The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 917

Not long after the Secretary of State left with his bodyguards, all the students had already swarmed into the venue again, and when they came in, the first thing they saw was Fang Xiaoru, who was holding Ye Xiaowu's hand and standing in the center of the dance floor with Ye Xiaowu.

Fang Xiaoru, wearing a fitted suit, and Ye Xiaowu, an elegant dress, are like two stars on the dance floor, attracting everyone's attention.

As the music sounded, Fang Xiaoru's hand was held on Ye Xiaowu's slender waist, Ye Xiaowu's hand was also lightly placed on Fang Xiaoru's shoulder, and the two bodies swayed gently together.

After seeing all the people present, some of them started to join the dance floor unconsciously.

It's just that everyone has a tacit understanding around Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu, consciously leaving a large enough range for them.

"Brother Xiaoru, I am so happy..."

Ye Xiaowu's head rubbed against Fang Xiaoru's neck. The cat-like gesture made Fang Xiaoru's heart as if being scratched by a cat's claws, and itchy.

"Xiao Wu, let's go back..."

Ye Xiaowu, who was clinging to Fang Xiaoru's body, naturally felt the changes in Fang Xiaoru's body, and nodded shyly with a red face.

So the dance didn't last for two minutes, and the two hurriedly left the banquet venue in full view. The speed was so fast that many people couldn't catch up.

Fang Xiaoru occupied Ye Xiaowu's lips impulsively as soon as he stepped on the sky car, but in order to give Ye Xiaowu a good memory, Fang Xiaoru endured until the two returned to the villa.


After a burst of rain, Ye Xiaowu was so tired that she could only pant on Fang Xiaoru's body, and Fang Xiaoru's hand stroked Ye Xiaowu's smooth back.

"Still uncomfortable?"

The blush on the bed had already revealed Ye Xiaowu's exhaustion, and she had tolerated it for too long, so Fang Xiaoru's movements were more or less rough.

"Fortunately... It's much better now..."

Ye Xiaowu closed her eyes, her breath was already well-proportioned, and bursts of sleepiness swept over her.

"Sleep for a while, and then wake up to eat something. I'll take a good stroll with you these two days."


Feeling Ye Xiaowu's body getting heavier and heavier, Fang Xiaoru also closed his eyes contentedly.

After today and from now on, Ye Xiaowu is Fang Xiaoru's woman, and those men who have been peeping at Ye Xiaowu should give up completely.

The news that Ye Xiaowu and Fang Xiaoru were together quickly spread all over the world, and naturally reached the ears of Catherine and others, but this time they did not respond.

Especially Catherine, after knowing Ye Xiaowu, plus hearing those things Gao Huijun said, her mood can be said to be quite peaceful.

As for the others, they have already accepted this kind of thing, so naturally they won't run into Fang Xiaoru's presence to make trouble.Because they only need to know Fang Xiaoru's heart is left to them.

Faced with this situation, Gao Huijun is also very pleased, because it also means that her efforts during this period of time have not been wasted.

"Aunt Gao, should we go out and play together?"

While Fang Xiaoru was traveling around with Ye Xiaowu, Gu Nianwei and others who were with Gao Huijun also thought about going out for leisure.

"Why don't we go to the paradise on earth again? We haven't been to many places in the last time!" Oona also proposed excitedly, and Liu Mengya, who was standing next to Oona, also nodded shyly.

"Since you want to go, then we will go have a good time."

Gao Huijun gently patted the hands of Gu Nianwei and others and smiled kindly, then looked at Catherine and Diana and asked, "Aren't you two going with you?"

"We will not go, there are still many things to deal with."

Compared to the others, Catherine and Diana are much more busy, and it is precisely because of this that they have now become the most intimate friends.

The two are not relaxed, so naturally there are many things that can be said together.

As for Scarlett and Swift, although they have no opinion on Fang Xiaoru having so many girlfriends, they are not particularly in tune with Gu Nianwei and others, probably because of different concepts.

"Where's Sophia? Do you want to take your father to play with it?"


Although Sophia's tone is still cold and indifferent, but this time has also changed a lot, and her coldness and other people have become used to it.

"Then let's go now."

A group of women left as soon as they said they didn't even need to organize things. They took the secondary card given by Fang Xiaoru and went directly to the Paradise on Earth.

It is precisely because of this that when Fang Xiaoru returns with Ye Xiaowu, the house will be empty and no one can be seen.

Faced with this situation, Fang Xiaoru didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

"Xiao Wu, this time everyone is not here, so next time, I will send you back first."


Although Ye Xiaowu was a little disappointed not to see Gao Huijun and others, but there will be opportunities in the future.And she didn't want to leave homework for too long, so this time she naturally chose to give up waiting.

After sending Ye Xiaowu back to Harvard, Fang Xiaoru stepped into his office again, where Qiqi and Su Su were already waiting for him.

"BOSS, you are finally back!" Su Su exaggeratedly yelled when she saw Fang Xiaoru, making Qiqi look helpless.

"What? What's the urgent matter?"

"No, there is nothing urgent, just Susu's head is broken."

Kiki hit Su Su casually as usual, then handed a document to Fang Xiaoru's hand to explain before Su Su retorted:

"Pan Junwen, the secretary-general of the joint leader, said that they will wait until the BOSS you come back to hold the meeting, and hope that you will definitely attend the BOSS. This document is the general content of the meeting."

"Oh? Let me see what is going on taking it so seriously."

When Fang Xiaoru opened the document in his hand, the four characters "violent" came into view.

"Violence? Didn't they deal with it for so long?"

These violent elements are not the violent elements elsewhere, but the group of violent elements who caused chaos in the MK country before.

The first few years were wiped out in the past few years. Although some of these violent elements have become more honest in the past few years, there are still many people jumping on the world stage, creating an explosion here and causing a plane to fall.

In short, they just don't want to settle down.

After examining this document for a long time, Fang Xiaoru's mouth made a smirk.

He was worried about being bored during this time, and it seemed that he was playing again.