The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 903 The Challenge of a Sixteen Year Old Girl

Meng Feiyan didn't know Fang Xiaoru's idea. If she knew it, she would be cheering for joy now.

But this also has a premise, the premise is that she can show Fang Xiaoru's admiration!

The two entered the game one after another, and the game was broadcast live off-site.In other words, those who have not entered the game can also see the performance of two people in the game outside.

After entering the game, Fang Xiaoru and Meng Feiyan were randomly sent to two different places.Fang Xiaoru is in a clearing, Meng Feiyan is in a dense forest.

The state of the two people is beneficial to Meng Fei, because she can better hide herself.

But for Fang Xiaoru, it doesn't matter where he appears, because no matter where he appears, it is impossible for Mengfei Smoke to attack him, and it is very easy for him to find Mengfei Smoke.

"I guess this game is over in thirty minutes!"

"I guess twenty minutes! Are there any bets!"

"Come on, place a bet! Place a bet! Half an hour or 20 minutes to gamble!"

The spectators who watched two people outside the game had already started to place bets, but none of them believed that Memphis would win the game. Instead, a group of people were betting on how soon the game would end.

"I have been more than half an hour."

Just as everyone gleefully placed their bets, a cold voice appeared outside the crowd.Although the sound is not loud, it has successfully attracted everyone's attention.

This speaker was Mo Ke Ke, and a group of people who originally wanted to ridicule, stopped their movements after seeing that the speaker was a beautiful woman, and then looked at Mo Ke Ke with a demented expression.

"Beauty, why are you so confident!"

"Bet or not?"

Mo Keke seemed to have not heard the conversations of these people, staring at Fang Xiaoru and Meng Feiyan on the screen intently.

"Bet, bet, just don't cry if the beauty loses for a while!"

"Five thousand world coins."

I found that Mo Keke had no interest in these people, and this group of people no longer asked to be bored. After placing the bet, they all laughed and played at the two on the screen.

In their opinion, Mo Ke is sure to lose.

Fang Xiaoru and Meng Feiyan are still in a stalemate in the game.

It's not that Fang Xiaoru couldn't find Mengfei Cigarette, but Fang Xiaoru wanted to see what kind of method Mengfei Cigarette would take to deal with him.

The difference between survival in the wilderness and battle royale is that in survival in the wilderness, the system will not provide you with any equipment, everything depends on you!Don't even think about things like airdrops.

When two people came in, there was nothing on their bodies. If you want to defeat each other, it depends on your ability to survive in the jungle.

Five minutes later, Meng Fei Cigarette still did not appear in Fang Xiaoru's vision, Fang Xiaoru also simply sat on the ground, quietly waiting for the appearance of Meng Fei Cigarette.

Seeing this scene, the audience outside the venue was stunned.

According to this format, how can this game be solved in 30 minutes?Is it true that as the beauty said before, the time of this game will exceed 30 minutes?

If this is the case, then they really lost a lot this time...

Time passed by, six minutes, ten minutes...Fang Xiaoru finally moved until the fifteenth minute.

However, to everyone's surprise, Fang Xiaoru was not going to find Mengfei Cigarette, but walked directly to a small river.

Standing still by the river for a few seconds, then quickly stretched his hands into the river, and when he lifted both hands from the river again, Fang Xiaoru had an extra fish in his hand.

After that, under everyone's jaw-dropping gaze, Fang Xiaoru actually grilled fish in this clearing!

"This is, what spirit..."

"Could it be that this is the operation of the boss?"

"Then we bet this bet, do you still bet?"

"Visual inspection is about to explode..."

As the fire was raised, a curl of smoke floated into the air.After that, bursts of fish smell also invaded Fang Xiaoru's nose.

Such a blatant grilled fish, if it were someone else, would definitely die by now!

But this person is Fang Xiaoru!

Even if Meng Feiyan now knew where Fang Xiaoru was, he didn't dare to rush forward boldly.

"Hey, look at that Memphis smoke!"

One person exclaimed when he saw Meng Fei smoke on the screen, and the eyes of others also shifted from Fang Xiaoru, who was grilling fish, to Meng Fei smoke.At this time, Meng Feifan was surprisingly calm, completely unlike the lively and stubborn girl just now.

After this short period of time, Meng Feiyan had already polished his hands to make a crossbow, and now he is making simple arrows.

"Oh my god, you can make a crossbow in such a short time!"

"It's no wonder that you dare to challenge Fang Xiaoru, you really can't do it without any means!"

"I feel that we will all lose this bet, and the beauty will win!"

"Anyway, I don't have a lot of bets, so it's fun!"


In the effort of these people whispering, Fang Xiaoru’s grilled fish has been eaten, Meng Feiyan’s bows and arrows have also been made, and a small dagger has been made in a very short time.

I have to say that in this respect, Mengfei Yan is indeed an amazing genius!

After preparing everything, Mengfei smoked, but Fang Xiaoru still sat leisurely on the grass and admired the surrounding scenery.

Seeing this scene, the people outside the game sweated for Fang Xiaoru. At this moment, they seemed to have forgotten the power of Fang Xiaoru, and only the shock Meng Feiyan had just brought them in their minds.

Even if this girl loses to Fang Xiaoru today, he has already left a deep impression on others!


The messy sound of the leaves made Meng Feiyan stop. After carefully looking around and discovering that it was not Fang Xiaoru, Meng Feiyan moved on.

At this time, Meng Feiyan had a serious expression, and there was a trace of awe in the eyebrows. He looked like a young man in his 20s and 30s, without any childishness.

If it weren't for Mengfei's face that looked so young, the audience outside the venue would have thought that Mengfei was already a veteran.

But seeing the Mengfei smoke at this moment, these people have only one thought in their hearts.

People are really maddening than people!

What were they doing when they were sixteen or seventeen?There was nothing wrong with talking nonsense at school, and when I saw beautiful female classmates go up and strike up a conversation, I tried to mess around.

Compared with the Memphis smoke in front of them, they are really far worse!

"Almost hitting, hitting soon!"

Under one person's reminder, everyone's expressions became focused. At this time, they didn't care how long the game would end. Everyone was watching what Meng Fei smoke chose to deal with Fang Xiaoru.