The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 4: Beat the Demon on Campus

For Fang Xiaoru, a person who has no sense of existence and does not respect him, Liang Zi has long wanted to do it, but it depends on the owner to fight the dog, because Chen Yaonan knows that Fang Xiaoru and Oona have a relationship, so he didn't do it either.

But this time, if Fang Xiaoru refused, it would be what Liang Zi meant, so that Liang Zi could justly beat Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru was talking to the system, when he was suddenly interrupted by such a shout, he stepped back and looked at Liangzi in front of him.

"Do you have anything?"

Fang Xiaoru really wanted to ask this sentence. Fang Xiaoru really didn't hear what Liangzi said before, so I asked again.

"I told you to get out!"

At this time Chen Yaonan also walked over and said.

"Oh, isn't this the puppy in Nana's family? It's great to bring Nana to school every day, but I believe that someday there will be an accident, Nana may be fine, just this dog. .. Alas! I'm afraid I'm gone!"

When the other students saw the conflict here, they didn't come to eat, and went straight downstairs. There were only three people on the second floor. Fang Xiaoru just smiled and looked at the two of them. At the same time, he looked at the stairs over there and Fang Xiaoru was there. Wait, waiting for the last innocent classmate to go downstairs, so that it's easy to get started.

The Chen Yaonan in front of me was a little bit fluttering. Even the big bosses who had assassinated themselves before, none of them were not afraid of their reputation. How could they be bullied when they got to school, but Fang Xiaoru did not put Chen Yaonan on it. In the eyes, this is just a little toy.

"Hey hey hey, my boss is talking to you, what are you looking at? Now Oona is not here. It's okay for you to kneel down now, otherwise you have to roll to class today!

"Liangzi, why are you rolling!" Chen Yaonan smiled.

"Because I want to break this kid's bones!"

Liang Zi waved his fist. Liang Zi often bullied the weak at school. Because Chen Yaonan was also behind him, he was very arrogant, and then he was going to go directly to Fang Xiaoru.

"All right!"

Fang Xiaoru murmured to himself, at this time the other people have already gone down, this is a good time to start.

Seeing Liang Zi rushing over, Fang Xiaoru pretended not to see it, and Chen Yaonan over there was already smiling. This Fang Xiaoru had wanted to beat him for a long time, but because of Oona’s relationship, he couldn’t do it. Today, there are not only the staff, to Just buy it by yourself at any time.

"Hey, there is a way to heaven, you don't go, and there is no way to hell, you cast yourself!"

Liang Zi rushed up. At this moment, Fang Xiaoru's body, which had not moved just now, suddenly stood up, and the speed was very fast.


"Hey, what about Fang Xiaoru, why didn't you eat noodles here? Isn't this kid the favorite to eat noodles?"

At this time, Oona was eating breakfast on the first floor. Although the breakfast on the first floor was not as good as that on the second floor, there were more windows, which meant that there were fewer people and you could get breakfast quickly.

Ou Na thought that she was late in the morning because of her own reasons, and always wanted to go to Fang Xiaoru to explain. In Ou Na’s heart, it must be because Fang Xiaoru listened to her words, so she waited for two minutes, otherwise she would not be late. Ou Na was very guilty and wanted to find Fang Xiaoru, but she couldn't find it at this time.

Oona stomped her foot and went back after breakfast. How about this kid not coming to class!


Here Fang Xiaoru stood on the floor and looked at the two people lying on the ground. There were bloodshot bruises on Liang Zi's face, which proved that there was a fight just now, and Fang Xiaoru won.

Fang Xiaoru stepped on Chen Yaonan's hand on the ground. Fang Xiaoru squatted down and slapped Chen Yaonan's face with a slap.

"Give me your phone!"

With a frightened expression on Chen Yaonan's face, he obediently took out the ipx from his pocket, thinking that Fang Xiaoru wanted to steal his phone, but that was all right. He could call his father to call the police and arrest him.

Unfortunately, imagination is beautiful, but reality is cruel.

Fang Xiaoru had no feeling for Chen Yaonan's ipx, but after unlocking it, did all the photos in it be deleted? Fang Xiaoru noticed that he was talking to Oona or when Oona came home that day.

This kid has been sneaking in the back countless times. At first, Fang Xiaoru was still wondering how this kid kept making sneak shots, but now he discovered that this was the reason.

After Fang Xiaoru deleted Chao Pei, he threw the phone on Chen Yaonan's face.

"I'm leaving, remember, if you say anything about today's affairs, it will have no effect on me, and then you will be ruined. You know this thing. Don't provoke me in the future!"

Chen Yaonan nodded quickly, Fang Xiaoru was quite satisfied with this attitude, and then left quickly.

At this moment, the window staff shouted.

"Brother, is your breakfast going to the classroom? By the way, please pay for it!"

Fang Xiaoru suddenly remembered that he hadn't paid yet, but he was still very excited when he paid. After all, there was so much money in him, and if he could spend it, then he was not dreaming.

Then Fang Xiaoru handed over the card, which was a very ordinary bank card.

A minute later, the staff handed the card over with a smile, and Fang Xiaoru smiled and set it down.

"You can eat these forty breakfasts without thanking me, my name is Lei Feng!"

The staff heard the words and spoke quickly.

"What? Have you stopped eating these breakfast masters?"


Fang Xiaoru left in this way, and the staff behind was immediately overjoyed, turning back and speaking to several people in the back kitchen.

"No need to make it, there are ten copies that don't need to be made. Bring the finished ones. Let's taste them together!"

At this time, Chen Yaonan had stood up, with vicious eyes in his eyes. He was completely different from Chen Yaonan, who was still begging for perfection just now, while Liang Zi stood beside him without speaking.

"Go, let's go to class first!"


Fang Xiaoru returned to the classroom and was very excited. As if this matter was true, didn't he really get the system and became a local tyrant, although Fang Xiaoru was known as a godlike existence in that circle.

As everyone knows, Fang Xiaoru is actually very envious of those small bosses, doing some small business or some big business, and then the family has inexhaustible money, no need to live the life of licking blood on the tip of a knife.

At this time, Oona had already seen Fang Xiaoru's return, and was about to go forward and talk about it, the class bell rang, and it was worth sighing to do it.