The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 879 Promote Construction!

"Boss, are you really going to build a country to be the top management?"

"What? Your boss, I don't seem to be suitable to be the top management of a country?"

"Fit, very suitable! BOSS, you are so powerful and domineering, if you are not suitable, then others are not suitable!"

Su Su blinked and unceremoniously patted Fang Xiaoru's flattery, only to be bounced directly on the head by Qiqi beside him.

"Can you keep your lips from slipping like this? Say these messy things all day, and then I'll sew your mouth!"

"Boss, look, sister is so fierce!"

"Say it!"

Su Su looked at Fang Xiaoru pitifully, but when he saw Fang Xiaoru's eyes watching a good show, he gave up asking Fang Xiaoru for help and turned to Qiqi for mercy.



Seeing Su Su's appearance like a little white rabbit, Qiqi was also soft-hearted and turned her head away and ignored her.

"Okay..." Seeing the two sisters making a little awkwardness in front of him, Fang Xiaoru interrupted a little helplessly, and said to Qiqi, who was more stable on the side, "How is Fanglaska's construction?"

"There is no problem. Fanglaska is now the most rigorous air defense and technologically advanced place in the entire world!"

"Then you can tell the world to establish a world nation in Fanglaska, and tell them by the way that I am the president of the world nation."


With Fang Xiaoru's side, Qiqi and Su Su have witnessed too many miracles, but no one was more excited than this time.

Establishing an empire is still the most powerful empire in the world. I am afraid that only their BOSS can do this!

"As for Su Su, you..." Fang Xiaoru was silent for a moment while looking at Su Su with staring eyes, "Go play a game."

"Ah? Why am I just going to play games!"

He was quite dissatisfied with his "task", but after seeing Fang Xiaoru's irresistible eyes, he could only accept it with his lips.

If Su Su is allowed to do some sneaky or messy things, she will definitely do well.But if she was asked to do some serious things, she would probably mess up.

Kiki and Su Su have been with Fang Xiaoru for so long, and Fang Xiaoru knows too much about the tempers of the two of them.


It was another morning, some people just woke up from their sleep, and many others were still asleep.For them, this seems to be a normal day.

It's just that this day is destined not to be ordinary.

At eight o'clock in the morning, a piece of information took over the pages of newspapers around the world, and then awakened everyone from their sleep.

This message appeared too abrupt, making many people think who was spreading the rumors, but Fang Xiaoru's voice immediately let everyone know that this time is no longer a joke.

"Today, our Fang Xiaoru announced here that starting today, I will be Fang Xiaoru, the president of the world.

I know that many of you have remained skeptical after seeing this morning’s message, so I am telling you the news in person.

In addition, here I would like to inform the top management of each country of a news.

One week later, in Huanyu, we Huanyu will conduct a military parade. At that time, we welcome the arrival of the highest management."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's familiar voice, everyone in the world was still in a daze, obviously he hadn't recovered from the news.

It was too sudden...

Not only Fang Xiaoru's establishment of the world nation suddenly, but even this military parade.However, the top management is more concerned about this military parade, and the other people are more concerned about Fang Xiaoru's promotion of construction.

"Fang Xiaoru has established a world empire now, what's the next step?"

"The last time you said the one who unified the world came out, what you said was so accurate, I feel that the next step is to unify the world."

"Yes! Finally we can get in touch with Fang Xiaoru, and then we will be able to enjoy the treatments enjoyed by Yanxia Country!"

"Will it? If this is the case, then I am not opposed to Fang Xiaoru unifying the world!"

"Unify the world! Fang Xiaoru, hurry up and unify the world!"


Compared with these more optimistic people of various countries, the mood of the highest management is much more complicated.

After Fang Xiaoru released the news, the top management of most countries contacted each other in a spirited manner, and then their group had a secret conversation.

However, in these countries, there is no supreme management of Yanxia Country and the highest management of Inge Country.

The reason why these two top managers did not participate in this secret conversation was because Fang Xiaoru had already told them their ultimate goal, and both of them accepted it unconditionally.

"Do you have anything to say?"

The new top management of MK country looked at most of the top managements sitting around him, sighed and then said: "If you want to say anything, maybe we will be removed from this position in a few days."

"Has Fang Xiaoru decided to unify the world? If we didn't say anything, we might still have a chance."

"Is there any doubt about something so obvious?"

Facing Scotland’s suspicion, the President of the MK country disdainfully satirized him. After being ridiculed by such a sentence, the Scottish top management lowered his head and stopped talking, but he was still dissatisfied.

"In fact, I also think there may be room for reversal in this matter..."

"Shit! I came to you for your ideas! Not for you to speak nicely for Fang Xiaoru!"

"Even if we have an idea, what? Do you still have the ability to fight Fang Xiaoru? Your MK country is so miserable now, isn't it because of Fang Xiaoru?"

After being beaten by a group of top management, the top management of MK country fell into silence.

It's not that he doesn't want to refute, but that these people are telling the truth.

MK country has been in a terrible situation after experiencing two idiot presidents. Now he said this kind of words, these people would naturally not listen.

But is it necessary to obey Fang Xiaoru so easily?Are these countries really going to become Fang Xiaoru's possessions?

All the people present were thinking about this issue in their hearts. They were not reconciled, but the instinctive counterpart Xiaoru in their hearts was afraid.

If they resist, there should be only one end, and that is to completely disappear in this world...

So even if these top managers are now gathering together for a discussion, the final result is to obey Fang Xiaoru.

Because they really can’t think of any way they can deal with Fang Xiaoru...