The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 900

The situation in Paqi Guoguo is worse than Fang Xiaoru expected.

The fragile houses collapsed too severely, causing heavy casualties to the people of Paqi.Therefore, even if there is a life detector from the Universe Group, the chance of a rescued survivor is very small.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru became more aware of the insignificance of human beings in the face of nature, and also realized how important the medical sciences being studied by the Universe Group are for humans.

"President Fang, I didn't expect you to come to our Paki country. This is too dangerous, you can't stay here anymore."

President Paqi Guoguo wearing a hard hat appeared in front of Fang Xiaoru. His face was dusty and his eyes were a little dull. At first glance, he had not rested for a long time.

"Let me take a look at the situation here, and by the way, take a look at what kind of help our world can provide you."

"This time, the world has provided us with a lot of help, and all the people of our Paki country are very grateful to you."

If it is said that all the people in the Pachi country respected only one Yanxia country, then now we must add another world country.Because in this rescue operation, the world provided much more help to Paki country than Yanxia country.

"I will send some of our doctors from the world to Paki State to treat the injured. After the disaster relief is completed, I will fund your Paki State as the chairman of the World Group."

Fang Xiaoru's words were simply the sound of nature to the president of Paki country, and the president of Paki country also immediately told everyone in the disaster area the news.

For the rescuers, this is an encouraging news.

For those who are seriously ill, this is news that can give them hope of survival.

"Thanks to President Fang!"

"President Fang gave us hope!"

"We the people of Paqi country are willing to respect you for generations to come!"


The surrounding people of Pachi Country expressed their gratitude to each other again and again, even those who were still lying on the stretcher expressed their gratitude in their own way.

"BOSS, Susu and I have already fully understood the current situation just now. There is still the possibility of aftershocks here, so you should not stay here anymore. It is enough to have me and Susu here."

"Relax, I have the ability to protect myself."

Fang Xiaoru rejected the opinions of Kiki and Su Su and continued to shuttle through the ruins with the president of Paqi Guoguo, occasionally seeing those who were trapped in the depths who could not be rescued for a while, Fang Xiaoru would also play a leading role. .

I helped out the whole morning in Paqi Guoguo, and Liu Shimao came here just when Fang Xiaoru was about to leave.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru and Liu Shimao who were a little embarrassed was also taken aback.

"Xiaoru? Are you here too?"

"Can't I be here?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and looked at Liu Shimao. Liu Shimao knew that Fang Xiaoru was joking, so he didn't take it to heart. He stepped forward and patted Fang Xiaoru's shoulder proudly, and asked, "Are you planning to leave?"

"Well, take a trip back to the Universe Group to buy something and transport some resources here."

"This time you Huanyuguo really helped a lot!"

"It should be, after all, I am now responsible to all your countries."

"In this case, you should go back quickly. I may have to visit your world again."

"Okay, I am waiting for you in the world."

Fang Xiaoru knew that Liu Shimao was doing things for the Old Summer Palace, but the situation of Paqi Guoguo is more urgent, so this matter can only be postponed.

It was night when I returned to Huanyu, and Fang Xiaoru was a little tired after a busy day.Fortunately, there are still so many people waiting for him after returning home, which is really much better than the days of helplessness before fostering.

Because Fang Xiaoru has been busy with the affairs of Paki Kingdom, he forgot about Quan Paolong.

However, Fang Xiaoru could forget, but Quan Paolong did not dare to forget. Quan Paolong released a video the day after Fang Xiaoru found him.

There are a lot of polite words in the video, but only one content is emphasized, which is to make your fans be more sensible in what they say, and hope that they can apologize to the people of Paqi.

In fact, many people have been scolding Quan Paolong fans on the Internet in the past two days, and Quan Paolong also knows that it will not benefit him at all if this matter continues to ferment.

Only after he said these words, his fans did not buy it.

These fans have always thought that they are speaking for their idols, but now their idols have come out to deny them, which is undoubtedly slapped in the face.

Some of the more sane people have already started to apologize, but there are still those few brain-dead fans who not only start to scold the Chinese of Paqi, but also scold their idols, like crazy dogs.

Following Quan Paolong followed by those media.

Several large media outlets in the Northern Moon Kingdom have released videos of Fang Xiaoru’s dialogue with Quan Paolong, which once again disillusioned Quan Paolong’s fans’ dreams.

It turns out that Fang Xiaoru looked down on their idols at all, and talking to their idols was just to let their idols warn them fans.

But I have to say that this video is really deterrent.

After the media released this video, Quan Paolong's brain-dead fans also disappeared.

Fang Xiaoru's words in the video are so straightforward that fans who have a little brain dare not speak on the cusp of this storm.

If Fang Xiaoru is really looking at them, then their life will almost come to an end...

After Quan Paolong this time, not only Quan Paolong’s fans, but also fans of other celebrities learned how to stop when talking. After all, no one wanted to be targeted by Fang Xiaoru because of this kind of thing.

After more than ten days, Paqi Guoguo's rescue work came to an end, and the casualties were also counted.

Although the casualties are still very serious, with the help of countries such as Huanyu and Yanxia, ​​this is already the best situation.

After the situation stabilized, the president of Paki country publicly expressed his gratitude to the countries, which specifically mentioned the help of the world nation to Paki country, and then Fang Xiaoru also said that he would fund the reconstruction of Paki country.

Those who had originally had opinions about the unification of the other country Xiaoru were all silent at this time, and they all began to find ways to praise Fang Xiaoru's contribution.

This group of people are boasting that the sky is falling, but Fang Xiaoru's willingness to watch it or not is beyond their control.