The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 3: Is it true?

Walking on the road, Fang Xiaoru felt a little flustered, hoping to be true and fearing that it was true, because even Fang Xiaoru had a lot of special difficulties before, and there were no people who had been to dangerous places in the world. Found this kind of thing.

"Finally it's almost here! Good boy!"

Fang Xiaoru quickly ran into the canteen.

After all, Mingdu Noble High School, so the cafeteria inside is generally where students eat at their own expense. The school just provides meals and there is no charge. It is the same as outside, so the food is still exceptionally good, basically all The one who ranked last in Mingdu,

In the past, Fang Xiaoru didn’t have money, but he also had Ou Zhengfei’s meal expenses. A meal cost 20 yuan. It can be said that it was a life that hurt big fish and meat. Therefore, Fang Xiaoru still has 3000 yuan in his bank card at this time. , There is a total of 13,000 yuan in it.

Fang Xiaoru thought for a while. It seems that this time it’s better to buy something for more than 4,000 yuan. However, the most expensive place in the school is the cafeteria, so Fang Xiaoru is going to go in and try this system. .

In the canteen, it was just after class at this time. Many people didn't eat breakfast at home in the morning, and then came here for breakfast. Since Fang Xiaoru came late, there were not many people when Fang Xiaoru came here.

"What do you want?"

"Bring me..."

Fang Xiaoru just wanted to say that he would have a portion of rice noodles, but suddenly thought that he would spend 4000 to start at a time, so Fang Xiaoru left this window that he used to often visit before, but went to a more expensive one, which is the most expensive in the entire cafeteria Although it is breakfast, the cafeteria also has an advanced breakfast set, which can be eaten on the second floor.

You should know that the leather sofas on the second floor are more comfortable, and most of the people who study in this school are not short of money, so many people choose to eat here.

Fang Xiaoru walked up, and there were already people on it. Fang Xiaoru saw the person he didn’t want to see most, that was Chen Yaonan, a rich second-generation. Because he always liked Oona, I saw Oona follow Fang Xiaoru sometimes. It’s very close, so I often target Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru was anxious to do his own business at this time, and did not care about this rich second generation.

Fang Xiaoru took a look at the price list, and it said, "Deluxe breakfast-100 yuan a piece, containing: bird's nest, milk, and manual service!"Hey, it seems that the price is really not what ordinary people can come to eat. Generally speaking, an ordinary person is enough for one hundred a day.

Then Fang Xiaoru had the final say and said.

"Give me 40 copies, thank you, just swipe your card!"

"Okay... please wait!" The clerk did not react, but suddenly reacted."What? 40 copies? The young master, are you serious?"

The staff also knew that the homes of the people who came to eat here were not ordinary families, but it was the first time that they saw such a large number, so they were a little confused and confirmed again.

Fang Xiaoru nodded.


However, after Fang Xiaoru finished speaking, the staff was a little embarrassed, and then asked.

"How many people are there?"

"I'm the one. Hurry up. If it doesn't work, I will order it below!"

Fang Xiaoru thought that the above speed was very fast, but there were so many problems. Then after Fang Xiaoru spoke like this, the staff hurriedly turned around and prepared to go. There was no way. After all, there were fewer people who came to eat on the second floor, let alone one-time. Order forty servings, and they are usually served as they are cooked. That way it will be warmer and more delicious and nutritious.

So generally there are only ten kinds of deluxe set meals here. Then the chef quickly hurriedly prepared Fang Xiaoru’s breakfast, Fang Xiaoru turned and sat on the sofa next to him and waited silently. Fortunately, perhaps because of the morning The get out of class time is relatively short, so there are not too many people coming to the second floor, which avoids the problem of too many people.

There are almost only twenty people. Fang Xiaoru watched people come up, but he didn’t think about those things in his mind. Instead, he was exploring the system. Fang Xiaoru had read the information on the phone more than ten times. The balance inside is indeed more than 13,000 yuan, so I don't panic.

Fang Xiaoru tried to enter the system again.

"How did you come here!"

"This system came from a mysterious place in order to cultivate a super rich man. By the way, although this system can provide you with material wealth, don't forget that this system is based on the ultimate spiritual power to score , If the host hasn't completed the task in the end, then it will be obliterated!"

Fang Xiaoru was a little surprised, no matter how he did not move, it was obliterated. Speaking of it, since Fang Xiaoru learned about this system, he loved and feared, after all, he didn't know where it came from.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru heard a roar from the cafeteria window.

Fang Xiaoru looked over in the direction of the voice. It was the old enemy Chen Yaonan over there, but it was Chen Yaonan’s dog-legged man named Liang Zi. This person was cruel, but Chen Yaonan was backing him, so he was also a mess in the school. The wind is rising, and ordinary students will call Liang Ge when they see it.

Of course, Fang Xiaoru didn't eat this set, and that's why Liang Zi didn't like Fang Xiaoru.

At this time, Chen Yaonan brought Liang Zi to the second floor for breakfast. At this time, he found that someone had booked it. It was originally a small matter. Just wait a while. However, at this moment, he suddenly realized that there were thirty copies in front of him. Those who were booked and the ten ready-made ones were all asked for, and I was immediately annoyed.

After all, they were all grumpy people. Then Liang Zi looked at Chen Yaonan's frown, knowing that it was time for him to shoot, and he roared and showed loyalty.

However, the people behind were all behind at this time, only Fang Xiaoru was sitting here alone, sitting here without eating anything, then Liangzi found Fang Xiaoru looking at the scenery under the staff's finger.

To be honest, not only is the breakfast good here, even the scenery is also a must, this is also one of the characteristics here!

Then Liang Zi walked over. Liang Zi is 1.85 meters tall, which is considered a tall man. He often fights and exercises, so his muscles look very scary.

Liang Zi walked to Fang Xiaoru's table.

"Boy, those few of yours are my boss! You kid can get out of here!"