The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 892

The Aaron family lost a patriarch in this way, but there was no storm in the whole of Germany.

It is not that the Aaron family is not strong enough, but the news announced by the Universe Group is too big, directly covering the news of the killing of the Aaron family patriarch.

The Paradise on Earth is officially opened.

After Fang Xiaoru returned with Sophia, it took another day to cure Antonio’s cancer. Some of them were taught to Antonio’s longevity formula, and Antonio’s body began to slowly recover.

Not long after all these things were processed, Qiqi and Su Su reported to Fang Xiaoru that the Paradise on Earth had been sorted out, and they could be opened at any time.

The entire land of an island country has been transformed into a paradise, which is enough to imagine how luxurious this paradise on earth should be.

On the day when the World Paradise opened, the Universe Group sent membership cards to all those who applied for the quota. The world's limited edition is 999.

As for those who have not applied for a membership card, they can only buy tickets to enter later.But even this does not hinder the flow of passengers on Earthly Paradise, because Earthly Paradise can be said to be a place where everyone can find their own preferences.

On this day, all newspapers published the news of the official opening of the paradise on earth, and the news was also reported on TVs of all sizes. The voices on the Internet who wanted to go to the paradise on earth were also quite high.

"One day trip to the Paradise on Earth!"

"How can a day trip be possible? I think it will take at least ten days!"

"I just don't know whether the consumption is high or not. If the consumption is high, then we poor people really can't afford it..."

"Similarly, the poor eat dirt, and there is no extra money to play inside."

"Don't you guys read the information? Buy a pass at the door and just go in and play? How much money can you spend as long as you don't buy things inside!"

"Pass? So slippery? Oneworld Group is simply the most conscientious enterprise!"

"No, no, upstairs, you should say that Fang Xiaoru is the most conscientious businessman!"

"Now he is the president! He should be the most conscientious president!"

While a group of people were discussing the luxury of the paradise on earth, Fang Xiaoru had already taken his mother Gao Huijun and Gu Nianwei to the paradise on earth.

A group of people recognized Fang Xiaoru when they were still at the gate of the Earthly Paradise. Some of the more excited people rushed to Fang Xiaoru's side and wanted to take pictures, but they were blocked by the bodyguards next to Fang Xiaoru.

Some female tourists in the surroundings originally had illusions about Fang Xiaoru, but when they saw the women around Fang Xiaoru, they immediately cut off the idea of ​​getting to Fang Xiaoru.

Each of those women can be regarded as the best, if they get together, they can only be regarded as insulting themselves.


Just when Fang Xiaoru and the others were about to enter the paradise on earth, two familiar shouts stopped Fang Xiaoru's footsteps. Not far away, Catherine and Diana just got off the sky car and walked in their direction, arm in arm.

The two women who used to be so arrogant are now able to get along with each other in harmony, which is a bit beyond Fang Xiaoru's expectation.

It can be said that everything is attributed to Gao Huijun.

The appearance of the stars like Catherine and Diana caused a sensation because the identities of these two women were really unusual.

One is the queen of Inge country, and the other is the current patriarch of the Batlai family, but their identity and aura silenced the surroundings.

Their beauty is unattainable, and probably only a person like Fang Xiaoru can be qualified to have such a beautiful person.

The two beauties walked hand in hand in front of Fang Xiaoru, with a smile on their faces at the same time, instantly taking the breath of the people around them.

If the other women around Fang Xiaoru all have their own autumn colors, then Catherine and Diana stand together like the sun and the moon, and the shining brilliance on their bodies is incomparable to anyone else.

"You both have time today?"

Yesterday when Fang Xiaoru invited the two of them, they both said that they were very busy and probably didn't have time to come. It seems that the two of them had already discussed it by then.

"Isn't this going to give you a surprise?"

Catherine and Diana were holding Fang Xiaoru's arm intimately, and the scene caused a gasp in the surroundings.

Being able to be surrounded by two beauties at the same time, the most important thing is that these two beauties have not yet become jealous, which is really admiring Fang Xiaoru's charm.

"Since everyone is here, then hurry in."

Gao Huijun reminded Fang Xiaoru that he had not distributed the membership card.

"Take this, you can come whenever you want."

The symbols of NO.1 are printed on these cards, and all of them are secondary cards of Fang Xiaoru's card.As long as you hold this secondary card, you can enjoy the same treatment as the main card.

"Where is Sophia?"

"Sophia is still with her father in the hospital."

Catherine and Diana didn't know about Sophia because they were not here during this time. After Fang Xiaoru briefly explained a few words to them, they sighed helplessly.

It can only be said that each person has his own life, and everyone's life has twists and turns.

But they are the lucky ones because they met Fang Xiaoru.

After meeting Fang Xiaoru, everything seemed to be less difficult.

Several people stepped into the paradise on earth in the eager gaze of the people around, which also indicates that the paradise on earth is officially open to outsiders.

Immediately behind Fang Xiaoru and others is a large army of tens of thousands.

Even if so many people entered the earthly paradise at the same time, there was no blockage in the earthly paradise. Everyone got on the sky car in an orderly manner, and then chose where they wanted to go on the map.

"Where are we going?"

Diana looked at the map displayed on the window of the sky car and turned to ask the others behind him. In the end, everyone was ready to follow Gao Huijun's advice and go to the shopping area first.

Shopping can be said to be a woman's nature. In front of so many women, Fang Xiaoru can only compromise.

But the better thing is that there are more than a dozen bodyguards around, so there is no need for him to carry things.

After getting off the bus in the shopping area, the few people directly attracted the eyes of all the women around, and the eyes of these women were all focused on Fang Xiaoru.

It is amazing that Fang Xiaoru would go shopping with his girlfriend!

"If I were Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend..."

"Don't think about it, can you compare to one tenth of Xiaoru's girlfriend in your appearance?"

"Forget it, just take a look..."

Hearing these women's discussions, Catherine and the others spontaneously surrounded Fang Xiaoru and directly blocked Fang Xiaoru, obviously not wanting other women to peep.

Seeing that he was covered so tightly by Catherine and others, Fang Xiaoru touched his nose in embarrassment, and could only endure Gao Huijun's ridicule silently.

According to the current situation, my mother is also ready to sit and watch a good show.