The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 887: Healing Antonio

This time it was also rewarding to accompany Sophia to find Antonio Xiaoru.

Before the Universe Group has been committed to researching various military equipment and high-tech products, but it has not achieved much in medicine.

It is not uncommon for people to get sick, and as the times progress, so does the virus.Coupled with the incorrect living habits of many people nowadays, it also increases the risk of illness among the population.

Next, Huanyu Group may be able to work hard on both cancer and organ cloning.

If these two technologies can be successfully studied, then many people will have a much higher chance of being cured.

Fang Xiaoru naturally has the ability to save people.

But there are tens of thousands of human beings in the world, and it is impossible for him to heal everyone, so it is better to make medical technology advances.

The time it took to bring Antonio back was much less than Fang Xiaoru expected. When Fang Xiaoru and Sophia returned with Antonio, the paradise had not yet been completed, and Fang Xiaoru also had time to help Antonio treat.

Antonio's situation is something that no one has expected. Gao Huijun and others sympathized with this man after seeing Antonio.

Because of his deep affection, he and his lover became what they are now, and Antonio is also a man with a miserable life experience.

"Sophia, I arranged a place for my uncle, and I can move in directly when my uncle is discharged from the hospital."

"Fang...thank you..."

Sophia is a person who rarely expresses her gratitude, but in front of Fang Xiaoru, she has already thanked her many times.

Since she first met Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru has helped her too much.

"Thanks to me. I need about five days to help uncle treat. During this time, you should also go to the hospital to accompany him more."

"Well, I will."

"Let's help too..."

Liu Mengya and others on the side also offered to help, and the sincerity of several people also made Sophia grateful.

They used to be a group of people who couldn't understand each other to fight for favor, but now they regard each other as their own good sisters.

Fang Xiaoru and Gao Huijun also smiled when they saw the joyful appearance of several women.

In the hospital, in a single room filled with the smell of medicine, Antonio, who had been washed well, was lying quietly asleep on the bed with an infusion tube in his hand.Unkempt

After the combed Antonio had lost the unkempt, dirty hair and gray beard, he had completely transformed into another person. Although his pale face looked sick, it could not hide his handsome facial features.

From Antonio's face, Sofia's shadow can be seen faintly, especially those deep eyes.

Getting rid of the messy environment, now lying on such a comfortable bed, Antonio slept very well, even if he didn't even notice anyone in the room.

Looking at her tired but contented father, Sophia also smiled contentedly.

After learning that her father hadn't betrayed their mother and daughter, Sophia's mood has completely changed. Now she only thinks that Antonio can fully recover, and then she can stay with her father.

"Sophia, you go out first."

Fang Xiaoru also followed Sophia into the ward, and during this period observed the cancer cells in Antonio.

After his suppression, these cancer cells have not spread, but they have not decreased.

To reduce these cancer cells, we must eliminate the existing cancer cells and prevent their growth and division.

So what Fang Xiaoru needs to do is to suppress the existing cancer cells in Antonio and destroy them.

While Antonio was asleep, Fang Xiaoru placed his hand on Antonio's abdomen, and through his eyes, he controlled his internal force to enter Antonio's body to remove cancer cells from Antonio's stomach little by little.

For Fang Xiaoru, this is not an easy job.In order not to harm Antonio’s organs, Fang Xiaoru must control his internal forces with a high concentration of energy, so Fang Xiaoru needs to stop and rest for a while every time he knows a part of the cancer cells.

After five tense hours, Antonio never woke up, and Sophia outside the room looked worried.

The two men in the house are already the two most important people in her life, no matter who they are, she doesn't want something wrong.

But for Fang Xiaoru Sophia is still very relieved, because Fang Xiaoru's strength is so strong that she can't even see it.

Fang Xiaoru stopped after removing some of the cancer cells and walked out of the room tiredly.

Antonio's physical condition is too bad, so Fang Xiaoru can only help him remove a part of the cancer cells every day, otherwise, even if Fang Xiaoru is careful, his powerful internal force may injure Antonio.

"Fang, how is the situation?"

"It's not bad today. I won't have any problems when I wake up. I'll come again at this time tomorrow. You can go with your uncle first, and I'll go back and rest."

"I'll take you back..."

It is rare to see Fang Xiaoru tired, and Sophia also blames herself.

"It's okay, don't you know my strength? Go and accompany your uncle."

"OK then……"

Sophia gave Fang Xiaoru one last time, and finally opened the door and walked into the room.Fang Xiaoru left after Sophia closed the door and went all the way back to his residence.

Treating Antonio is more troublesome than he expected, but through today’s treatment, Fang Xiaoru can also be sure that Antonio’s cancer will be cured.

Moreover, after controlling his internal force to treat Antonio for so long, Fang Xiaoru also felt that he had more control over his internal force, which was definitely an unexpected surprise for him.

"Xiaoru, how are you?"

Outside the door was Liu Mengya's quiet and gentle voice, and Fang Xiaoru's heart calmed down by hearing Liu Mengya's voice.

"come in."


After getting permission from Fang Xiaoru, the sound of the door opening sounded. Liu Mengya's head went into the room first. He hesitated after seeing Fang Xiaoru lying on the bed before entering.

"What? Worried that I ate you?"

Fang Xiaoru smirked at Liu Mengya, who was a little nervous and cautious. Liu Mengya quickly denied it, "No, I'm worried that you are too tired to come in and disturb you."

"Fortunately, come here."


Moving to the bedside in small steps, Liu Mengya was dragged to her side by Fang Xiaoru just as she wanted to find a stool to sit down.

"Give me a massage..."

Fang Xiaoru asked Liu Mengya to sit down and then rest on Liu Mengya's lap. Liu Mengya also automatically put her warm hands on Fang Xiaoru's head and massaged it lightly.

Under Liu Mengya's movements, Xiao Ru's eyelids became heavier and heavier, and finally fell asleep in a drowsy state...