The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 897

The entire Universe Group has once again begun to operate intensively.

After visiting Sofia's father, Antonio, Fang Xiaoru also fell into busy work again.

As the chairman of a group and the president of a country, Fang Xiaoru now bears a heavy burden, because the affairs of every country in the world are now Fang Xiaoru's affairs.

Fang Xiaoru unified the world, which is a blessing for most countries.

Although the complaints of MK people have always been great, the current MK country is no longer the former MK country.Although the strength of the MK country is still ranked top in the world, it does not dare to be as arrogant as before.

What's more, under Fang Xiaoru's rule, every country's economy and technology have been greatly improved.

Seeing that their country is prospering and the people can live a better life, the top management of these countries is very thankful that they made the right decision.

Follow Fang Xiaoru, sure enough!

But time is flowing and life continues.Sometimes, Fang Xiaoru can't control the damage caused by nature.

Just two days after Fang Xiaoru returned to China, a severe earthquake occurred in Paqi Kingdom, which had been good with Yanxia Kingdom.

Pachi is not a rich country.It is precisely because of this that many of the buildings in Paqi Country are slack.

A 10-magnitude earthquake easily destroyed a city in Paki Kingdom.

For a time, the wailing of the people and the crying of babies enveloped the earthquake area.

Although it was said that Pachi had already dispatched the armed department to rescue, facing the ruins that could not be seen at a glance, Pachi still felt helpless.

As soon as the news of the earthquake came out of Pachi, Huanyu and Yanxia sent their respective armed departments to Pakistan and provided a lot of resources to Pachi.

With the example of Huanyu Country and Yanxia Country, other countries have begun to donate various supplies to Paqi Country one after another.

However, Huanyu Nation played the biggest role in this, because the life detector provided by Huanyu Nation greatly increased the rescue rate of Pachi Nation.

"Pray for the people of Paqi country!"

"God, please bless the people of Paqi country!"

"The people who sacrificed in the disaster, you go all the way!"

"I hope this will not happen in my country."

"The world is really good, Fang Xiaoru is good!"

"This time Paqiguo is thanks to Fang Xiaoru's help..."

The Internet is full of various speeches. Most of the people are praying for the country of Paqi, but there are still a small number of people who say crazy things.

"Today is my Obama's birthday, how can Paki Kingdom earthquake!"

"It's really too much, so many people died on Obama's birthday!"

"All of you from Pachi Country are dead! It's really bad luck!"


It is estimated that no one would have thought that someone would be able to say such a thing.

And those brain-dead fans of the Northern Moon Kingdom have once again refreshed the bottom line of mankind.

It is intolerable that a mother Pao of the Kingdom of Beiyue collided with the date of the earthquake of the Kingdom of Paqi because of her birthday. The innocent Paqi Kingdom had to face such dirty remarks!

It was precisely because of this incident that Fang Xiaoru decided to go to Beiyue Kingdom again.

He has only one purpose in going to the Kingdom of the Northern Moon Kingdom, and that is to teach these brain-dead fans to be human!

It's okay to like a star, and it's okay to be a fan of the star.But if a person doesn't care about everything else for this star, and can say anything dirty, then the existence of this person will only make the world dirty.

No one thought that Fang Xiaoru would go to the Kingdom of Beiyue again, nor did all the people of Beiyue Kingdom.

Just when all the people of Beiyue Kingdom were wondering what Fang Xiaoru was doing in Beiyue Kingdom, Fang Xiaoru had already appeared at the airport of Beiyue Kingdom’s capital.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's appearance, the people in the airport frantically took out their cameras and kept taking pictures. Many women from the Northern Moon Kingdom ran up to Fang Xiaoru and wanted to take pictures with Fang Xiaoru.

Even if they can't be Fang Xiaoru's woman, at least they still have a thought in their hearts.As for the men of the Northern Moon Kingdom, they can only stand in the distance and look into the distance.

But Fang Xiaoru really has no interest in these women from the Northern Moon Kingdom.

These women are all pretty good, but they all look the same, because they have had plastic surgery and removed the truest selves.

Fang Xiaoru really didn't like this kind of stiff face.

"Xiaoru Ouba, where are you going!"

"Xiaoru and Obama, can you take a picture?"

"Xiaoru, can I be your girlfriend?"

I have to say that the women of Beiyue Kingdom are really crazy, but Fang Xiaoru seems to have not seen it at all. Under the bodyguard's guard, he walked through the group of women expressionlessly, and then walked directly into a room in the airport. In the coffee shop.

The Beiyue Chinese people at the airport thought Fang Xiaoru wanted to go for a cup of coffee, so they rushed into this cafe.

But what they didn't expect was that Fang Xiaoru walked directly to a man with heavy makeup.

This man is the most sought-after male star among women in the Northern Moon Kingdom.Not only in Beiyue Chinese, it should be said that this man also has many fans in other countries in the world.

After arriving in front of this man, Fang Xiaoru sat down directly opposite him and took off his sunglasses.

This man didn't seem to think that Fang Xiaoru would actually appear in front of him.He had pretended to have a cool and calm face before, but after seeing Fang Xiaoru, this calmness has collapsed.

Now the most powerful man in the world is sitting in front of him. It is estimated that this male star can't understand why.

"Quan Paolong?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the actor and asked, and after listening, the actor nodded blankly.

"Do you know why I am here?"

"No... I don't know."

Quan Paolong thought about it carefully. He didn't seem to have done anything that attracted Fang Xiaoru's attention recently. If anything, it was just his global concert tour.

But Quan Paolong is self-aware, and he doesn't think his global concert tour can attract Fang Xiaoru's attention.

Fang Xiaoru is really something he can't afford.