The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 15: Leave of Absence

"Now you go to Lisa's teacher and get a leave of absence or I'll mark you for sleeping in class once!"

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"I've finished all the content of this lesson, you guys can review it yourselves."

After saying that, Willow Monya went out and went to the office, so that when the class heard the bell at the end of class, it would be okay.

Inside the office.

Lisa was grading papers, and Fang Hsiao-Ru pushed the door open and walked in.

"Teacher Lisa, hello!"

"Well? Aren't you supposed to be in class at this time, Mr. Fang Xiaozhu? How did you get here?"

"I'm... I that"

Of course, Fang Xiaozhu can't say the real reason, because then he might not only not get the leave but also Lisa's criticism, and he doesn't want to copy the English textbook anymore.

"You say it!"

Lisa saw Fang Xiaozhu's swallowing and stammering appearance, prompted, Lisa but know what kind of person Fang Xiaozhu is, if an ordinary honest student here, he would not prompt, but Fang Xiaozhu in his heart is obviously not this kind of person, so feel free to boldly prompt.

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"Teacher Lisa, my body is not very good, today's stomach pain is probably because I kicked the quilt when I was sleeping last night, so now I need to go to the hospital for a while, please.... Can I be granted a half day off?"

Lisa sniffed, did not open her mouth, Fang Xiaozhu looked at Lisa's expression, from the expression could see that Lisa's expression did not mean to refuse, but also absolutely no meaning to say yes, as if she was struggling with something, finally, Lisa opened her mouth.

"How long will it take you to recover from this cold?"

"Half a day, half a day at most, teacher you know I'm physically strong!"

Lisa sniffed, nodded, and then spoke.

"I can approve this leave of absence for you, but I have one more thing to tell you, and that is, tomorrow I would like you to be the resort's foreman?"

When Fang Xiaozhu heard this, he asked, somewhat confused.

"What's a foreman?"

"Foreman is almost like a second teacher, do you want to come and help me, there are nearly thirty people in our class, I'm afraid that there will be a mistake, and now it's the sensitive stage of the entrance exam, of course I'm responsible for everyone, but I'm a woman, so for the boys side, I oh need you to be the foreman, how?"

The first time I heard this, I thought I was going to be a tour guide, but this is still good, for the management of this thing, Fang Xiaozhu is still very experienced, and saw Lisa's eyes and nodded.

"Okay, I promise you, Lisa-sensei!"

"Well, then you go, tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, we will meet in front of the school, this was going to talk later, but if you want to go home now, then I'll talk now, you remember to come early!"

"Okay, teacher, I'll take care of it, promise it's okay."

Lisa looked at Fang Xiaozhu and smiled as he patted his chest and said.

"You go!"

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I'm going to look around.

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Then Fang Xiaozhu was walking towards the north, because Fang Xiaozhu also remembered, in the north, there is a mountain road, when he came, there is a mountain road, now certainly still in, a thought can go play drift.

Then Fang Xiaoxu more open more and more open, even if the surrounding people, Fang Xiaoxu himself said he could not see, directly rushed over, but Fang Xiaoxu did not notice, when entering the Panshan Highway, next to the erection of two signs, written on a line of big words.

Qiu Ming Mountain Bicycle Raceing!

In other words, a bicycle race was taking place here, but Fang Xiaozhu didn't see so much but just drove right past.

"This kind of speed is still very cool!"

Fang Xiaozhu said as he rode his bicycle.

Just at this time, Fang Xiaozhu saw a red line in front of him.

"My Cao, what is that, is someone trying to plot against me? But that's just retarded!"

Then Fang Xiaozhu is riding a bicycle a jump, and then directly jumped over, the slightest affected by the red line, then Fang Xiaozhu is ready to look around the environment, he just opened too fast, did not observe the surrounding environment, just know that this piece is a mountain road, suitable for racing just.

But at this time, Fang Xiaozhu looked, suddenly surprised, there are a large number of people over there, and are full equipment, Fang Xiaozhu a pair of eyes look at the other side of the doubt, murmuring.

"How do I not remember any organization is riding a bike wearing a helmet, is it these knowledge bike enthusiasts? Should you go over there and clean them up yourself or not?"