The richest man in the magic city

Chapter VIII The Truth

In talking with other friends, Antonio learned that Sophia was already with Fang Xiaoru, and followed Fang Xiaoru to the newly built world.

Antonio, who had not had much time, after struggling for a while, selfishness defeated reason, so he wrote that letter to Sophia.

Before he died, he still wanted to see with his own eyes whether his daughter was happy...

"How can you reduce yourself to where you are now! How can you make yourself so miserable if you abandoned me and my mother!"

"Sorry...cough... it's all my fault... my fault..."

Sophia lay on the quilt and choked, no longer suppressing the pain in her heart at all.Antonio was also in tears, looking at Sophia in pain.

In Sophia's view, she originally thought that after finding her father, even if she had been disappointed with her father, at least she could get a family relationship again.

But now, she has to face more cruel facts...


Fang Xiaoru stepped heartily and hugged Sophia's shoulder. Sophia seemed to have finally found a harbour where she could vent. She turned around and lay in Fang Xiaoru's arms and wept bitterly.

"Fang... why... why does destiny treat me like this!"


Fang Xiaoru didn't know what to say when facing Sophia's question, but he knew one thing, he would never let Antonio die like this, even for Sophia.

"Antonio, why did you abandon Sophia in the first place? Why were you expelled from the family?"

These two questions Fang Xiaoru wanted to ask before coming.

If Antonio can tell a truth that satisfies him, he doesn't mind spending some time trying to save Antonio.

The questions Fang Xiaoru asked were what Sophia had always wanted to ask, but after coming in just now, seeing such a miserable Antonio, Sophia suddenly forgot these questions.

After hearing Fang Xiaoru’s question, Antonio also calmed down. He wiped the tears from his face and was silent for a moment, saying, “As a son of the rich family, I fell in love with Sophia’s mother, but I was strongly opposed by everyone in the family. , Just because the two of us are not in the right place."

"After that, I left home to live with Sophia's mother, but what I didn't expect was that the family made a compromise, saying that they would accept Sophia's mother as long as I was willing to go back. I was also stupid at the time. I believe what the group said..."

"After we went back, they locked me up, and then told Sophia's mother that I had decided to marry another woman, and changed a recording for Sophia's mother to listen to. Sophia's mother believed it was true and left. When I was released and wanted to find her, I couldn't find it..."

"After that, I refused to marry that woman, and told them that I refused to be an heir, so I was kicked out, and they told all German businessmen not to work for me. In desperation, I became a tramp."

"Those guys!..."

Hearing her father's explanation, Sophia could no longer suppress the anger in her heart, and her eyes were full of killing intent. If Fang Xiaoru and Antonio hadn't told her which family she was, she might have rushed to kill the group of people.

If it were not for that group of people, she and her mother would not have been arrested, the mother would not have to die tragically, and the father would not have to be so sick!

"Fang, I want revenge... I must revenge!"

Sophia clenched her fists and looked at Fang Xiaoru. Through her sight, Fang Xiaoru had seen her determination.

But without Sophia's words, Fang Xiaoru would not let them go.

"I know your mood, but now your dad's illness is the most important thing."

Just when Antonio said all this, Fang Xiaoru had already secretly checked Antonio's condition, and he saw more in his eyes than he had imagined. Cancer cells had spread to the liver and other places.

If it continues to drag on, he probably won't have the ability to cure Antonio.

Antonio, who had been listening to the conversation between the two, suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Sofia's hand and Fang Xiaoru's hand, smiled bitterly, and said, "I know how serious I am, so you don't have to think about it in vain. As for family matters, After so many years, I don’t want you to find them again. I have only one wish now, that is, Sophia, you can have a good time..."

"Don't worry about this, I will treat Sophia well. As for the illness, you don't have to worry about it. I am 60% sure that I can cure you."

If Antonio is only in the early stage of cancer, Fang Xiaoru's confidence in curing him can basically be raised to 100%.

But now for Antonio, even a sixty percent chance is already a luxury.

"Are you really... okay?"

Through reading the newspaper during this time, Antonio also knew that Fang Xiaoru was a legend.But Antonio still has some doubts about cancer.

On the contrary, it was Sophia who looked excited after hearing Fang Xiaoru's words and believed unconditionally.

After seeing the miracles that Fang Xiaoru created, now she would not doubt what Fang Xiaoru said.

"Fang, can the longevity formula allow my dad to practice too?"

"Yes, but you have to wait until the cancer cells on your uncle's body are eliminated."

After hearing Antonio's explanation, Fang Xiaoru also changed his attitude towards Antonio.At least Antonio is a responsible man, not the kind of person who abandons his wife and children for his own wealth.

"Can you start treatment now?"

"I temporarily suppressed the spread of cancer cells in my uncle's body. The specific treatment has to wait after returning to China. The conditions here are really bad."

The cancer cells in Antonio's body can be seen clearly in Fang Xiaoru's eyes, but even if Fang Xiaoru can eliminate these cancer cells, it will take some time.

"Anyway, let's go home first."

"My dad's body... can it work?"

Seeing Antonio's unsupportable body, Sophia's eyes were distressed.

"Don't worry, there is no problem going back by plane, let's go."

Fang Xiaoru said that he stepped forward and carried Antonio's body on his back. He didn't dislike the filthiness of Antonio at all, which made Antonio and Xiaoru more at ease.

Give Sophia to this man, and even if his illness cannot be cured, he can leave with peace of mind...