The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 919 too late!

"Come on, drink, we will discuss what we are going to do next!"

"I think it's good to blow up the White House for the MK country...hiccup... The current MK country is so weak, it's a good time to deal with them..."

"Yes! We have to fulfill the boss's unfinished volunteer!"

On a dark and windy night, a group of rough men are sitting around the fire sipping wine and eating meat. There are one or two beauties around everyone serving, but the expressions of these beauties are not very good, they seem to want Crying, but holding back abruptly.

In fact, they did not come voluntarily, but were arrested by this group of men, and they have always experienced inhuman treatment during the past few days.

"Ma, what are you doing in the cold! Hurry up and pour the wine!" said one of the big guys and slapped the woman next to him on the face, and slapped blood directly from the corner of her mouth.

But this woman didn't dare to say a word, she didn't even dare to shed tears, she could only pour wine to the man beside her with shaking hands.

"Dead girl, cry, why cry! Crying again, I will break you with a weapon!"

The big man slapped again. The woman was knocked to the ground this time, and then she held back tears and lay beside the big man again and again begging for mercy: "Please, I know it's wrong! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Please... please..."

"Okay, okay, everyone is happy, why bother with such a woman."

Another of them patted the big man on the shoulder. The woman was dragged away by the other two under his sign. When dragged away, the woman was still shouting in her mouth. It seemed that she was going to face more than death. Something terrible.

"Keep drinking!"



Several people laughed and chatted, and occasionally touched the woman next to them, and didn't seem to realize that the danger was getting closer to them.





Just as these people were in high spirits, bursts of weapons sounded, bursts of screams also sounded one after another, and the sound got closer and closer to them.

"Who broke in!"

"Damn it! Is it that group of SEALs?"

"Impossible! Our place is so hidden, how could they find it here! And the situation in MK country is so bad now, how could they have the mind to deal with us!"

"And listening to this movement, it doesn't look like many people!"

"Shit! Shit! Who is it!"

Seeing the danger is getting closer and closer, the group of people didn't care about having fun. They directly tied women in front of them, let them be bullets for themselves, and then carefully stared at the surroundings with weapons in their hands.

The people on the periphery seemed to have been completely wiped out in a short time, except for the painful groans of some people, they could no longer hear other voices.But the more so, the more frightened they are, because they don't even know where the enemy is!

"Brother, what should I do..."

The big man who hit the woman just now was the younger brother of the young man who discouraged him later, and now he has completely turned into a gangster, hiding behind his elder brother with a look of helplessness, where there is still the prestige just now.

"Calm down!" reminded his brother that his eagle-like eyes looked around and opened his mouth and shouted: "Who is coming out directly! Don't hide it!"


Even if the brother shouted, there was still no sound around, which made a few people more panic.

"If you have something to say in person! I don't know how we provoke you!"

My brother tried to yell again, and then someone finally started to speak.

"If I show up, it also means that your death date has come."

"who are you……"

Sen's cold and laughing voice made the legs of several people weakened, and several people nearly fell to the ground.

"Who am I so curious? It's not good to be too curious."

While speaking, Fang Xiaoru's figure had appeared in front of these people, smiling at these people who had been frightened, Fang Xiaoru suddenly felt a little boring.

Now he is in the largest stronghold of all violent elements, and the brothers in front of him are also the leaders of this group of violent elements.

But how does he feel that these two people are particularly embarrassed?Especially that younger brother, looking like that, can't wait to hide and play dead.

"Are you... Fang Xiaoru?"

"No, no, you should not be called Fang Xiaoru, but President Fang, you know?"

Fang Xiaoru frowned dissatisfied with his brother's name in front of him, and then Fang Xiaoru walked a few steps in front of the two brothers, stretched out his hand in a trance, and the woman who was held hostage by the brothers has fallen into Kiki and Susu. Hands.

"I am the most disgusting person who is holding a woman who knows nothing as hostages. You happen to be what I hate. How do you say I should deal with you?"

"We didn't mess with you, I don't know why you are doing this to us!" At this time, only my brother was calm.

In fact, after seeing Fang Xiaoru's skill just now, he was already desperate, but now if he were all scared, then the group of people behind him didn't know what would become.

Especially my younger brother...

"Did you not mess with me? I just see what you are not pleasing to your eyes?" Fang Xiaoru had already come to this person while speaking. Looking at Fang Xiaoru's face close at hand, his elder brother was already frightened and couldn't say anything.

too fast……

Soon he could no longer see Fang Xiaoru's movements...

"Now this world is under my control, and you are still messing around with me, do you think I should solve you?"


Fang Xiaoru's sentence has clearly explained the reason for his presence here, and this group of people also understand that they can't escape this time.

Who would have thought that they would provoke Fang Xiaoru's head after repeated avoidance...

But is it just waiting to die like this?It is not reconciled!

"We promise that we will never do this kind of thing again, and hope that President Fang will let us go!"

The elder brother tried to make the last struggle, but Fang Xiaoru was greeted with a big deal.

"I know it's wrong now? It's too late!"



Just when the elder brother tried to negotiate with Fang Xiaoru, the younger brother seemed to have been unable to bear the torture of fear, and even directly picked up the weapon in his hand and fired at Fang Xiaoru one after another.





Four consecutive weapons, each of which fired at Fang Xiaoru's heart. At this time, the younger brother seemed to be stimulated with potential, and the accuracy of each weapon made the older brother amazed.

No one thought that his younger brother would do such a thing at such a time, but the others still took a fluke and hoped that these weapons could successfully resolve Fang Xiaoru, so that they would no longer be threatened by Fang Xiaoru.

In fact, they had also heard that Fang Xiaoru was very human, and weapons like weapons didn't work at all in front of Fang Xiaoru, but they still had a fluke.

Only in the next second, Fang Xiaoru's actions shocked each of them.