly: "I remind you, you still Do you remember what you did thirty-two years ago!"

"You..." Aldeka was stunned when he faced Puri's question, his thoughts drifted to the afternoon in front of Thirty-two, remembering the smile before Star's death.

He didn't expect the retribution to come so late.

After so many years, he thought that this incident had just passed away. After all, those people who participated in this incident had already been dealt with by him. Who would have thought that this incident was turned over again.

And looking at Puri's appearance, he should already know the truth.

"How did you know? Who was it? Who told you? I thought I had done enough concealment..."

Facing Aldeka's aggressive question, Puri looked at Fang Xiaoru, and Aldeka's gaze also shifted to Fang Xiaoru's body.

"Is it him?" Aldeka asked Puri, and suddenly began to laugh desolately.

"Yes, yes, I did those things! I didn't expect that I would really lose to you kid in the end!"

At this time, Altai was also broken, because he knew he was completely defeated.

Can only blame him for underestimating Fang Xiaoru's strength.

"So what are you going to do with me? Drive me out of the Bartley family?"

These words were asked by Aldeka to Fang Xiaoru, even if the current situation is already very unfavorable for him, he did not panic at all.

"What if I say I want your life?"

Looking at Aldeka who was still sitting on the chair of the chairman, Fang Xiaoru felt dazzling as she looked at it, walked directly to Aldeka’s side, kicked on the chair, and kicked the chair together with Aldeka. Got out.

"Boom!" With a loud noise, Aldeka slammed into the tempered glass behind him, and the chair slammed heavily on him. One leg was directly broken by the chair.


Enduring the pain, Aldeka took a cold breath and moved his body, hung his head and pressed his broken leg, laughing wildly with blood on the corner of his mouth.

"Hahaha...cough...Fang Xiaoru...are you really going to kill me? Don' don't care about Diana..."

"Do you think I will really kill you right now? If you don't let you hand over what you should hand over, how can I make you die so happy?"

Fang Xiaoru walked slowly in front of Aldeka while talking, stretched out her foot and gently stepped on Aldeka's broken leg that day, with a calm expression on her face.

A strong sense of pain struck, Aldeka did not hold back the pain and exhaled after all, and the group of people next to him saw the pain in sympathy, and shivered directly.

Fang Xiaoru now is like a god of death, as if a random action can take away the life of anyone present.

"Equity, the antidote, can make you die faster."

"Heh... why should I listen to you? If I die, Diana must die too!"

"Do you think I can't save Diana without you? You seem to be naive."

"What do you mean by this?"

Even if he knew where the antidote was, only he knew, but Aldeka was still very disturbed.

Up to now, Fang Xiaoru's true strength has not been clearly seen, so he has no idea whether what Fang Xiaoru said is true.

He now has only one hole card left. If the last hole card is gone, he will definitely die in Fang Xiaoru's hands!

"Don't blow me up here! You can't save Diana without my antidote!"

"is it?"

Faced with Aldeka's desperate resistance, Fang Xiaoru directly squatted down and looked at Aldeka, "Since you want to die more painful, then I will satisfy you."

"You... don't scare me here!..."

After being taught a lesson by Fang Xiaoru, Aldeka had a deep fear in her heart.

Fang Xiaoru's kick just now seemed to have not used much strength, but the crisis that occurred should not be underestimated.

If he didn't feel it personally, it would be hard for him to imagine that a human being could do this.

Even the killers trained by their Bart Lai family, none of them can reach the level of Fang Xiaoru.


Feeling the coercion displayed on Fang Xiaoru's body, Aldeka's mind collapsed completely, and she shrank back a little bit, screaming "monster" and "monster" in his mouth.

Looking at Aldeka who had become a fool, Fang Xiaoru snorted and got up, and said to Puri on the side: "Tell them about the future. I will go to Diana first. As for Aldeka, it has changed. Become an idiot, do whatever you want."

Fang Xiaoru said these words very lightly, but Puri and the others were all afraid.

A normal person was easily driven mad by another person, and Fang Xiaoru had no other reaction.If it weren't for Aldeka who is now a real wicked person, they would really worry that Fang Xiaoru would become Aldeka in a bad mood for a while.

Looking at the young figure who left, Puri sighed lightly, and looked at the group of people behind him with an expression of relief.

These people, after experiencing Fang Xiaoru's methods in the past two days, it is really difficult to raise any resistance.

No one wants to die, let alone Fang Xiaoru is still here by himself.

The killers of the entire blood kill list listened to Fang Xiaoru, and if Fang Xiaoru wanted to solve them, it would only be a matter of minutes.

"Accept fate..."

A group of people felt desolate when Puri said this.