The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 902

"BOSS, a game manager from "Second World" just reported that there is a player in "Second World" who wants to challenge your status as the emperor of the universe."

Fang Xiaoru in the office of the president is being served by Gu Nianwei and Liu Mengya. One of them is massaging Fang Xiaoru's shoulders, and the other is sending fruit to Fang Xiaoru's mouth.

"You mean that (one) person wants to challenge me?" Fang Xiaoru disagrees with what Qiqi said.

There are many people in this world who want to challenge him, but these people fail in the end and can't afford to challenge him again.

However, this is the first time someone wants to challenge him in the game.

"What did the person (that) want to challenge me say?"

"She said that she wants to have a one-on-one matchup in the wilderness with you, and the person (one) who survives can become the new emperor of the universe."

"He's not too courageous, it seems he is quite confident in himself."

Although Fang Xiaoru is curious about this person, it does not mean that he will accept this challenge.With this time to do such meaningless things, he might as well do more other things (love).

But what Fang Xiaoru didn't expect was that this incident actually attracted the attention of the system.

Just when Fang Xiaoru was about to let him reject the person (person), the voice of the system rang (played) in Fang Xiaoru's mind again.

"The latest mission: Become the strongest in "Second World" with your own strength. The mission reward is cancer treatment."

Seeing the rewards issued by the system for this task, Fang Xiaoru realized that his usual actions were paid attention to by the system, but the system remained silent at ordinary times and the task was released only when the time was right.

Originally, Fang Xiaoru didn't want to waste time, but now he is rewarded for this task, Fang Xiaoru also decided to go for it.

Just start with the person who challenged yourself first.

"Tell the person(s) that I promised her challenge and let her show up on time at 7 o'clock tomorrow night."


After Qiqi turned and walked out of the room (room), Gu Nianwei and Liu Mengya on the side asked strangely: "Xiaoru, why do you accept such troublesome things (love)?"

In their perception, Fang Xiaoru always refused this kind of trouble, but he didn't expect that this time he would actually agree.

"Naturally, there is my reason. Since the two of you are here to accompany me, then we should stop thinking about these things (love) and not come back and do something else (love)."

Fang Xiaoru put his arms around the waists of the two of them and laughed (sound), the movements of the hands (upper) had clearly expressed his meaning.

Naturally, Gu Nianwei and Liu Mengya would not refuse Fang Xiaoru's bad intentions, and both of them had their hands wrapped around Fang Xiaoru's body.

This kind of thing is not once or twice, they are naturally very familiar with the road, but Liu Mengya is easy to be shy.

The undressed room is already beautiful, but everything is tightly covered in the room (room).


On the second day, at the agreed time, Fang Xiaoru appeared in "Second World" on time, using his original account.

Since the release of "Second World", Fang Xiaoru has appeared in a handful of game worlds, and his appearance will naturally arouse the attention of people around him.

"Look, is that person Fang Xiaoru?"

"No... Fang Xiaoru actually appeared? Only his statue could be seen before..."

"Looking at that piece of equipment, Fang Xiaoru definitely didn't run away!"

"It's amazing, the game world has a big boss!"

"By the way, have you heard that someone in the game world said that they would challenge Fang Xiaoru to become the emperor of the universe!"

"That his brain okay?"

"Will Fang Xiaoru appear because of this, right?"

"It's very possible! Fang Xiaoru will accept the challenge of that person (person). It is really incredible to think about it!"

"I feel that (a) person is really too self-conscious, and dare to challenge Fang Xiaoru!"

"Hey, stop talking, stop talking, come here..."

Following the movements of Fang Xiaoru's feet, everyone around him calmed down, and everyone was watching where Fang Xiaoru was going.

The crowd was moving with Fang Xiaoru, and finally a group of people appeared at the portal of survival mode in the wilderness.

Fang Xiaoru stopped, and the group of people also stopped, and then began to whisper around.

"Who is Fang Xiaoru waiting for?"

"Maybe it's just waiting for the person (one) to challenge him..."


Just as everyone was discussing, a girl who seemed to be only fifteen or sixteen years old ran over all the way out of breath, then ran to Fang Xiaoru with a clear goal, wiped the sweat from her head, and said, "Brother Fang, really I'm sorry to keep you waiting!"

Fang Xiaoru was also confused when he looked at the young man who had not yet fully developed.

He didn't think about it, but he didn't think that this person who was going to challenge himself would be a nasty kid!

"Are you the one who wants to challenge me?"

"Yes, it's me!"

The girl smiled and looked at Fang Xiaoru in front of her, shaking her head and shaking her head, she looked a little silly, but the light in her eyes was not ignored by Fang Xiaoru.

This girl definitely does not look as simple as it seems.

"How old are you this year?"

"16 years old!"


Fang Xiaoru chuckled and groaned (sound), stretched out her hand and rubbed the girl's hair, and said, "It's not bad to have that (one) challenge me at such a young age."

"I play the game very well!"

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's praise to herself, the girl seemed very happy.This is even though Fang Xiaoru's compliment, people around still talk about the girl.

"This girl is too..."

"It's estimated that you will be played as soon as you enter the game!"

"I think so, who does he think Fang Xiaoru is!"

"You speak quietly, don't discourage the enthusiasm of other children!"


Listening to the unobstructed words of this group of people, the girl curled her lips disapprovingly, looked at Fang Xiaoru with gleaming eyes and asked, "Brother Fang, can we enter the game now!"

"of course."

Although this young girl looked quite eccentric, Fang Xiaoru had a good impression of him.

"Tell me your name and we can enter the game."

"My name is Meng Fei Yan!"

"Memphis? Good name. Let's go, let's go in (go) and play, let me see your strength."

If this Meng Fei smoke can show different courage, then Fang Xiaoru doesn't mind counseling her personally, and training her to follow her own body (side).