The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 5: King Fang Xiaoru

Of course Fang Xiaoru doesn’t listen to classes. No matter what the main or sub-subjects, he doesn’t listen. Not only Fang Xiaoru, the whole back row looks like this, so Lisa still hates these people, but there is no way. what!

"Hey, Fang Xiaoru, come to beat the king, I'm about to get diamonds!"

The tablemate over there, Chen Li, shouted to Fang Xiaoru. King is a very popular game at this stage. It is almost becoming a national game. It is suitable for men, women and children. There are five ranks and need to be played. Minute.

Of course, Fang Xiaoru also followed Oona to play the king at home last night. That's why Fang Xiaoru said that this game is almost childish. The reaction speed, etc., the speed of the hand, the people inside are simply not good.

So Fang Xiaoru soon reached the king rank. Every time the class played, they liked to call Fang Xiaoru to participate. After all, no one wanted to lose but wanted to win.

Fang Xiaoru said he was very pleased to take over Chen Li's invitation and open his hands.

The class time always flies quickly, and soon came the afternoon when school was over. As the last get out of class bell rang, Chen Li's voice also broke out.

"Damn, Fang Xiaoru, why did you hang up? I'm about to go to Heiyao! Why did you lose in this one after winning one day? You move fast, did you mean it!"

While saying that Chen Li still stood up to see what Fang Xiaoru was doing, he was disappointed. Fang Xiaoru was looking at the phone and was very annoyed. It showed 460, which means that the network speed card master cannot move. The phone is stuck.

As the failure message on the screen came over, Chen Li howled and put down the phone.

"Oh, that's it, it's really painful! The most painful thing in time is like this! By the way, I'm leaving first, Xiaoya over there is still waiting for me!"

When Chen Li thought of his girlfriend, he hurried away. Fang Xiaoru smiled and looked at Chen Li who was running away. Because Chen Li was very short, but he relied on a pair of mouths, he was reported to be a beautiful woman. Xiaoya was the one in the next class. The girl, named Liu Ya, is a pretty girl.

Fang Xiaoru thought about it. At this time, there was only Fang Xiaoru in the classroom. Chen Li had already run away. Oona didn’t go with Fang Xiaoru because she was afraid that it would be bad for someone to see it, so she usually went home separately. .

Just as Fang Xiaoru was preparing to go home, and then went back to bed to digest the incredible things that happened today, a voice came from outside the door, it was Lisa's voice.

"Fang Xiaoru, come to my office!"

Fang Xiaoru heard this, and the secret message was bad. He had promised to talk to Lisa about the reason at noon today, but because he was too excited to talk to Chen Li, he forgot not to talk about it. I just remembered it in six classes.

Then Fang Xiaoru slowly went into the office.

The atmosphere in the office is always so uncomfortable. At this time, almost the other teachers have left, and there is only Lisa in the entire office.

"You are here, sit over there!"

Lisa saw the big Fang Xiaoru walking in, commanded, and poured a glass of water!

"Close the door!"

Hearing this command, Fang Xiaoru's heart trembled immediately. Could it be that he was going to be beaten? No, it was just a late arrival. It wouldn't be so serious. Fang Xiaoru kept thinking like this.

"Fang Xiaoru, didn't you say to explain to me the reason at noon today? Why didn't you come?"


At that time, Fang Xiaoru just wanted to find a reason to come in quickly to relieve his headache. He didn't think about how to answer. 1 Therefore Fang Xiaoru didn't know how to answer. Lisa looked at Fang Xiaoru with beautiful eyes.

Ruthless, Fang Xiaoru spoke up.

"Teacher, I had a headache this morning, so I didn't get up. It still hurts now!"

Fang Xiaoru made a headache while talking about it. Of course, Lisa, who had been on the battlefield, didn't believe Fang Xiaoru, and smiled after watching Fang Xiaoru pretend for a while.

"Haha, you are so true, you are a great dramatist, stop acting, tell the real reason for you!"

Fang Xiaoru? Feeling that it is impossible to conceal it, she had to speak slowly.

"I had a lot of inconveniences because an old woman wanted to cross the road today, so I went up. Who knows, the last old woman didn’t want to cross the road. She just wanted to wait for her grandson on the side of the road, so I just I helped back again, this time and again, so it took so much effort!"

After Fang Xiaoru finished speaking in one breath, Lisa didn't show it directly this time, but laughed. Then Fang Xiaoru saw Lisa look like this and wiped a cold sweat. It's okay to let herself kill, if she wants to lie In terms of words, it is simply too difficult.

"Teacher? Teacher, do you believe me?"

Lisa waved her hand and spoke.

"I will copy the English text I taught today twenty times and go back!"

Lisa took a sip of water and said.

"By the way, I will be here waiting for you to go back, don't be afraid, go get the notebook!"

Fang Xiaoru yelled unfairly, but Fang Xiaoru’s opinion is better than standing there and being reprimanded by Lisa for an hour. Lisa usually uses his parents to threaten, and Fang Xiaoru doesn’t know who his parents are, but I was also afraid that he would tell Gu Zhengfei. If Gu Zhengfei was telling his grandfather, it would be bad.

Fang Xiaoru had no choice but to honestly get a notebook, sat there, ready to copy, opened the pen, and opened the notebook first. Lisa over there has already opened the notebook. There should be some documents that are not ready. Work hard.

Fang Xiaoru looked at his English book. This book can basically be said to be a new book, except for three typewriters-Fang Xiaoru, nothing else.

It was immediately embarrassing because Fang Xiaoru didn't know what he was going to write or which English text to write.

After a pause, Fang Xiaoru said.

"Teacher, which one is this text? I suddenly forgot!"

"What, did you forget?"

Lisa, who was originally listening to the song, took off the earphones and asked Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru nodded, then Lisa looked at it with an expression of hatred for iron and steel.

"You didn't attend the class today, so read the text on page P337 fifty times!"

"No, teacher, didn't you say it was twenty?"

"It's fifty now, hurry up, I still want to go back soon!" Lisa said.