The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 16: Champions

After all, Fang Xiaoxu accompanied Oona in this period of time inside, has not been with others to start, naturally, some itch, this time hate that group of people to come to find their own things.

However, contrary to expectations, Fang Xiaozhu saw that there is indeed someone over there greeting towards him.

"That brother over there in the school uniform, is this way, this way!"

And that person has been waving towards this side, just when the shouting, over there men and women also look this way at the same time, then Fang Xiaozhu drove a car over.

As soon as he passed, he heard some people saying.

"I said, this victory is definitely Brother Liang's, Brother Liang is so powerful, and Brother Liang's bicycle, I remember their family imported from abroad, super good material, worth millions!


The crowd was stunned by the youngster's words, while the man on the other side, who was riding a bicycle with a helmet, spoke up.

"No, it only cost 900,000 yuan, and 200,000 yuan is not the price of the bike, it's the tax money needed to go through customs, so ah, you don't talk nonsense outside!"

This side of Fang Xiaozhu heard the words over there, suddenly want to laugh, this bike Fang Xiaozhu is seen, once in a foreign mission, the above people want to use this bike as a tool, but by the team of a 300-pound strong man a butt to sit broken, and then this tool is rightfully out of their tools of that operation, but replaced with a silent motorcycle.

At this time to see the bike, Fang Xiaozhu suddenly some miss the fat teammate, just that the mission, teammates are caught in the factory inside, out of the only two people Fang Xiaozhu and monkey, thinking, Fang Xiaozhu's thoughts were interrupted by a word.

"Eh, that newcomer, right, say you, you quickly come over, to introduce yourself first?"

Fang Xiaozhu obediently walked over, and then spoke up.

"I, a high school student, you can call me Fang Shao, my car - modified by myself, not bought on the market!"

After the big guy heard that, he couldn't even stand still with laughter, let alone come to hear how the bike was going to be modified by himself, and at that moment, a very hip-hop dressed woman came out and asked.

"Little brother, I want to know how you modified it, but I have never heard of anyone modifying a bike, why don't you say you built it yourself? Hahahahaha!" As the hip-hop woman's words, the people next to her laughed.

After all, bicycles are not easy to modify, but at most, they can be retrofitted with some safety features. As for good bicycles, they are well-tuned at the factory, and all materials and equipment are well-matched.

Of course, some low-end bicycles can still be modified, because low-end bicycles do not go through strict calculations at the time of delivery, so everything inside can be adjusted and modified by yourself.

This kind of modification has good and bad, but most of them are a little bit better, so this kind of bike is usually a lot of people ride, but want to have a rank or not.

This is not to mention that it is a two-seat bicycle of Fang Xiaozhu.

When he heard the voice, Fang Xiaozhu did not open his mouth, but registered, he will be the time to let these people know, the thickest of the frog in the well is respectively two what kind of words, then Fang Xiaozhu registered.

This time there are a total of twelve people involved in the game, two sides of the last which won, the winning team will all enter the final, and then the losing team is only the fastest car can enter the final, you can say, this rule is very good.

The person who just called out to the man who is the host of the race is a host and a judge.

Then there is the grouping, and then there is the communication, this kind of team speed race, there is another important thing, that is, as much as possible can keep in touch with other teammates, and then maintain cooperation, some people can let their own teammates up, and drag another person.

When listening to those men and women discussing before, Fang Xiaozhu suddenly felt that it was a good choice to participate in such a game, after all, he also likes and the sport and some of these people are too blindly arrogant.

Then Fang Xiaozhu was ready to go to his side.

"The few people who can win this competition are Jess, and Young Master Zhang, and Brother Li."

The three people are just now Fang Xiaozhu next to the hearing of the time, these people Fang Xiaozhu have carefully observed, their car is a factory inside out, just Jace's car is a little different, it looks like it should be a high-end car in the modified.

It was the first time that I had a chance to meet with a person who was not a member of the team.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place to make sure that you're not in the wrong place.

The blue team on their own side was as if, and the three red teams over there were so happy to see the three strongest people coming to their side, because even if they just made it to the finals, there was still a reward of several thousand dollars, at least they could recover the cost of modifying some people's bikes.

"Hey, guys, let's not give up, I'm telling you. In fact, I'm a hidden master, what Jess, young master Zhang, and what's more, Brother Li, were once my underdogs, not to say because they want to save face, I tell you, now this kind of time, I certainly can't for the sake of face and then let us lose!

The five of us only saw a bald head standing in front of a bicycle bragging, originally thought it was a bald head bragging, but then saw the bald head side of the bicycle, suddenly silent, because we saw the bald head next to the bicycle is exactly the same bicycle, exactly the same as young master Zhang and the others.

A little bit of confidence, then bald ready to pull everyone over, greeted, suddenly all around, but so many people there is a person is an exception, that is, Fang Xiaozhu, Fang Xiaozhu immediately saw out, this person is not as good as those people, jokes, bald in front of the bike although it is a brand, but obviously, is a ninety percent new bike, the top of the label is not torn clean.