The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 899: Still Fancy!

Fang Xiaoru did not stay in the Kingdom of Beiyue any more, and left the Kingdom of Beiyue directly after he finished his warning.

The reason why I chose to appear in the Northern Moon Kingdom at this time was because Kiki and Su Su found out the itinerary of Quan Paolong and told Fang Xiaoru that Quan Paolong was now in the airport cafe.

The only people who know the truth are Quan Paolong still staying in the coffee shop and reporters hiding in the dark. The audience blocked outside the cafe and Quan Paolong fans still don’t know the true purpose of Fang Xiaoru’s finding Quan Paolong. The fantasies are still continuing.

"Our Oppa is really amazing, and it can attract Fang Xiaoru's attention!"

"Let me just say, Obama is the most powerful of all the stars!"

"Really worthy of the man I like! It really gives us a face!"

"Look, you see, even if sitting with Fang Xiaoru, we are still full of momentum!"

"We Obama is the pinnacle of the performing arts world, and Fang Xiaoru is the pinnacle of the economic and political worlds. Sitting together is a perfect match for two people!"

A group of people were still talking on the glass of the coffee shop. After calming down in the coffee shop for a while, Quan Paolong also left the coffee shop in unison under the escort of the agent, leaving only a depressed back view for his fans. .

But even this depressed figure is so tall and mighty in the eyes of fans.

The two protagonists have already left, and the reporters hiding in the dark don't have to wait any longer. They ran back to their newspapers and started to write the content to be reported tomorrow.

This is definitely big news!

Fang Xiaoru, who has not paid attention to the showbiz world, has finally taken action on this filthy circle!

Not only are these reporters thinking about how to report tomorrow's events, Quan Paolong is also struggling with how to tell his fans what happened today after returning to his residence.

He didn't need to think about it and knew that his fans must be fantasizing now, maybe they thought that Fang Xiaoru met him because they looked at him, but they didn't know that Fang Xiaoru came to him to warn him.

"Ah, wash! What a bunch of fools, this is a bunch of fools with no brains! Sooner or later I will fall into their hands!"

Quan Paolong kept beating things on the table, and the agent on the side could only shake his head helplessly.

Who would have thought that Fang Xiaoru would pay attention to things in the entertainment industry?

I can only say that this time the movement of those brain-dead fans is really too big!

"You, hurry up, go and think about what I should say tomorrow!"

Do not know what to do, Quan Cannon can only vent to his agent.In the face of Quan Paolong's curse, if it hadn't been for making money with him, this agent would have yelled at him.

But now, for the sake of his own future, he can only silently endure the violent temper of Quan Cannon...

On one side, Quan Paolong was still scratching his head over this matter, on the other side Fang Xiaoru had already arrived in the hospital.

In the ward, Anthony was about to sit on the bed, and Sophia had been waiting by the bed.

After several days of recuperation, Antonio's body has improved a lot, and it will not take long to be discharged from the hospital.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru who suddenly appeared in the ward, Antonio looked grateful.

"Fang, here you are."

Following Antonio's clues, Fiya looked back and found Fang Xiaoru standing at the door, smiling slightly at Fang Xiaoru.

Sophia, who has found her relatives, now looks obviously different from before.

If the former Sophia was influenced by Fang Xiaoru a little, now Sophia has the same feelings as others.

Love and affection, Sophia is not short of these two things now.

"How is your uncle's recovery?"

"Recently, I have been able to eat normally, and the doctor said that I can be discharged from the hospital in two or three days."

When Sophia said something, she smiled like an innocent child, and occasionally some small movements seemed to be acting like Anthony.

Having experienced a life and death catastrophe before, Antonio really did not expect that he would have a chance to continue to live in this world.

It is precisely because of all this that Antonio loves Sophia even more.

All this was seen by Fang Xiaoru, and Fang Xiaoru was also happy for Sophia.

"When my uncle recovers, we will take him to the paradise on earth."

"The paradise on earth? Fang, is the paradise on earth open?"

"It has been open for a few days."

Because she had been in the ward and had no contact with the outside world, Sophia didn't know that the paradise on earth was already open.

In addition, for these two days, Kiki and Su Su have been busy investigating Mococo's news and did not report to Sophia at the time, so Sophia knows nothing about those things.

However, Sophia mentioned the matter of the paradise on earth to Antonio, and Antonio has always been looking forward to this place.

"You take good care of your uncle, I still need to deal with some things, and I will see you after I finish processing."

Fang Xiaoru has not finished dealing with the affairs of Pachi Country. At this time, he needs to go to Pachi Country in person to see what is going on there, and then think about corresponding countermeasures.

Fang Xiaoru has always had a strong affection for Paqi Guoguo.

Fang Xiaoru, the former information, has also learned about it.When Yanxia Kingdom was killed, the first to lend a helping hand to Yanxia Kingdom was always Paqi Kingdom, and the people of Paqi Kingdom were always the most friendly to the people of Yanxia Kingdom.

Thinking of this country that once brought all the relief supplies of his own country, and the president can only stand on the plane to go to the country to help, Fang Xiaoru also wanted to help them this time.

"Then you go ahead, we'll be fine here. I will contact you when I leave the hospital."

Knowing that Fang Xiaoru is now struggling with heavy tasks every day, Sophia no longer holds back, only leaving Fang Xiaoru with a relieved smile.

Seeing such caring Sophia, Fang Xiaoru stepped forward and hurriedly dropped a kiss on her forehead and hurriedly left the ward.

Seeing that his daughter is living so happily now, Antonio is also satisfied.

If Sophia's fate was equally tragic, then Antonio would really be ashamed of their mother and son forever.

"Suya, you can feel at ease now, and I will stay with Sophia well in the future, worthy of your contribution..."


The father and daughter cuddled tightly together, and Fang Xiaoru, who was standing outside the ward, left with peace of mind when he saw all this.