The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 18: Champions (3)

Just to this time everyone is no strength, even if they are riding hard, but the speed is not fast enough, but among the many riders, there is one person is an exception, that is in the back of the leisurely Fang Xiaozhu.

This time the degree for Fang Xiaozhu, is simply a child, the reason you want to ride in the back is to look at these seemingly powerful people and that is not to be so loud.

After all, masters are always low-key!

At the last 500 meters, Jace passed the bald man, and the bald man sighed, ready to accept his defeat, while cursing Fang Xiaozhu in his heart, blaming all the reasons on Fang Xiaozhu.

If Fang Xiaozhu could help himself to Jace, then he would have won.

Then if only if, now it is impossible, the bald man was ready to drive slowly, because anyway, Fang Xiaozhu could not overtake himself, he was still the most powerful one in the blue team, and in the end he could still win.

The eliminated blue team members who saw this scene were very unconvinced.

"Damn, it's a good thing we believe in him so much, he's just a weak guy, you see he's been surpassed by Jace, and probably will be surpassed by Brother Li later!"

"Brother Li I just hit him! This man is a piece of trash, and we believe in them so much!"

The other members of the blue team were suddenly furious, but to no avail, this way of trading can not be used as evidence to denounce the bald man, otherwise, the one who was ridiculed is definitely himself.

But just at this time, the bald man accelerated, because just now Jace in the past, made a gesture, raised a middle finger, this gesture is the meaning of contempt, after all, the bald man also has the fire, so began to accelerate.

The bald man knew he couldn't pass Jess, and in the last downhill directly into Jess, the two fell under the guardrail, covered in blood!

But since it is this kind of sport, the people who come naturally are also prepared not to die on the spot, then there is no problem.

Then the entire field in front of the only one person, we can even see in the helmet under the Li brother laughing, before being hit, Li brother to come to the back, but did not think he was about to become the last winner.

At this point, Li was 300 meters away from the sprint line, and Fang Xiaozhu was 500 meters away.

Both of them began to accelerate.

"Now we can almost know the final result, although this game has experienced many twists and turns, but the final result of the game I think will not change, our hope - Li..."

Just when the commentary referee had not finished his sentence, Fang Xiaozhu, who was behind him, began to speed up with inhuman speed, the whole wheel was like a wind-up or a motor, and began to accelerate.

And Fang Xiaozhu also took advantage of a little downhill momentum, so the rush was very fast, and all of a sudden overtook Brother Li, and the crowd was surprised out loud.

"Wait, wait, wait, we just said the wrong answer, I said the final champion is probably not Brother Li, but a new young man, this young man's face is so familiar, I can't even recognize it! Wait a minute, you bring me the book!"

"That's right, it was this young man named Fang Xiao Ru who took the final first place!"

Just now, Fang Xiaozhu's bike directly accelerated instantly in the last hundred meters to overtake Brother Li, and won the final victory.

The bike, Fang Xiaozhu parked the bike to the side, pretending to be fine, and over there, Brother Li took off his helmet, a face of incredulity looked at Fang Xiaozhu, Fang Xiaozhu's body is almost no equipment, a shield is not, such a person obviously can see out is not a professional rider, how can so quickly overtake their own.

Li brother is puzzled, but Fang Xiaozhu was smiling, this is a small thing, small operation!

"Wow, you were so handsome!" Someone shouted.

"Wow, who is that guy, go help me tell him I want to pick him up!"

A girl who was dressed in a way that was out of place with the men and women around her spoke up, this girl said out of place because she was wearing too formal, in this kind of scene, usually pants or short skirts, while jumping and shouting to watch the excitement, but this girl was actually a pink dress, her face looked a little weak, but all the people present did not dare to mess with her, because there was a precedent!

"That, sis, is not good!"

"That's okay, I'll go by myself later!"

The girl's name is Zhou Qi, and the one who calls her elder sister is Zhou Qi's younger brother, Zhou Luo.

Originally it was just the younger brother who was a bicycle enthusiast, but then the sister was brought in and together they became bicycle hobby cars, hence the current scene.

"I now announce that the blue team has won, and I'd like to invite all the members of the blue team and Brother Lee from the red team to come up to the stage to collect the prize money for entering the finals!"

Several people are almost all sweating, even if just rested, but not the slightest effect, only Fang Xiaozhu is an indifferent look, this game is not to sweat.

There were even a few people who were hung up on the body, these people were just trying to block when they hit the top of the railing, the last people to come up only four people, two because of injuries to the hospital, one of these two people is the bald man, the last wave of brakes is really crazy, but also the second exciting point of the whole track can be said to be.

Five people were collecting on it.

Five thousand dollars per person, plus an invitation to the finals, and the next time it's an individual race for the championship, and whoever wins it gets a million dollars.

It is said that the prize money will be deducted from the later gambling games, and this time the race could gather all the people in this side of the Gangnam area, so that's why, but most of the people saw the track, and they panicked, after all, this kind of track is not everyone to drive, some places have guardrails and some places are not guardrail.

"The next competition will be held in the stadium of Fengdu, and the competition method will be announced separately, so it may not be a test of skill, so please go back and grasp your skills. The next time you are late is an abstention, and the time is next Monday morning!"

After all, it means that the Akumei Mountain Bike Race is also a complete end, each back to their own mother, but for Fang Xiao Ru, who has never seen the champion, instantly a large number of little fan girls over.