The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 913

Everyone's expressions became ugly. Only Ruki hadn't realized what big mistake she had made. She still smiled and passed her dress in front of Fang Xiaoru, smilingly said:

"President Fang, in this store now, only you are qualified to receive this dress from me."

Ruki's performance and what she said made Ye Xiaowu's eyes redden, and her hands that had already stretched out flinched behind her.

As for the grievance Ye Xiaowu suffered, Fang Xiaoru naturally saw it, and he saw it clearly.

"Hehe...really? Then I'm really honored..."

"Because only you are noble enough!"

Obviously, Ruki did not hear the dissatisfaction between Fang Xiaoru's words, she still held the dress in front of her confidently, and stared at Fang Xiaoru's body with blue eyes, waiting for Fang Xiaoru to take the dress from her hand.

"I admit that I am noble enough, but there is one thing I don't quite understand."

Fang Xiaoru accepted Ruki’s compliments, but he couldn’t let Ruki go.The woman who bullied him, even if this person is a woman, would never let him go. The leader of the blood kill list is a good example!

"President Fang can ask me if he doesn't understand."

Ruki thought that Fang Xiaoru had accepted her, and she spoke even more unscrupulously, even if the assistant on the side had been reminding her that she didn't care at all.

"I want to ask Miss Lucky, is Ye Xiaowu beside me not qualified to take over the dress from you?"

Hearing Fang Xiaoru mentioning herself, Ye Xiaowu's body trembled and she couldn't help shrinking back, as if she wanted to hide herself behind Fang Xiaoru.

Seeing such a cowardly and cowardly Ye Xiaowu, Lu Qi couldn't help but sneered: "This lady Ye Xiaowu looks good, but has a poor temperament, so she is naturally not qualified to take this dress from me. "

"Really? But what should I do if I made this dress for her?"

Fang Xiaoru laughed mockingly at Ruki. After seeing Fang Xiaoru's smile, Ruki also realized that something was wrong, and the smile on her face gradually lost.

She was so arrogant just now, so arrogant that she had forgotten a very serious problem, that is, Ye Xiaowu is Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend!

How could Fang Xiaoru be happy when she treated Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend like this?

This time is not when Ruki is caring about her own face, and she also wants to find herself a step down.

"I'll give this skirt to Miss Ye..."

Although she can still hear her reluctance from the words of Ruki, there is still an embarrassing smile on Ruki’s face. She looks at Ye Xiaowu and says, "Excuse me, Miss Ye, you don’t want to Keep in mind, I didn't mean to target you..."

Lucky's apology was so sudden that Ye Xiaowu was a little at a loss.After hesitating for a while, Ye Xiaowu chose to take over the dress from Ruki.

But Ye Xiaowu's pure mind doesn't care about it, Fang Xiaoru is different.

Just when Ye Xiaowu was about to take over the dress, Fang Xiaoru directly took Ye Xiaowu's hand, and then pulled Ye Xiaowu's whole person behind him, got up and looked at Ruki in front of him and said, "Now I think you This woman is too humble, so you don't deserve to let my girlfriend take the dress from you."


Fang Xiaoru's reaction surpassed everyone's expectations, and Lucky's face darkened, and she took a step back embarrassingly.

"I don't know what President Fang means?"

"It means literally, I don't think Miss Lucky can't understand it?"


Fang Xiaoru's words made Lucky angry, but Lucky couldn't think of how to say it, or she didn't have the courage to refute Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru has been angered. If she is saying something wrong now, she still doesn't know what will happen.

"That one……"

The general manager, who had been standing by and watching, saw this scene and took two steps forward and wanted to say a good word for Lucky. He took a look from Fang Xiaoru and made him back away.

In this situation, he can no longer help the store manager. After all, keeping his own life is the most important thing.As for their store manager, they can only ask for a blessing...

"Miss Ye, I'm sorry, I just spoke badly."

In this situation, Lu Qi can only apologize to Ye Xiaowu, and hope that Ye Xiaowu can say a few words for her in front of Fang Xiaoru, so that her situation will not be so embarrassing.

Facing Lucky's apology, Ye Xiaowu was a little flustered, but Fang Xiaoru was obviously not ready to leave the matter to Ye Xiaowu.

"My girlfriend can't wear clothes made by such a humble person. There is no need for your store to open anymore."

Fang Xiaoru's words made Ruki feel like she was in the abyss, directly knocking Ruki to the bottom.

If the first half of the sentence is acceptable to Ruki, then the second half of Fang Xiaoru's sentence is not acceptable to Ruki anyway.

The fruits of her hard work for so long have to be turned off. How could she be willing to!Most importantly, if the outside world knows that she closed the shop because she offended Fang Xiaoru, how could someone come to her to customize her dress?

She only has such a handicraft, which is to feed her.If this only job is lost, how can she survive?

"President Fang, I know what I just said was a bit too much, but I hope you can forgive me!"

At this time, Ruki doesn't care about whether she will be embarrassed. The most important thing is to keep her job!

"I gave you a chance just now, didn't you? But you didn't grasp it yourself."

Fang Xiaoru smiled badly, and Lucky also remembered what Fang Xiaoru had asked her just now, and she was suddenly desperate.

Fang Xiaoru had already given her a chance just now, and her answer was still so unreasonable...

So, everything is over?

Ruki sat on the ground with a "puff", staring in front of her blankly, her pitiful appearance made Ye Xiaowu feel a little sympathetic.

"Brother Xiaoru..."

Ye Xiaowu gently pulled Fang Xiaoru's sleeve, her deer-like clear eyes looked at Fang Xiaoru who was still a little angry and whispered, "Forgive her, I believe she will not dare anymore..."

Hearing Ye Xiaowu begging for herself, Lucky looked at her in surprise, her eyes filled with gratitude.As long as Ye Xiaowu intercedes for her, then she still has a chance!