The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 7: Strategies that do not exist

Lisa sat in the same position as Oona, sitting sideways on the bicycle,

"Well, driver's license, don't you need a driver's license to drive? I don't have that thing, so naturally I can't go on the road. By the way, why are you struggling with this? Don't ask if you shouldn't ask, kid!

It seems that Lisa still thinks of herself as a child and wants to laugh. It is obvious that Lisa is only twenty-four and five years old, and after Liu Chunhua's incident in the afternoon, Fang Xiaoru knew that Lisa should still be a single, so Fang Xiaoru was talking smoothly. .

Just at this time.

Fang Xiaoru suddenly felt that his bicycle seemed to be stuck by something. Then Fang Xiaoru and Lisa fell to the ground. Although it was an emergency, Fang Xiaoru reacted in an instant. He hugged Lisa and held Lisa in his arms. I fell into my arms and fell to the ground. The damage was almost zero.

Patting his butt, Fang Xiaoru stood up again. The road was seen just now. There was a flat land in front of him. Fang Xiaoru, who has rich experience, looked around vigilantly.

Feeling the surrounding atmosphere is very unusual, and indeed when Fang Xiaoru and Lisa were about to continue walking forward, a group of five strong men came out with tattoos.

"Boy, you are really courageous. You dare to ride your bike across the alley at such a late night. I don't know if you should say you are bold or stupid!"

Fang Xiaoru heard the words of the strong man who took the lead in front, and acted calmly. This kind of thing hardly had any shock to Fang Xiaoru. As long as Fang Xiaoru thought, the five people in front would fall within three seconds.

But Fang Xiaoru didn't want to show it quickly, and didn't want Lisa to see it, because that was too public, so Fang Xiaoru hoped that these people could just add it.

But the person who took the lead had already spoken and spoke in a rude manner, which made Fang Xiaoru feel very uncomfortable. In any case, none of these people wanted to leave!

The main task now is how to disburse Lisa. Although Lisa was held up by Fang Xiaoru at the end, she saw the situation in front of her and stood in front of Fang Xiaoru.

Although Fang Xiaoru is a man and a woman, he is a teacher after all, and Fang Xiaoru is at most a child and a student in Lisa's mind.

"What do you want? Money? There is still 5,000 yuan in my bag. You take all of it. This bag is also worth 10,000 yuan. Take it all!"

Fang Xiaoru didn't expect that Lisa would stand so bravely to stand directly in front, and was a little caught off guard. The opposing leader smiled after seeing the situation.

"Boy, you dare to hide behind a woman, haha! You are all here today. As for this chick, it's very good! You can stay and give us a few brothers a little bit of fun. As for you kid, fan yourself ten Just slap away."

At this time, Liu Chunhua was hiding behind and watching the scene in front of him, and did not intend to come out to help. It is true that these people were called by Liu Chunhua. They had to wait until the right time to rush out to perform a heroic rescue of the United States. When Fang Xiaoru fell to the ground, Lisa surrendered to her feet.

Liu Chunhua was still a little excited after thinking about it. He kept thinking, come on, come on for me!

The five strong men did not disappoint Liu Chunhua.

"Oh, let the brothers teach you how to behave!"

Then the five strong men rushed up at the same time, Lisa felt panic, and then a force pulled Lisa back. Looking back, it was Fang Xiaoru's arm.

Lisa was caught behind by Fang Xiaoru.

"Teacher, you go to the back first, I can do it, let you watch this show, pay attention, cover your eyes!"

Lisa backed away blankly, Fang Xiaoru shook the palm of his hand and was ready to go up. At this moment, Liu Chunhua, who was hiding in a dark corner and watching the whole situation, was a little surprised, surprised how Fang Xiaoru, the kid rushed forward.

However, this is also what Liu Chunhua meant. It will end early. Liu Chunhua doesn't think that Fang Xiaoru can deal with five people alone, and he is also five street gangsters who often fight with muscles.

However, after three minutes, Liu Chunhua completely changed his opinion. The scene before him stunned Liu Chunhua. Five people fell to the ground, and Fang Xiaoru didn't use too many fists to embroider his legs.

What could have been done in three seconds, Fang Xiaoru delayed for three minutes because he didn't want to surprise Lisa too much, and Fang Xiaoru discovered that the five people in front of him were not planning to simply rob.

Fang Xiaoru's keen sense made him know that there must be someone behind the scenes behind the five strong men. Fang Xiaoru observed carefully during the fight and finally found out.

That brawny man in a suit is not exactly the physical education teacher-Liu Chunhua!

Then Fang Xiaoru walked over, deliberately exposed a flaw to Liu Chunhua, and smiled at Lisa.

"Hahaha, teacher, do you think I am handsome!"

When Lisa was about to say handsome, Liu Chunhua behind him launched an offensive, because Liu Chunhua was about to directly knock Fang Xiaoru down on the ground, so he started offensively.

Lisa immediately wanted to call out, but time was too late, so she had to open her mouth wide.


Lisa even closed her eyes because Lisa saw Liu Chunhua's sandbag-big fist facing Fang Xiaoru's waist, which was the most vulnerable part of a person, and Lisa didn't even dare to look anymore.

Just when Liu Chunhua smiled and thought he was about to succeed, Fang Xiaoru smiled, turned around at an inhuman speed, and kicked Liu Chunhua's leg with one kick.


There was a sound of broken bones, and Liu Chunhua fell to the ground.Can't move half a point forward!

Fang Xiaoru turned his back on the hand that Liu Chunran held his fist just now.

"Haha, you are the teacher, as expected! What do you want to do? Attack me?"

Lisa opened her eyes at this time, slowly opened her eyes to see what was in front of her, and then Lisa actually saw Fang Xiaoru stepping on Liu Chunhua's hand.

"Ms. Liu, why are you?"


Liu Chunhua lowered his head and did not dare to speak, because if this kind of thing were exposed, not only would he not work, but he would even go to prison. This was not Liu Chunhua's initial thoughts, and he was a little desperate.

"Ms. Lisa, good evening, I didn't see you being bullied, so I came to help, what are you doing looking at Fang Xiaoru, let go!"

Fang Xiaoru was looking at Lisa. The lesson was almost the same. Liu Chunhua's legs could make it impossible for Liu Chunhua to be a physical education teacher in this life. In this way, no matter how irony the relationship is, it is impossible.