The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 896: Rebuilding the Old Summer Palace

Just now Qiqi had told Fang Xiaoru the results of the temporary investigation, but it was all useless information, which at best proved that Mo Keke was a very smart woman.

As for the others, Su Su was hacked as soon as he found out a little eyebrow.

And no one thought that Susu cracking the virus would take a whole night, and he has never stopped during this period.

During this period, apart from Gao Huijun and Catherine and others who went to rest, Fang Xiaoru and Qiqi stayed beside Su Su and waited for the whole process. They also witnessed how Su Su stumbled again and again in the virus designed by Mococo.

With Mococo's technology, there may be no problem in hacking into the system of the Universe Group.


Even if the virus was solved, Su Su couldn't help but exploded again.

The virus has been solved, but all the information in this computer is gone, and after Susu investigates Mococo's information, only the most basic things can be investigated.

This time Susu was completely planted in Mococo's hands in this regard.

"It's so angry! This Mo Keke is simply too ignorant! It's not her information and I lost it!"

"This is revenge for you."

Fang Xiaoru said in a cool voice, and then yawned to go back to the room.

"BOSS, just forget it?" Su Su looked at Fang Xiaoru unwillingly, but was downcast at Fang Xiaoru's words.

"Otherwise? Maybe the virus you cracked one night was only designed by her in ten minutes? No need to check, if there is a chance, I will definitely meet again."

Fang Xiaoru went back to his room after speaking.

I was a little sleepy watching Susu cracking the virus just now, but now I was lying on the bed with Mococo's figure in my head.

What is strange is that Fang Xiaoru can't remember Mo Ke Ke no matter what he thinks.

Fang Xiaoru's memory has also been tested, and he didn't expect that even a woman's face could not be remembered now.

"It seems that I was also calculated..."

Fang Xiaoru laughed at herself, and finally forced herself to fall asleep without thinking of anything.

This time, Fang Xiaoru slept for a long time, and when he woke up, it was dark outside the window.

It's just that this sleep didn't sound peaceful for Fang Xiaoru, because he dreamed of Mo Ke Ke in his dream, and the most speechless thing was that what he dreamed of was Mo Ke Ke asking for help.

In the dream, Mo Keke's face was still blurred, but Fang Xiaoru remembered the voice and body shape very clearly.

Although this dream is real, Fang Xiaoru can only explain it by thinking about it every day and dreaming every night.

How could a woman with such a high IQ Mo Keke ask for help?

When Fang Xiaoru came to the hotel restaurant, Gao Huijun and others had finished their dinner, but they were still sitting at the table waiting.Seeing Fang Xiaoru’s appearance of Gao Huijun, he blamed it with dissatisfaction: "I think you are going to sleep until dawn, right? You are not allowed to stay up late in the future!"

"Mom, I'm fine..."

Mother's lesson is the only thing that can make Fang Xiaoru helpless.

Even though I have learned that the constitution of the Changsheng Jue is getting better day by day, in Gao Huijun's eyes, Fang Xiaoru has only one identity, that is, her son.

"Okay, okay, come and eat, and then hurry to rest."

"Mom, I've slept all day..."

"What? My mother's words don't work?"

"No, no..."

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru was blocked by Gao Huijun and couldn't say a word, Catherine and others couldn't help but laugh. Now in this world, it is estimated that only Gao Huijun can control Fang Xiaoru.

After staying for another two or three days in the paradise on earth, a few people returned to China.

The research on cancer treatment and cloning of organs has just begun, so Fang Xiaoru does not need to keep an eye on it.After handing this matter over to Liu Jiani, Fang Xiaoru was about to start his next plan.

Fang Xiaoru had the idea to repair the Old Summer Palace before, but there was no time.Now that there is time finally, Fang Xiaoru is also ready to retrieve all the things lost in the Yuanmingyuan in the hands of major auction houses and some collectors.

After so many years from the destruction of the Old Summer Palace to the present, Yanxia Kingdom has successively recovered some of the things lost in the Old Summer Palace.Among them, the most precious and the most difficult one is the head of the zodiac animal.

During this period, Fang Xiaoru also asked relevant personnel in the company to investigate the whereabouts of the head of the zodiac animal.Except for the major auction houses, most of the animal capitals are in the hands of some collectors.

But with Fang Xiaoru's current status, as long as Fang Xiaoru makes a purchase, those people dare not refuse!

Most of the people obediently handed over their treasured beast heads after they were found by the people of the Universe Group.But there are also a small number of people who want to use this opportunity to bargain.

For this kind of people, Fang Xiaoru didn't bother to continue pestering them.Anyway, money is not a precious thing to Fang Xiaoru.As long as these people's prices were not excessive, Fang Xiaoru agreed to them.

But among them, there are some people who don't know good or bad.

For those who are asking for prices, Fang Xiaoru has only one way to deal with it: that is, don't pay the penny, just take it away!

It was originally burned, killed, plundered, and looted things. After occupying it for so many years, it still has to make an inch. It can only be said that these people are too self-conscious.

Fang Xiaoru, who wanted to restore the Old Summer Palace, also told Liu Shimao.In this regard, Liu Shimao also raised his hands in favor.

Yanxia Kingdom has always had the idea of ​​restoring the Old Summer Palace, but it is impossible for Yanxia Kingdom's funds to be used to recover the lost objects in the Old Summer Palace.

To restore the entire Old Summer Palace, this is definitely a major project.And now, probably only Fang Xiaoru can complete this big project.

In fact, there are many jewels in the Old Summer Palace in addition to the head of the zodiac animal, but these jewels are hard to find now.So Fang Xiaoru could only use some other jewellery when restoring the Old Summer Palace.

The restoration map of the Old Summer Palace has been handed over to Fang Xiaoru, and Fang Xiaoru’s opponent’s order is to restore the Old Summer Palace as much as possible.

If you can't find the jewels on the restored map, find the closest jewels instead.The sculptures in the Old Summer Palace were ruined, so I found the world's top master to re-carve them.

In short, to restore the Old Summer Palace again, everything must be the most perfect.

Fang Xiaoru's ultimate goal is to make the legendary garden of Yuanmingyuan reappear in the world again.