The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 911: Ye Xiaowu Growing Up

Fang Xiaoru obviously did not expect that Ye Xiaowu would be so proactive when he met this time, but Fang Xiaoru was very helpful to Ye Xiaowu’s initiative, and he hugged Ye Xiaowu back and said, “It’s hard to wait for me?”


I found that Fang Xiaoru's embrace was not rejected by Fang Xiaoru. Although he was still held by Fang Xiaoru, Ye Xiaowu was also bolder and was no longer as embarrassed as before.

Perhaps it is because of the influence of the concept of MK country. During this time, she also learned to take the initiative in her own feelings.

In fact, during Fang Xiaoru's absence, Ye Xiaowu also considered whether she would like other people, but after so long of observation, Ye Xiaowu gave up.

Fang Xiaoru was the only person in her mind from beginning to end, and could not tolerate the existence of other people.

"Okay, let's go in, or someone should see it."

The two are still standing at the door, although there are not many people here, it is still difficult to guarantee that they will not be recognized.Fang Xiaoru also knows that Ye Xiaowu is easy to be shy, and if some people gather around here and yell at Ye Xiaowu, he will definitely be embarrassed.

After Fang Xiaoru's reminder, Ye Xiaowu really hid behind Fang Xiaoru like a bunny, looked around to make sure that the two were not found, and quickly closed the door.

"How can it be as if I can't see people?"

Ye Xiaowu’s reaction made Fang Xiaoru amused, so she couldn’t help but teased Ye Xiaowu, but Ye Xiaowu seemed to have misunderstood, and hurriedly waved her hands and replied anxiously: “No, I’m just worried about being caught The crowd is not so good..."

"Okay, it's okay, I'm joking. But if you want to be by my side in the future, you have to learn to adapt to this, know?"


Ye Xiaowu breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Fang Xiaoru just joking, and then exclaimed as if thinking of something, "The food I'm cooking is on fire! It's time to burn!"

"Slow down!" Fang Xiaoru could only remind him helplessly as he watched Ye Xiaowu's hurried footsteps.

In fact, many times Ye Xiaowu looked really stupid, so sometimes when the two of them looked at such stupid Ye Xiaowu Fang Xiaoru would wonder how she got admitted to Harvard.

But Fang Xiaoru had never asked about this, and he thought and knew that it would definitely hit Ye Xiaowu.

"Brother Xiaoru, sit and rest for a while, you can have lunch soon!"

Because the villa has everything available, Ye Xiaowu can't get used to those western food, so she cooks by herself every time.This time when Fang Xiaoru came, she naturally had to cook herself, and let Fang Xiaoru take a look at her cooking skills.

Although there are no servants in the whole villa, Ye Xiaowu is tidying up by herself, and even the outside garden is well taken care of by Ye Xiaowu. This can also tell that Ye Xiaowu is a very independent person. Girl.

Sure enough, I didn't wait too long, and the table was full of Ye Xiaowu's delicacies, and it was delicious in color, fragrance and flavor.

"Brother Xiaoru, how does it taste?"

Ye Xiaowu looked at Fang Xiaoru eagerly, and hoped that her efforts would be affirmed by Fang Xiaoru.

"Very good, better than many restaurants."

This sentence did not exaggerate Fang Xiaoru, Ye Xiaowu's craftsmanship is really good, and Fang Xiaoru is quite satisfied.

Ye Xiaowu wanted to clean up after lunch, but was stopped by Fang Xiaoru, "Go shopping first, just find a temporary worker to deal with it."

"But I usually..."

"Okay, listen to me."

Fang Xiaoru said so and Ye Xiaowu naturally couldn't refuse, "Then Xiaoru brother, wait for me, I'll change my clothes."

Ye Xiaowu still wore home clothes, although it was just simple home clothes, she wore a different look on Ye Xiaowu.If it weren't for Ye Xiaowu's words, Fang Xiaoru hadn't really noticed this.

Now Ye Xiaowu also knows how to dress herself, especially when she pays more attention to her image in front of the man she likes.When Ye Xiaowu appeared in front of Fang Xiaoru again, Fang Xiaoru also felt his eyes shine.

The plain white long skirt wraps Ye Xiaowu's rugged body, and the waist is tightened, making it even more obvious that Ye Xiaowu's slender waist does not hold tightly.Ye Xiaowu's face is only painted with light makeup, but it makes her facial features more delicate, with a little gentleness in purity.

"It's beautiful."

Seeing such a renewed Ye Xiaowu Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but compliment, and a compliment also successfully made Ye Xiaowu blush.

Fang Xiaoru was able to praise her in this respect, and then she didn't waste her studies with Jenna.

"Let's go."


Ye Xiaowu smiled softly and ran to Fang Xiaoru's side and kindly took Fang Xiaoru's arm. When they walked out of the villa, they happened to be hit by a passing person.

Seeing such a handsome man and beautiful girl for the first time, the passer-by was taken aback for a moment, but then reacted again, shaking his fingers and pointing at Fang Xiaoru, "Fang..." for a long time without saying a complete sentence.

When this person finally uttered a complete sentence, how could there be Fang Xiaoru in front of him?Fang Xiaoru had already taken Ye Xiaowu on the Skycar and left here.

In the car, Ye Xiaowu couldn't stop her smile when he remembered the person's reaction just now, and Fang Xiaoru's mood improved a lot after hearing Ye Xiaowu's laughter.

"That person...really...haha..."

"Well, my stomach hurts in a while."

Fang Xiaoru rubbed Ye Xiaowu's hair dozingly. Ye Xiaowu wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and forced herself to listen. He tilted his head and looked at Fang Xiaoru and said, "Brother Xiaoru is still so gentle."

Perhaps it was because Ye Xiaowu had never seen Fang Xiaoru's cold-blooded and merciless appearance, so Fang Xiaoru in Ye Xiaowu's heart has always been the warmest existence, always able to guard her by her side.

"Did you figure out what kind of dress you want to buy in a while?"

"Well... Brother Xiaoru, help me choose."

Ye Xiaowu has no experience in this aspect. Before, she bought clothes with Jenna. She said she looked good and bought it.Now that Jenna is gone, she can only ask Fang Xiaoru for help.

"Tomorrow I will make us want Xiao Wu to attend the banquet in the most beautiful appearance."

"Brother Xiaoru wants to be my male companion..."

"That's natural."

It is unnecessary for Ye Xiaowu to say that Fang Xiaoru will also take the initiative to act as Ye Xiaowu's male companion.

If such a beautiful Ye Xiaowu were to be handed over to other people, Fang Xiaoru would never agree to such a thing without even thinking about it.