The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 6: Copy it to me

Then Fang Xiaoru had to write, but the previous homework was called how Fang Xiaoru, who was at the same desk to help him, could write this thing, basically it was impossible, so after copying it, he said.

"Lisa, are you so eager to go home because someone at home is waiting for you!"

"Copy your homework well, don't talk too much, or add thirty times?"

At this time Lisa has finished her work and is watching a TV series while licking melon seeds. Fortunately, there is no one in the office now, and it is still off work, so you can do this without fear of deducting wages. As a class teacher in the top class, Lisa's stress is also great, so watching TV with sunflower seeds is also a way for Lisa to relax her stress.

Hearing this, Fang Xiaoru stopped immediately and was about to start copying, but after copying it a few times again, Fang Xiaoru didn’t want to move again. Looking at Lisa who was eating melon seeds and watching TV with relish, Fang Xiaoru was speechless. at this time.

A dark figure knocked at the door.

"Is Mrs Lisa here?"

This is a mellow voice. Judging from the shadows outside, you can tell at a glance that it is the physical education teacher, Liu Chunhua. This physical education teacher is probably the strongest teacher in the Mingdu Noble School, full of muscles. , But his personality is a bit arrogant, so most of his classmates are tortured unhappy.

Of course Fang Xiaoru is no exception. Of course, those are trivial to Fang Xiaoru. After all, Fang Xiaoru's physical fitness is not comparable to that of many people in the entire China, and he is the number one person in the sky.

Lisa also noticed this and yelled indifferently.

"Come in!"

When Lisa saw that the person was Liu Chunhua, her face was instantly stiff, and when Liu Chunhua came in to see Fang Xiaoru, her face was also stiff.

At this moment, Liu Chunhua was holding a bunch of flowers in his hands, a bunch of roses, and Liu Chunhua looked very formal in a suit, but the smile on his face looked a little wretched, and then said when he saw Lisa.

"Ms. Lisa!"

"Ms. Liu, what do you want to do?"

"I want to invite Mrs. Lisa to watch a movie. Recently, a movie has just gone to the theater. It is said to be very good-looking, so I want to ask you to watch it. I wonder if Mrs. Lisa can enjoy her face!"

Liu Chunhua smiled while talking. He seemed to feel a little sincere, but Fang Xiaoru, who was doing homework on the side, knew that Liu Chunhua was actually not a good thing. It is said that there were even some female classmates in his class. They were all brutally murdered, and Fang Xiaoru heard these things from Ona.

Of course, Liu Chunhua dare not attack the children of some rich people. However, Mingdu Noble High School is also the best high school in the whole province, so many people want to enter. A schoolmaster, but it also means that the family does not have much money. Although there are subsidies, the consumption in Mingdu Noble High School is not affordable for ordinary people.

Lisa looked at Liu Chunhua. Naturally, Lisa knew a little bit about those things, but they were all teachers who worked together, so it was hard to tell them. Because Liu Chunhua seemed to have something to do with the principal above, it seemed that the principal was his brother, so Many people are afraid to file a complaint directly for fear that they will lose this high-paying job.

Then Lisa spoke.

"Sorry, I have an appointment tonight!"

"What? Who did you have an appointment with? I think Mrs. Lisa has been in the school all the time, how could it be possible to go out?"

Lisa didn't expect Liu Chunhua to observe this well, and when he was thinking of countermeasures, Fang Xiaoru spoke.

"Tonight Lisa will go to her home to teach me English!"

As he said, Fang Xiaoru showed an innocent smile, but the smile on Fang Xiaoru's face looked a bit unkind, so Liu Chunhua had to put down the flowers and prepare to leave.

"Teacher Liu, please take the flowers back too!"

Then Fang Xiaoru quickly got up and handed the flowers to Liu Chunhua. Then Liu Chunhua snorted and left. When he left, he glared at Fang Xiaoru. Fang Xiaoru smiled. This threat was just a piece of cake for him, and he wanted it. It can't be done in an instant, but Fang Xiaoru is tired and doesn't want to do it.

After Liu Chunhua left.

"Hey, how's my teacher doing?"

"It's okay, write it quickly. If it weren't for you, I'm already at home now! Humph!"

Fang Xiaoru expressed his helplessness. He did not ask to write, so he began to do his homework miserably. But as he wrote, Fang Xiaoru found that if he used his true energy, the speed could be increased, but the font was not It looked so good, but Fang Xiaoru couldn't manage that much anymore.

Fang Xiaoru quickly used his Zhen Qi to write it, and it took ten minutes.

It would take at least three hours, and it was already ok in ten minutes. Fang Xiaoru said he was very happy.

Teacher Lisa nodded after reading it and said.

"Okay, let's go!"

Looking at this posture, Teacher Lisa was going to go with him, but Fang Xiaoru didn't care, and he didn't suffer when he walked together.

When she walked outside, Lisa locked the door and turned around, suddenly startled.

"Ms. Lisa, what's wrong with you?"

Lisa pointed to the other side with her forehead. Fang Xiaoru followed Lisa's gaze and looked at it. It was Liu Chunhua who was standing there looking at the watch, don't know what he was doing?

"Isn't that Teacher Liu? What is he doing? Let's go over and say hello!"

"Farewell, let's go!"

Lisa didn't want to deal with Liu Chunhua. Just as he was leaving, Liu Chunhua glanced at Lisa, causing Lisa to have goose bumps all at once. She ran away and said.

"Fang Xiaoru, you accompany the teacher home later, how about it?"

"Good! It's on the way anyway!"

"um hum!"

Lisa walked along, don't know how, she always had an ominous premonition, but she couldn't care too much. When she came to a small alley, Fang Xiaoru turned around.


When Lisa was about to ask Fang Xiaoru what he was doing, Fang Xiaoru had already come out with a bicycle.

"Come, let's ride this bike and go!"

"Not bad, you still have a car!"

"Haha, by the way, Mr. Lisa, why don't you buy a car if you are so rich!" Fang Xiaoru is also very puzzled about this question. It stands to reason that the teachers at Mingdu Noble High School are generally rich, because each The monthly salary is very high, and there is even a bonus.