The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 10: English speech

"Dear students, I said yesterday that I asked you to prepare the articles for your speech today! Now you are going to come up and read your articles one by one, if the students who get the first place will get extra points on the college entrance examination , This kind of bonus is very rare!"


The classmates in the class started to get excited, because this time it was considered a bonus for the competition. The school's rankings are all in the top class, and there is only one ranking, which can add five points.

But as the saying goes, the college entrance examination is like crossing a single-plank bridge with thousands of horses. At that time, almost only a few people can win the final victory, not to mention five points, at least five thousand people can step on it, so it is very important. .

Of course, the whole class is not all the whole class. There are some people who don't care about these things at all, especially the heroes in the back row. The people in the back row are arguing fiercely.

"Come on, you idiot Chen Li, you just couldn't do it!"

"How can I get on to the five people opposite!"

"Don't call, don't call, I'll hit five!"

The back row was driving black and the fight was very fierce, but basically all of them were led by Fang Xiaoru, because Fang Xiaoru was a great god. When all four teammates died, he beat five by himself. Five kills, and finally won.

When Fang Xiaoru finished playing and saw the word victory displayed on the screen, he smiled. Fang Xiaoru helped Chen Li to type it up, and Chen Li opened his own trumpet. This is another one. The king was born.

"Hey, Brother Ru, you help Liu Ya also sign up! What's wrong?"

"I don't have time to help you because you are at the same table!"

Just when Chen Li was begging Fang Xiaoru to help his girlfriend call the number, Fang Xiaoru resolutely refused. He didn't have so much free time, so he refused. At this moment, a voice came over. .

"Fang Xiaoru, please come up and give a speech on his article!"

This was what Lisa called out.

"Wow, brother, you were targeted by Lisa, hahahaha!"

Chen Li smiled heartlessly from below, while Fang Xiaoru stood up, wondering if he could not get up, after all, he was not prepared for anything!

"Fang Xiaoru, please recite the English article you wrote about the college entrance examination!"

Fang Xiaoru was very embarrassed, and at this moment, a voice appeared in his mind.

"Zzizizizi, because it is difficult to detect the host, the system automatically activates the search system to search all knowledge!"

Fang Xiaoru was relieved immediately. This thing was easy to handle. Fang Xiaoru searched and found that there were many articles in it. It was easy to understand Fang Xiaoru, who has been working abroad for a long time.

Then Fang Xiaoru walked up.

"Fang Xiaoru doesn't need to bring your manuscript?"

"Hahaha, he would say a fart, he probably just went up and walked through the scene!" Chen Yaonan shouted.

Hearing this, Fang Xiaoru looked at Chen Yaonan and sneered in his heart. It seemed that this kid hadn't been beaten enough, and then looked at Chen Yaonan. Chen Yaonan just looked at Fang Xiaoru threateningly, without fear, exactly the same as what he did on the second floor of the cafeteria yesterday Different.

"No, I can talk about it off-script, after all I am so strong! Hahaha!"

The whole class also laughed, because they all felt that Fang Xiaoru was joking. How could it be possible that the article I wrote yesterday was memorized overnight? This is only the first place in the class.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru began to read. He quickly read out a fluent American English, as well as a colorful speech. Fang Xiaoru recites an article that he doesn't know where but is highly rated.

Anyway, Fang Xiaoru is also fearless, and it is impossible to say that he was plagiarizing if he missed the manuscript.

Then after Fang Xiaoru finished reading, the whole class applauded violently, especially the schoolmasters. Hearing Fang Xiaoru’s manuscript, they felt that they had lost. Especially after Chen Yaonan saw Fang Xiaoru’s performance, his eyes looked like shit. Uncomfortable, but after uncomfortable is a trace of viciousness.

"Boy, I see how long you can be arrogant!"

Then Fang Xiaoru came down.

"Wow, buddy, you're so amazing, you're so hidden, why didn't I find that you still have this ability before, it's so amazing!"

Lisa heard Fang Xiaoru finished reading, and said.

"Now the result is out!"

When everyone heard this sentence, they stopped talking about Xiaoru at the time, but paid attention to it. Chen Yaonan looked at Lisa with a pair of eyes. This paper was written by Chen Yaonan to his private teacher last night. So I believe I can definitely win the championship, but after listening to Fang Xiaoru's article just now, I lost my confidence.

Lisa stood on the stage, waved her hands, and suddenly became quiet.

"Everyone be quiet!"

"Okay, let me make an announcement now. By the way, I am commenting on your articles. The first thing I want to praise is Oona’s article. This article can show her profound knowledge and the method of using English skills. They are all very proficient, so I declare that the number one this time is classmate Oona!"

"I'm not convinced!" Chen Yaonan raised his hand first and said.

Lisa seemed to have guessed it a long time ago and said.

"Now, I have announced the result, but there are still some people who are unwilling to accept this fact. Let me talk about it now. Are there others who are not convinced?"

After three minutes, no one else, Fang Xiaoru took a look. He didn’t expect the little Nizi Oona to be so good. I watched the little Nizi Oona watching TV all the time at home. I didn’t expect to study so well. I haven't found it since!

After looking at the situation in the class, Lisa continued.

"Let’s talk about the only student in the class who dissatisfied--Chen Yaonan, your essay is deep and solid, with precise grammar. If you take such an essay to take the English composition of the college entrance examination, you will get a full score, but there is one most important point. The question! I’m going to ask Chen Yaonan, did you write this yourself?"

Chen Yaonan was originally righteous, but immediately lost his confidence.

"As soon as I heard that you were so unfamiliar when you were reading, I didn't know that you were writing by others. I said, ah, the classmates still have to rely on themselves, otherwise it is useless! Finally, I will talk about this time. The extraordinary performance-Fang Xiaoru classmate! After this classmate, everyone will not study, but this speech is perfect beyond my expectation, it is amazing, but also, I also doubt Fang Xiaoru's degree , I hope you two classmates will come to my office after class, and I will review them one by one!"