The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 894 Mysterious Woman


Hearing Fang Xiaoru's question, these people looked down at their hands and feet, and a cold feeling came from the joints.


"Do you want a leg or an arm?" Fang Xiaoru said, squatting down to get close to these people, "If I don't decide anymore, I will decide for you. If I can't make a judgment then, maybe your arms and legs won't be able to keep. "

"I want a leg! I want a leg!"

One of them seemed to have been unable to withstand such pressure, and shouted directly at Fang Xiaoru, his eyes widened, and his eyes closed and stretched out his hands.



The sound of broken bones and the screams of this person sounded at the same time, so that the two people next to them heard that their entire faces turned into iron blue, and they lay directly on the ground and continued begging for mercy.

"President, please! President, please let us live!"

"Beauty, beauty, we were wrong, please help us plead! Please!"

One of these two people lay down in front of Fang Xiaoru to plead, while the other lay at the feet of the woman next to them, and their humble appearance made the woman frown slightly.

The man called the beautiful woman Fang Xiaoru and noticed the woman who had been standing by again.

Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but shut his eyes after just taking a look.

It's not that this woman is ugly.On the contrary, this woman is very beautiful, too beautiful.Her black and soft hair fell behind her like a waterfall, wrapping her petite body.It's just that this woman didn't even have any popularity, and this feeling made Fang Xiaoru's body cold instinctively.

Women's facial features are clear and light, but delicate and small, revealing a different kind of beauty.The whole person feels cold, but this coldness is a little different from Sophia's coldness.

If Sophia is a flame in ice and snow, then this woman is the kind of thousand-year cold spring.

From this woman, Fang Xiaoru actually felt a sense of danger.

And this woman, Fang Xiaoru always felt that he had met somewhere, and it was only recently.

"Beauty! Beauty! Help us! Help us! Please!"

The two men completely ignored the companion who had passed out in pain, and looked at the woman with snot and tears, hoping that the woman could help them talk to Fang Xiaoru.

It's just that the woman's reaction was completely beyond their expectations.

"Why should I save you?"

The cold voice made Fang Xiaoru's body tremble, but the situation was much better than that of the two people, Fang Xiaoru.

The temperatureless voice made the two people forget to cry for mercy, and looked at the woman with blank eyes, and they seemed to be hooked away.

"Why should I save you?"

Maybe it was because she didn't get the answer she wanted, the woman asked again, but the two people still lay motionless on the ground, and didn't give any response at all.

Fang Xiaoru did not expect such a situation.

This woman's words seem to have a kind of hypnotic ability that can make people who listen to her lose their mind.

If it weren't for his strong will, he might have been addicted to this woman's voice now.

Where is this shrine?


The woman tilted her head and glanced at Fang Xiaoru, seeming to wonder why Fang Xiaoru didn't become hopeful with other people after hearing her.

The eyes were so clear that people could see through at a glance, but Fang Xiaoru didn't know what this woman was thinking.


"who are you?"

Fang Xiaoru interrupted the woman directly, staring at her with deep eyes.

If it was someone else who was looked at by Fang Xiaoru like this, she might have felt terrified, but this woman didn't react at all.

"Mococo, how about you?"

"you do not know me?"

Fang Xiaoru asked this not because he was arrogant, but because there was no one in the world who knew him, right?This woman would not even know him!

"I seem to have seen you..."

"It's a coincidence, I also feel that I have seen you."

The two talked like this, seeming to have forgotten the two people around who were still begging for mercy.

"Oh... Come to think of it, in the game, you lived to the end."

"Are you the woman at the time?"

Fang Xiaoru also remembered when Mo Keke said so.

Some time ago, when he and Qiqi Susu were in the "Second World" game, he finally met the fourth survivor. Fang Xiaoru still remembered that it was a woman.

Unexpectedly, that woman turned out to be Mo Ke Ke.

"You're good."

Mo Keke pursed his mouth and smiled, eyebrows and eyes curled. It was obviously a sweet smile, but in Fang Xiaoru's eyes, it didn't feel any pleasing to the eye.

"thank you."

"Thank you today."

"You're welcome."

The dialogue between the two was normal, but Mo Keke always gave Fang Xiaoru a sense of alienation.

"These two people, you can handle it as you like." Looking at the two people who still had no response, Mo Keke's small and exquisite feet stepped over them, and then left here without looking back.

When Mo Keke said the last sentence just now, Fang Xiaoru didn't feel a trace of human touch from her, or Mo Keke's whole person was not human.

The first time I met such a strange woman, Mo Keke had successfully aroused Fang Xiaoru's interest.

Mo Ke Ke is probably the only woman who can make him feel dangerous without knowing him.

After Mo Keke left, the two men returned to their original state. The tears and nasal mucus on their faces had solidified, covering their entire faces.The two men looked blank after they were sober, as if they hadn't realized what had happened.

They recovered that the beauty was gone, but they didn't know when the beauty left just now!

Seeing these two people looking around with a silly look, Fang Xiaoru kicked one of them a little irritably, and didn't have the patience to continue chatting with these two people.

"Fang...President Fang..."

The two originally thought that Fang Xiaoru should also leave after the beauty was gone, but they didn't expect that Fang Xiaoru was still here, so they didn't even want to start crying again.

"Fang... President Fang... I have..."

The person who was speaking was kicked by Fang Xiaoru before he finished speaking. After realizing that Fang Xiaoru didn't want to listen to him, the person closed his mouth immediately.

"Hurry and get out with that scrap, don't disturb me to rest."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's permission to leave, the two cried and laughed and nodded at Fang Xiaoru, and then quickly dragged their groaning companion away.

The entire Lu Tian Hot Spring finally calmed down after these people left, and Fang Xiaoru returned to the hot spring again.

A small episode took him so much time. If it hadn't been for Fang Xiaoru, an interesting woman like Mo Keke, he would have really put the three people together in anger.

"Mococo... interesting!"

It seems that he should let the people under his hand check Mo Keke's identity.