The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 891: The Truth About Old Things

Fang Xiaoru's fierce Koka has been heard even if he hasn't seen it personally. After all, this is a man who can force other countries to make compromises, and a man who can bring down the Batlai family.

Koka believes that the Aaron family is not as good as the Batlai family, so he also knows that he is not enough in Fang Xiaoru's eyes.

"I... I said... I said... President Fang first... put it away..." Koka stammered as he stretched out| pointed out the knife that had been sharply unsheathed in Fang Xiaoru's hand.

If this knife is turned further, he will probably be hurt...

"Why struggling if you knew so long ago?"

Fang Xiaoru also thought it was funny to see Koka's horrified look, and took Sophia into his arms and looked at Koka with a sneer and continued: "Start your performance, let me see how you plan to say this story.

" was someone who gave our parents an idea and asked them to say good things to deceive Antonio back, and then kick Suya out, so that Antonio can stay at home honestly. But our parents didn't expect it. The thing is, Antonio has such a deep affection for Su Ya, it is not Su Ya who will not marry in this life."

"At that time, my father was relapsed by Antonio's old illness, and he drove Antonio out, saying that without his son in the future, I...I became the heir of this Aaron family."

"In other words, your parents are tempted to come up with that kind of attention?"

Fang Xiaoru's cold eyes fixed on Koka's body, but one hand secretly pressed Sophia's right hand.

"Yes... so it's all that person's fault, it has nothing to do with us!"

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru was successfully guided by himself, Keka immediately spoke and eliminated himself from the incident.

In fact, that person is him, but he will not be so stupid to tell the truth about the matter, otherwise, depending on the posture of Fang Xiaoru and the woman next to him, he will undoubtedly die.

It's just that the woman next to Fang Xiaoru, how can he become more familiar with it...

"Then why did your father do something so cruel to Antonio?"

"What cruel thing? What cruel thing? Father just kicked Antonio out of the house."

Koka's answer made Fang Xiaoru laugh, because this answer has shown that Antonio could not find a job because of their father.

"Just kicked out of the house? Didn't you let others not give him work?"

"Can't find a job? Oh... indeed... there is such a thing... I just forgot..."

Koka thought that Fang Xiaoru had already asked what he wanted to ask. He didn't expect that Fang Xiaoru would ask such a question, so he answered intermittently, but this also indirectly shows that this matter has nothing to do with their father.

"Since you said you forgot, then I will remind you again, the person who gave your parents advice back then should be you too?"


Fang Xiaoru's questioning was beyond Koka's expectation, but this time Koka reacted extremely quickly and quickly denied: "No, no, that person is really not me!"

"Not you?"

Sophia's figure has come to Koka's side in a flash, the blade in her hand is more than that between Koka's neck, and there is a blood stain on Koka's neck before she tries hard.

The cold touch made Koka's body shake, and then with a "wow" sound, a puddle of liquid had flowed along Koka's pants to the ground, and a stink instantly filled the room.

The bodyguards who followed Koka saw this scene, and they all forgot that Koka was being threatened now, so they could only stop their heads and try to suffocate a smile.

It's ridiculous that the man who used to be aggressive in front of them all day is so scared to pee his pants!

"That's the backbone to be the heir of the Aaron family?" Sophia's dagger penetrated into Koka's skin for a few minutes, and the bright red blood fell along the blade.

Even if he knew that he had no image at all, Koka did not dare to move.

He was really worried that he would go directly to God when he moved.

"I... this is our family affair... I don't know how to offend you!"

"Don't know? Who do you think she looks like?"

Fang Xiaoru walked to Koka and asked Sophia to retract her dagger, then turned Koka's face to Sophia, and after repeated confirmation, Koka directly paled and fell to the ground with a "puff".

From a moment ago, he thought this woman looked familiar, but he didn't care about it.

Take a closer look now, this face is really similar to that of Su Ya back then!

"You are the daughter of Antonio and Suya..."

This is an affirmative sentence. After saying it, Koka closed his eyes in despair, as if he could see Death beckoning to him.

For the sins he did decades ago, he originally thought that everything would pass away, but he didn't expect the retribution to find him now.

"It has nothing to do with me... It's all Antonio's own trouble... It's all Suya's own oversight... If it wasn't for the two of them to get there by themselves, I..."

Before Koka's self-talk was over, he stared and fell back to the ground.

The wound on the neck was sprayed with blood like a fountain, soaking the corners of Sophia's clothes.

In a short period of time, Koka had lost his vital signs, but the eyes that had not closed still told of his unwillingness.

After all, he does not mean that he lost to Antonio, but to Suya.

Who would have thought that Su Ya was pregnant when she was driven away...

Who would have thought that Su Ya's daughter Sophia would become the leader of the bloody killing list that everyone is afraid of...

"Let's go."


Sophia stood up and looked at the "relatives" who fell on the ground, with no grief in her eyes, and finally put the dagger in Koka's heart and followed Fang Xiaoru away.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru and Sophia leave so calmly after they killed Koka, none of the bodyguards around Koka dared to move.

Not to mention Fang Xiaoru, Sophia's skill has already scared them deeply.

Besides, Koka is dead, so what if they catch up?It's better to save yourself a life.